What Booze Looks Like

Under the microscope. Found this on Time magazines site.
White Russian


Yowelli LOL Jam Recap

Yowelli LOL Jam 2010

The Yowelli LOL Jam was a blast. Started off a bit slow but fun was had by all! Some super speedy hurdle racing and some spiffy tricks were thrown down.
Can't wait for the next one, YOWELLI! Check the pictures and click the link below for more pics!

Yowelli LOL Jam 2010

Yowelli LOL Jam 2010
Yowelli LOL Jam 2010
Yowelli LOL Jam 2010
Yowelli LOL Jam 2010
Yowelli LOL Jam 2010
Yowelli LOL Jam 2010
Yowelli LOL Jam 2010
Yowelli LOL Jam 2010

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Yowelli LOL Jam Preview

Last night I met up with Anson Wellington - the man behind the LOL Jam and Yowelli. After we chatted up for a bit over a few Red Stripes about the event, I am absolutely stoked on it - everyone will have a blast! Anson is a beast when it comes to bunnyhops, so its no surprise that he is a master mind behind a hurdle race/competition. Everything is coming together and once you couple that with an amazing cool summer NYC day in the forcast - its easy to predict that Saturday will be the bees knees.
Check out some pics from last night - and expect a full C2D interview with Mr. Welli very shortly. WE BETTER SEE YOU SATURDAY - and we don't want to hear how expensive last minute flights from Tokyo/London/San Fran are, you don't want to miss this.


C2D Photo Contest Results Winners!

Based on the official poll voting results - Skyline is the winning photograph! You guys felt this was the image that describes C2D and we can't be more pleased!

As a close second runner up and a C2D staff favorite, Fence deserves an honorable mention and a 2nd place prize pack!

Thank you to everyone for voting and for making the first ever C2D photo contests such a runaway success. All of the photos submitted deserved to be winners :)

You may now return back to clearing recent history on your browsers only after looking at porn.

To the winners - sit tight, your prizes will be in your hands shortly!


TURRBOTAX® W/ DJ Rashad And A New Paltz Jump Off

G-Troit Productions and the Crown & Anchor Crew are back continuing New Paltz's first event series dedicated to BOOTY BASS music.  Exploring Detroit and Chicago House, Miami Bass, Gettotech, Juke, Southern Rap, Chopped & Screwed... with a touch of Future Garage, Dubstep, UK Funky and other bass music!

Friday, September 3rd, 10pm – 4am
The Cove (formerly known as Hugs)
106 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg BKNY (btw Berry & Wythe)

$FREE before 11pm, $5 before 12am, $7 after

With Special Guests:

DJ Rashad (Planet Mu / JukeTrax / DataBass – Chicago)
Ghosts on Tape (Numbers / Icee Hot – San Francisco) LIVE
Pictureplane (Lovepump United – Denver) LIVE
Rem Koolhaus
Video City

FREE Asahi Beer from 11-12pm


Yowelli lol Jam This Saturday

Yowelli, being the bike ambassador that he is, is throwing a jammer this weekend open for all types of bikes (sorry, no pennyfarthings allowed).  Maybe this is his way of saying "Hey kids, it doesn't matter what you ride, as long as you ride."  That's why I am going to murder ya'll in my folding recumbent whip.  I dare you to try me.   I DARE YOU!

sike, i'll be working in Boston this weekend and won't be able to show off my sweet ass lazy boy cruiser, but ya'll should go and make this thing official.   Methinks Curtis and Gatito will be in attendance to document, hope you capture the moment for me.  



Slow-Mo Mind Blow

Tempus II

Combine equal parts of the above video with selections from these slowed down sci-fi classics and let's regroup in a week or so and try to make sense of the fucking universe and shit.



Ayatollah @ Fatbeats

fresh edit I made of last weeks show.

Summer Eves Happy Hour Tonite With Plan B's DJ Courage

 Wednesday Aug 18th, 6pm – 10pm
White Rabbit Lounge
145 East Houston Street, New York, NY (btw Eldridge & Forsyth)
With Special Guests:
DJ Courage (Plan B Recordings)
$4 beers and Well Drinks before 9pm

night time roof top in NYC

Chillin on my boys roof, taking a few shots with the d5000.


4' tall Gundamn Paperkraft

Haven't built anything in a while, but this video just inspired me to finish up a few projects I have started and not yet finished. Model building is just too much fun.


Chase who? Just call 'em Brooklyns

I love these shoes. I wouldn't say I love all Loteks, alot of them have really crappy build quality and grip, but I absolutely MUST say that I love this style.

Originally known as Lotek Brooklyns, they came in low's, not mid's like these, but after Edwin DeLarosa left Lotek for DC these were no where to be found.
I'm not a big fan of buying the same shoe twice, let alone same style and color, but I went through 3 pairs of these. Something so pleasing to the eye about them. Simple and rugged.

Like I mentioned earlier, they don't grip all that super, compared to some 6.0s or Vans, but this shoe is about more then that. Its about taking me back to 2004-05, about pointing that .243 off a 4 foot loading dock, about rollin through Battery Park 18 deep, about being able to show up to Union square at any time of any given day or night and meeting a crew of riders. I miss those days - and if these shoes can take be back there for a second or two, I'm all about it.

Nowday they are re-released as Lotek Chase something rather - cop them all over the internets for 65$ - so worth it - I got these from Albes. I am MOST definitely buying 3 pairs of these just to stock up.

The Food Life: Vol 29 - General Tso

C2D team gets very serious in the kitchen.

Say, someone gives you some Hoisin sauce, Vinegar, Dark Soy sauce, Sesame oil, Garlic chili paste, Corn starch, some sugar and chicken stock. Then they also give you a chicken breast that has been cubed up, dipped in egg, flowered and deep fried. Then they give you scallions and garlic to toss into a sizzling wok. Then they make you put the sauce mixture in there until the sugar starts bubbling and then they have the audacity to request that you add the chicken for a minute or two.

THAT is how General Tso chicken is born. THAT is how C2D stays on top of its damn game.