A Long Way Around About

As a captain of the C2D Expedition team, I'm heading out in the early hours of Saturday (tomorrow) on a wicked epic journey. 1110 miles of avoiding highways, tolls and responsibilities. A few states, a few towns, dozens of cups of coffee and cheeseburger deluxes and pints of craft beer. Blindly trusting the GPS as it twists and turns me through New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maine and a bit of Massachusetts if I so desire. Should be a hoot - let the adventure begin. THIS is what I love the most.


Going Fast, home made style

Neat lil vid. Its fun to build and create.


Growler Cage: 64 Oz Of Biking Fun

I don't know how this wasn't done sooner, but this is such a great idea.  I know when I'm riding, I might carry a sixer or whatever will fit easily in a plastic bag, but growlers were never an option.   Now.... it is an option.   You can purchase them over HERE

+ Steel frame specially shaped to cling to common 64oz glass growlers with diameters of 4.75-5".  These frames are very sturdy and will hold on tightly while on the trail.  Powder coated to protect from corrosion.

+ Individually sewn neoprene sheaths envelop the frame to provide a soft, smooth texture that protects the glass and it's paint job from scratching and damage.  Sheaths are available in 10 colors and are replaceable.

+ A stainless steel mounting bracket attaches the growler cage to your bike securely.  Brackets are designed to mount wherever a standard water bottle cage would go.  The best positions are on the bottom bar or, with the appropriate adapter from your local bike shop, behind the seat post

Why I'm Gonna Ride Today V182


Shook Guns: Its that time of the month

On the streets the name is Durty Clips.




Isle of Man TT

Check this out - a pretty neat documentary about quite possibly the most dangerous race in the world. Public roads, 200mph+.

Just for fun: Average speed around the track back in 1907 was 38mph, compared to todays 130mph+.  The track itself is 38ish miles long and riders have to do 6 laps to get the best time, with average lap being around 17 minutes. So that is 17 minutes straight, averaging 130. Imagine the level of concentration required for this. While there are alot of big teams involved, alot of the riders have day jobs and do this as a crazy ass balls out hobby. Damn. Over 250 deaths on this track since 1907.


Monster Talks

This beast needs to be named. Perhaps one of these days I can actually ride it for long enough where the giddy this-can't-possibly-be-legal-fun feeling disappears for long enough for me to realize exactly what I've done. I've often have the urge of wanting to just keep going past my destination when riding a bicycle but on this thing, its multiplied by 620. Well, 618 to be exact, for every CC in its Italian heart.


Williamsburg Street Fashion

Yea, this dude is funny.  I like watching him make uncomfortable scenes and getting folks to admit that their mommies still pay for their rent an shit.   The pseudo-official sponsors and fun editing seal the deal.   Thank you Million Dollar Extreme, but folks should know they can get punched in the throat if they talk like this to the wrong person.



Best of Cellphone PIcs V96

Zappa Animation: Bickford, Baby Snakes, and Clay

Frank Zappa was always fun to listen to in high school.    Weird, funny, very technical, and talented.   My friend Jared put me on to Why Does It Hurt When I Pee, and I was hooked.   I never did get a chance to watch The Amazing Mr Bickford, and now it is on Youtube.   trippy mane

Baby Snakes

 City Of Tiny Lights  
 Dog Breath / Uncle Meat