Growler Cage: 64 Oz Of Biking Fun

I don't know how this wasn't done sooner, but this is such a great idea.  I know when I'm riding, I might carry a sixer or whatever will fit easily in a plastic bag, but growlers were never an option.   Now.... it is an option.   You can purchase them over HERE

+ Steel frame specially shaped to cling to common 64oz glass growlers with diameters of 4.75-5".  These frames are very sturdy and will hold on tightly while on the trail.  Powder coated to protect from corrosion.

+ Individually sewn neoprene sheaths envelop the frame to provide a soft, smooth texture that protects the glass and it's paint job from scratching and damage.  Sheaths are available in 10 colors and are replaceable.

+ A stainless steel mounting bracket attaches the growler cage to your bike securely.  Brackets are designed to mount wherever a standard water bottle cage would go.  The best positions are on the bottom bar or, with the appropriate adapter from your local bike shop, behind the seat post

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