Brouwerij Lane and Duff's Tour

Last night after a swift bike cruise Donde and I had to hit up the Summer Classics aka Beerdownspizzys - Brouwerij Lane and Duff's. Both are stand up establisments in their own right. Hit 'em both up, and if you see us there with our bikes piled up, say hello.


iBomba This Friday

Chancha Via Circuito from ZZK Records in from Buenos Aires, ZAKEE debuting brand new material from his full length, Atropolis from Cumba Mela also dropping his record on Dutty Artz shortly after, and electro/bass/funk dudes Navegante!

Also free beer!


Sunny Street Sesh

What can be said... this Sunday was one amazing day, best one this year. Hopping things was in order.

The Food Life V41 - Denver, CO

Went to Denver awhile back, naturally ate a bunch of food and took pics of it. Below is a little sample. Stuffed mushrooms, steak sandwich, pad thai, supposedly the most amazing burger/beer joint in Denver (forgot the name, but right down the street from the awesome Salvagetti bike/coffee shop), salad and breakfast burrito. I love food - I'm actually eating some right now as I post this.

Spinclacity 4.20.11

Cruised around. Crossed the bridge. Saw a brand new Audi Q7 on fire. Good times.

Summer Is Here, Love Your Bike

Between busily printing C2D Shirts for our store, Donde and I went for a little exploration bike cruise. As much as we have crossed Bushwick every which way, it still blesses us with some hidden gems of spots once in a while. C2D team is scouting out a spot where we can build our own park/street playground, or at least dump a body, but more on that later.


C2D Logo shirt production is well underway

Check out some spy shots from yesterdays shirt printing session. Expect a bunch of C2D shirts to hit our online store shortly. We put alot of love into these. We do everything in house at our Brooklyn, NY lab, so you are guaranteed a unique and awesome product made specifically for you. Great way to support the C2D movement on the streets, trails, parks and bars. Get at us in the comments.


Yowelli is now officialy sold at C2D online store

We are proud to say that our C2D online store now carries YOWELLI ODB Bars. Pick them up by clicking on our store link to the right. Each order will also receive a C2D sticker along with it. Be on the look out for C2D x YOWELLI t-shirts coming soon! Also some C2D beer cozies are about to hit the shop as well, trust us, you'll want these to keep your beverages nice and cool, in style!


Why I'm Gonna Go Ride Today V17

Steven Jensen is quickly becoming one of my favorite riders. Do people still care what kind of bike a person rides or is everyone over it? Fun is fun, right? Let us know in the comments.


TREE Bicycle Co. 4130 Heatreated Sprocket

Prolly just dropped some news about TREE making some 4130 splined sprockets and boy do these babies look clean. Eventhough I already have 2 aluminum ones, i might upgrade to these steel ones just because they look so damn trick. Go here to read more about them.

Stuff My Sister Sends Me V1

Its not all about big thangs here on C2D, sometimes we try to level with the common folk and in yet another effort to do so I am starting a new series of reoccurring posts which will include stuff that my super awesome sister Dasha attaches to her emails and sends my way. Its mostly pictures but often includes videos and music, which will keep you, the reader, on your toes since you will not know what to expect as these post come around. Also, pick up this months Vogue magazine to read an interview with her, if you're into that kind of thing.


TURRBOTAX® April 22nd w/ Brackles (UK), Sepalcure (live), DJ Qu, Hosoi (Delorean), Tom Lea

The Cove
108 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg BKNY (btw Berry & Wythe)

FREE before 11pm, $5 btw 11pm and Midnight, $7 after Midnight

“Nearly two years into its existence, the monthly TURRBOTAX® party has essentially become one of Brooklyn’s can’t-miss events, particularly for fans of forward-thinking bass worship. Yet even by TURRBOTAX®’s own lofty standards, this month’s event features an absolutely stacked lineup. At the top of the bill is London DJ/producer Brackles, who you likely recognize as one of the heads of the Blunted Robots label or perhaps from his weekly program on Rinse FM. Joining him is genre-bending NYC duo Sepalcure, New Jersey-based deep-house purveyor DJ Qu, Barcelona DJ Hosoi (more easily recognized as a member of XLR8R faves Delorean), and London’s Tom Lea, the man responsible for the stellar Local Action imprint. How exactly everyone is going to play along with TURRBOTAX® residents Contakt, Rem Koolhaus, Mayster, Space Jam, and C-Sick is a bit of a mystery, one folks will have to go to the Cove on April 22 to solve. Oh yeah, did we also mention FREE Asahi beer at 11pm? There might be some kind of valid reason to not attend this party, but we’re struggling to find one.” -XLR8R

Line Up:

Brackles [London / Blunted Robots / Rinse FM]
Sepalcure [LIVE!- Hotflush]
DJ Qu [New Jersey / Strength Music / Underground Quality]
Hosoi [Barcelona / Delorean]
Tom Lea [London / Local Action]

Space Jam [TURRBOTAX®]
Mayster [TURRBOTAX®]
Contakt [TURRBOTAX® / Local Action]
Rem Koolhaus [TURRBOTAX®]

—–> R€-€N₣ØRCED $ØUND <—–

FREE before 11 / $5 Before 12 / $7 After
FREE ASAHI beer from 11pm- Midnight.

21+ NO KIDS.


Ah, Well That's Good To Know


Fun'n'Games v16: Battlefield 3 = Whaaaaaaatttt???

Holy Fuck People!!!
I don't even play video games, but this shit is getting WAAAAY too out of control. I'm about to go buy a new huge TV and whatever type of hardware it takes to support this game. I held out during GTA4, and Left For Dead, even though it killed me to not participate. But this shit is too much...this is like, you might as well fuckin enlist because that's how real this shit is. I can't cope...

And yeah, it's 12 minutes long, so you might hesitate to start it (like I did), but once you do you will fucking want to finish it!!!

Get Well Soon Patrick At Trailhead Bike Shop

Trailhead Bike Shop is a dope little shop in the Phoenix AZ area, with some bangin coffee.   Last time I was in the area, I was bikeless, and they provided me with a loner for the week.  That gave them my friendly bike business seal of approval.   Unfortunately, over the weekend Patrick Carlson in the shop was in a bad bike accident and is in the Scottsdale Osborn Hospital recovering.   Send some positive vibes his way, and wish him a quick recovery.

Why I'm Gonna Go Ride Today V16

That is gonna be sick

Surface Aquaphobic

I'm a big fan of this jacket. Judging by reviews its well made, classy and functional. Perfect for cool spring evenings and rainy days. I got a itchy "ORDER" finger, and its about to do some clicking.


Feel The City Breathing: Danny Brown, Ruckus, Buff 1, SelfSays, and More.

This Friday, as a part of the Capitol City Film Fest, I get to dj probably the best hip-hop show that is gonna take place in mid-michigan this year.  Danny Brown is performing for the first time in Lansing to my knowledge, fresh after signing to Fools Gold Records.  Othello is performing with his live band The Third Coast Kings.  Michigan favorites Buff1 and SelfSays are also sharing the stage.  The whole event is hosted by The Blat! Pack.  The event is part of the Capitol City Film Fest's showing of the film "Respiration" which is a documentary on Lansing hip-hop.

Danny Brown "DANCE" [14KT Classic Rmx] by 14KT

That New Flint Rap Ish

Always lookin forward to new work from this MC.   Jon Connor, reppin Flint, MI.   Keep it goin.