With enough love to light up the sky/ earth must of asked the sun for a sign/ And he smiled/ No reply, just shined, its no surprise I see/ As the winds made love to the sea/ The sands danced to the rhythm of the breeze/ I believe in a heaven/ Inhaling the presence when in breathing in the essence/

Why I'm Gonna Go Ride Today V30

What is it about biking that makes it so damn addicting? The feeling of perfect balance and speed? The freedom? The ultimate feeling of being a kid forever? Perfect control and lack of it all in one? Cheesiness of trying to put the feeling into words? Danger? I don't know. Seeing that trailer below you get this silly epic feeling of love. Can't explain it. I really hope you do laugh at the words above - you better. Feeling is impossible to describe and I just failed :P

TURRBOTAX® w/ Jus-Ed & Hackman

Friday, September 30th, 10pm – 4am
The Cove

108 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg BKNY (btw Berry & Wythe)
FREE before 11pm, $5 btw 11pm and Midnight, $7 after Midnight
FREE Asahi Beer from 11pm – 12am
Jus-Ed [✈ CT / Underground Quality / Mule Electronic]
Hackman [✈ Bristol /  Well Rounded]

Space Jam
Rem Koolhaus

Facebook Invite HERE.
See you there!

Life is...

"Life is like riding a bicycle, in order to keep your balance - you must keep moving." Albert Einstein


Move, Eat, Learn

This is why I love to travel. Amazing. Nothing comes close to the feeling of experiencing someplace for the first time. 

Jetski around NYC

Few days ago a bike ride took my boy and I down by the east river and as we sat there catching a breather we saw a bunch of hooligans on jetski's fly by. Snap. THAT looked like fun. Immediately a wicked day dream appeared, visions of looping around whole damn island of Manhattan, catching some Brooklyn, zooming swiftly as Queens, Willaimsburg, Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges pass in rapid succession, floating under the Verazzano bridge a few minutes later, doing a lil lap around Statue of Liberty - all while flipping the fuck out and yelling wild shit.

Well, some day dreams are meant to become reality, easily. In come in Jettyjumpers. These people rent you a jetski for up to 3 hours and let you tear around. There are actually a few other companies around NYC who do the same thing, so who you get your jetski from is not important. Yes, its far from cheap, be ready to drop a few hundred, but hey - experience will be priceless. PRICELESS.

I will most definitely be bringing my GoPro HD along - I assure you that. While you await for C2D exclusive footy from this wild water safari, feast your eyes on some images and lil youtube I found on the webs. I found these photos on Kontain.com - they are by Anton Repponen. What a set of moody pics. Oh, I know its hard to tell, but I'm excited!!!


Fun'n'Games V24 - Forza 4

Never thought I would say this - but I think I might have to buy a Xbox 360. Forza 4 is looking beyond ridiculous. Racing looks great, sure, but the Autovista mode that tells you all about each car, personally recorded by Jeremy Clarkson of the Top Gear fame ..... ooooooooooh. SIGN ME UP.

Garrett Reeves / Lotek Video

Good stuff from Lotek.   Garrett Reeves smashing it.


Go on, Leathers and Metals

Down to earth, just like a popped balloon/
Coming soon, blow the dust off of a wound/
Is there any room for a croon, a goon, a parrot/
Its apparent we cherish same gods so lets exit/
Roam a minute, wonder, stumble and trip/
System is rigged anyhow, hold on to your shit/
Too early to lose it, movement mistaken for nerves/
too many nerds in this town, call me king of the herd/
A lesson learned, ink the words through the layers/
Worship them papers, go on, leathers and metals/
Too mental, too loyal, too deep/
Heart skips a beat when it sinks... that was it/
I'm hit, exhausted, frosted/
Lost it, found it, found it, lost it/
Holstered, but cant keep it concealed/
Too open and real, love love, heal/

Jellyfish Tank

The C2D HQ's are moving in the next month and the new space requires a new level of sophistication. In comes the Jellyfish Tank. I can imagine it now, with all the lights off and only the purple from the tank and the NYC backdrop illuminating the spot. Sitting back with a little pint of something dark, observing the scene. Taking it all in. Yep...sign me up. Haven't had a pet in forever.

Found this on Uncrate.

This Jellyfish Tank ($350) was developed from the ground up specifically for Medusozoa by the experts at Jellyfish Art, and features full-spectrum energy efficient LEDs for illumination, an air diffuser for maximum oxygenation, built-in biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration, a bubble channel to shield the jellyfish from the air, and an included voucher good for three of the little menaces as well as a pack of food.

Moscow Car Meet

Lots of predictable cars, but the real gems are the Moskvichi's and Lada's from 80s and 90s. Those were the cars everyone, and I mean eeeeveryone drove back in my childhood days in Moscow. If you don't know what those are - it's those weird cars that you don't recognize.  Neat lil vid.


Swim good, Finito, Ox

Some good elements in each one of these videos. Love the Frank Ocean track, Nore laces it. This OX dude has a few nice lines. Alright.


Why I'm Gonna Go Ride Today V29

Premium Rush

Hmmm. This flick seems to have some good moments to it. I want to like it but something is holding me back. The trailer is a bit too long and tells the whole darn story, no mystery to the plot, a sign of weakness. The whole thing reeks of that rotten "extreme" attitude and rad personalities. The riding and stunts are clearly good and convincing - Danny MacAskill and Tom LaMarche are behind these. Two real deal riders, not some random action man laced with computer graphics. Yes, I will see this movie. Yes, it will more then likely be a steaming mess. No, I will not want to run redlights in midtown traffic at full speed after watching this. Yes, happy Monday - a new week is here.

Netflix to become Quikster and Netflix

Hmmm. Sure, its kind of neat that you will now be able to rent video games along with movies, but this split is kind of weak. I guess they want to be able to jack each price individually as time goes on. I will still have the DVD by mail and the streaming option, but this does feel like a bit of a greedy move. Time will tell. By now surely every Netflix subscriber has received the same email in their inbox. It didnt need to be that long, what a crap-pile of words. A few did stick out though... Actions speak louder than words. But words help people to understand actions. I believe in change, and this one may not be a bad one.


Fun'n'games V23 - RAGE

There are a few games coming out in the next few weeks/months but this puppy has been in the works for much too long. No need to mention who's responsible for creating this game (Quake/Doom people) but a funny fact is that back in mid 90's I personally shoplifted both Quake and Doom from a Kmart in Sydney, NY, using a classic tuck in the pants style. This one, however, I will purchase come mid October. Can't wait.



She walked into court, her knees buckled
Sayin how for a man to survive he needs hustle

Back to Black

Washed up on the shore, salt reminds you of life
Forgery is impossible, wrist trembles tattooing lines
Right side stays cold and empty, now, who is ok with that
One thousand and one reasons, and I go back to black

Держи руку

Curtis will like this one..


I hadn't heard about these until I stumbled across them on HQHIPHOP.NET, which is a site I check DAILY.

both volumes (there's TWO!!!) available here:

Seriously, if you aren't following this blog you are missing LOTS of great music....

As you probably know, One Be Lo has a SICK flow, and these albums are full of MI representatives; some you know, some you'll wanna know more about....

the fact that this guy hasn't officially (commercially) blown-the-fuck-up makes me both sad and happy....


Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire

I been posting this dude's vids up on our Facebook page for awhile, but I figured I should toss em up here too, cuz I'm a fan, and see Dean Street, so....   Here they are again.

Folding Bike Tricks

Kids got stunts on them funny looking bike. Just goes to show the unspoken fact that fun is fun is fun.


Next Wildlife Detroit event Friday Sept. 16th at The Old Miami

Friday Sept. 16, 2011

WILDLIFE DETROIT presents DJ Deadlines

DJ DEADLINES - Datswotsup
Resident Bass Professor at Datswotsup, Deadlines' selection cuts corners across genres and moves bodies on the dancefloor. Not to mention he's got the technical skills to chart new sonic territory with every set. Don't sleep.


Tailor Hawkins is a DJ and producer whose productions bridge the gap between House, Techno, and the forward thinking side of Dubstep while his eclectic sets take on everything from Deep House to Grime to Juke. His influences include the diverse sounds of Detroit Techno and House to UK artists such as Digital Mystikz, El-B, Ramadanman, Kode9, Zed Bias, Loefah, Blackdown, and Horsepower Productions. With a release forthcoming on Dubporn Records and numerous shows across Michigan, Tailor Has already taken the local scene by storm.

Always moving FWD.


with Residents

DJ RUCKUS - Wildlife Detroit

JAMES SHEPARD - Wildlife Detroit


The Office Season 7 Bloopers Rule!

C2D loves The Office, always have, always will - even those last few weak episodes when everyone was super excited for Will Ferrell, who then persisted to try and do some sort of forced acting which only sealed the inevitable fate. Check out the clips below, makes me miss the feeling of joy when seeing dozes of unseen episodes in the Netflix instant que. If The Office movie came out - would you see it? Me would.


"I Was A Fiend, Before I Became A Teen"

The Fiend Promo from Fiend BMX on Vimeo.

Good enough to crash their site's server, so..... enjoy.

Even tho ya'll LAME not lettin folks embed, cmon son


Get ready to ride

Love it! An ad for Unknown bike company - done so well! Relaxing, makes you want to go for a late night cruise AND get some black on black Vans.


Back to School SALE - C2D Cozie Pimpin

Thanks for sending in your C2D cozie in action shots! We love seeing them. If you still dont have yours GET IT HERE! For very limited time we are offering BACK TO SCHOOL special sale, and them beer cozies are only $3 while supplies last. Get them now!




Neat Gatorade Ad

Nigel in the new Gatorade Ad, this one got a neat vibe to it. Pretty ballsy for a Nike/Gatorade sponsored rider to ride a taxi cab... but I'm sure they spoke with the dude first... or did they?


Chuck Norris vs Stormtrooper

Anyone else not surprised Lucas keeps changing it up?

AIBLPM - 9.2.11

AIBLPM was at a mind numbing 2.22 this morning, an all time high.

8 cars in the short 3.6 miles and 14 minutes, including an undercover police cruiser pulling over a lowered NJ plated up Dodge minivan on some chrome 24s. Coolest dad in town got his day wrecked. We had a school bus, a cab, a mandatory Nissan Maxima (a bike lane favorite).

However, seeing a super lifted Suburban from the early 80's and a perfect shape OJ Simpson style Ford Bronco jump starting it, all in a bike lane was quite amazing - both so rare, I'd imagine its like seeing a rare South African Dolphin giving a mouth to mouth to a Humpback Whale.

Either way, I have not been biking to the office as often as I have been in the past and perhaps this is the way things are nowday. Surprisingly, early into my commute there was a random stranger who blessed me with a huge smile and a rather loud GOOD MORNING as I swooped by him - which made my day and set a great mood for the rest of the commute - I did not curse a single driver today. Its a good day.


Wheres the Little Girl?