BikeSnobNYC book release tomorrow!

Don't forget - tomorrow is the day to meet the man behind the blog. Perfect neighborhood and bookstore too - I sure hope he cracks a joke about the location. Dumbo! It's going to be beautiful out, but this is a once in a life time opportunity right here - so I will see you there.


Taj the Stunt Man

Taj Mihelich is a legend, but I'm sure you already knew that. He has a few funny blogs going on here and there, but I caught this on little write up on him being Mat Hoffmans stuntman on his Odyssey blog. Give it a read, fun stuff. My favorite part are his illustrations. Priceless.

Back To Back Fridays With The TURRBOTAX® Crew

Big things poppin these next two weeks.

Tonite we got Contakt, Brenmar, and Nathan Vice

And then next week, another TURRBOTAX® Business Edition with Hot City's first US appearance, Submerse, and DJ DOM

Friday, May 7th, 10pm – 4am
The Cove (formerly known as Hugs)
106 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg BKNY (btw Berry & Wythe)

$5 before 11pm, $7 after 11pm

With Special Guests:
Hot City (Ramp / Fabric / UK)
Submerse (SubFM / L2S / Night Audio / UK)
DJ Dom (Blunted Robots)

+ another special guest TBA

Video City
Rem Koolhaus

Complimentary Asahi Beer from 11pm to 12am


The Little Bike

The little bike hasn't seen any action lately. It's been all about The Cap and Blue Whale (soon to be gone gone gone), so Kink has been sitting around collecting dust. All of that will change in the next few weeks, don't worry little bike! The pics is nice and fuzzy and cell phoney - iPhone x Freight Elevator status :)


Fun'n'Games Vol 2: C2D in JC2

have no fear. just go for it.


The Food Life: Vol 23 - Italian Pizza vs Dominos

I liked both. Equally. Compare, and tell us which one you prefer in the comments.



Guru Tribute Mixes

Gifted, Unlimited, Rhymes, Universal

What can you say, Guru was at the top. I had to have EVERY Gang Starr record, period. Was it mostly the voice? The positivity? I ain't gonna go on and on, but dude was a HIP HOP GIANT!!! Moment of Truth cd's played til the don't play anymore (don't worry, the vinyl is still in good shape). His verses ring in my head out of nowhere, 15 years later. That is the sign of a true MC.

Thanks for all the music!

Enjoy the mix C-Sick whipped up.

And the one Ruckus put together:

Shook Guns Pt1.5

Welcome to the second installment of Shook Guns: Bridging the Gap.
In the previous article we saw the various sizes of GLock models in comparison; this time we'll see a customized model that fills the void between 19 and 26

What we have here is a GLock 19 that has had its grip chopped down to the length of the 26. It retains the barrel length and sight radius of the 19, but increases concealability by shortening the grip to the "pinkie-less" length of the 26.

shown here in comparison with a 19 grip (in green) and the 26 barrel:

The customization on this gun was done by David Bowie (nope, not that one...) at Bowie Tactical Concepts. In addition to the grip shortening, it has also had the "swell" removed from the back of the grip, and an aggressive grip texture added. Also note the rounded front of the triggerguard compared to the standard Glocks shown above. It is topped off with Heinie Straight-8 night sights (you align 2 vertical dots to aim rather than 3 horizontal dots).

This pic shows the optional mag extensions which increase the mag capacity from 10 to 12 rounds, and adds room for an additional fingerhold, but increases the overall size and length to that of the orginal 19 (i am not a fan of these extensions and do not used them for carry....)

I've always been intrigued by the "hybrid" concept on pistol like this, but never enough to send it off and pay someone a couple hundred dollars to chop it. Fortunately i came across this used specimen and was able to acquire it in a straight-up trade for the Glock 26 pictured above. It has no disadvantage versus the 26, and you only lose a bit of control over the 19 once you get used to the short grip. If i was paying to have this mod done, i would NOT remove the hump off the back of the grip, because it makes it almost too skinny, and i would NOT round off the front of the triggerguard because it does nothing except look stupid.

In closing this is a worthwile concept to look into...it allows comfortable concealed carry without having to compromise for a smaller caliber or inferior handgun.
As always, future post requests are welcome in the comments section


WNBBL - Wednesday Night Baggo Beer League


Recently C2D was privileged enough to be invited to cover a much talked about WNBBL event, highly veiled in secrecy - a uber underground Baggo League that meets each Wednesday night in the slums of Manhattan's East Village. As any self respecting sports journalist I was quickly summoned along with my photo equipment onto a rooftop on this brisk evening to document some of the prized and praised players in the country show off their techniques. I lurked in the shadows, behind the crowds (as is evident in the photos) listening in as the teams faced off.


These photos struggle to do the event justice and I assure you there will be better ones in the future, but for now here are the standings, as it rests today - preparing for tomorrow nights showdown:

Glory - Holers: 2-0 (48/15)
Bank Balance: 2-0 (51/25)
Dime Baggo: 2-0 (40/20.5)
The Situation: 1-1 (32.5/28)
Long Ball Larrys: 1-1 (36/35)
Just Throw it in the Bag(o): 1-1 (19/28)
Big Sacks: 1-1 (26/36)
The Great Cornholios: 0-2 (16/27)
Double Bagged: 0-2 (20/43)
2 Girls 1 Hole: 0-2 (17/48)


Big shout to Glory Holer's and Just Throw it in the Bag(o)'s - two of the teams who are proud holders of the Create2Destroy flow sponsorship. C2D - first blog to sponsor Baggo players? We thinks so.


Denver Moto

When I was in Denver last week, searching for the dinosaur footprints out in the mountains, I came across this amazing spot with few dozen jumps carved into the side of a hill. Berms, step ups, step downs and doubles everywhere. At least a hundred riders ripping around. Never in my life did I ever consider moving to Denver - but seeing this I was sold.


A New Way To Sell Boots

Fuck, now i gotta have me those boots!!!

Still, i like that a company is using some new shit to work off of, and in a low key way at that. The footwear is only briefly displayed, and I'm sitting still for 18 minutes to watch this quazi-commercial.

a few more on there too, so hit up Palladium and uh, dont fall victim to the forces of consumerism, all my footwear is homemade from cardboard and bark. Also, special props for the centralia piece too, only cuz i had to make the same pilgrimage. That place is pretty much 100% done at this point, which kinda blows. lookin more and more like a government land grab at this point.

PixelOz helps you out

PixelOz has posted up a great free e-book that is a great resource if you have any interest in making your own paper models. After flipping through it I was pretty excited - eventhough alot of it may not be anything new to alot of your paper model makers, there are a few things here and there that will make your life alot easier.

"This is a free e-book that I just finished writing about how to design paper models (card models). It is based mainly on the freely available open source program Blender 3D and an illustration program of your choice but it teaches a lot of the most important fundamentals of 3D paper model design that have the tendency to give a wee bit of trouble to new designers. It is 227 pages long and has hundreds of full color illustrations to help you understand the concepts of the e-book better."

Get it and get to it!


Fresh Edit


Aaron Ross

This video is everywhere and its too good not to repost. Sweet pool action, plus that cake at the end looks delicious. Good job all around. Aaron Ross keeps it fun.

Rooftop in Brooklyn






Beer And Govenors Island Unite For Beerfest 2010

Governors Island and a bunch of breweries meet up this summer for a great combination. Sure there is music and food too, and you can't really explore the empty buildings like you'd want to, but look at this list of participants!!
I have a feeling I'd rather this fall on Punk Island day, and not have to listen to this line-up but I'm probably just hating.
Seriously, take a look at that list of breweries. It is amazing.
Not really sure if the $55 price includes all you can drink, or a limited number of tickets. And by $55, they mean $62.63.
Banner ads in exchange for passes anyone??


Playing around with the new camera.
Kasta's new album Bil V Glaza is el stupido. Kasta zdes, Kasta riyadom.



"i got you stuck off the realness...."

Welcome to c2d's first installment of Shook Guns. In this series we will profile and explore different aspects of firearms; from the basic to the exotic, modern to futuristic, practical to ridiculous. New products, practical application, and fact vs fiction will all be part of the series. So wipe the Hollywood out of your eyes and prepare to get shook...

SHOOK GUNS pt.1 : Primer on Glock Sizes


FACT: All handguns are NOT Glocks!
While urban slang contains terms such as Gat, Strap, Heater, Biscuit (etc) that refer to guns generically, Glock is a brand name. You wouldn't refer to every type of car as a Porsche, so don't make yourself sound ignorant by referring to a lesser quality gun (HiPoint, Jennings, Bryco, Jimenez, Raven, etc) as a "Glock".
Designed by Gaston Glock for the Austrian military in the mid 80's, the Glock handgun revolutionized pistol design, spawning scores of imitators (nearly every handgun manufacturer currently makes some type of Glock-like pistol).
The attributes that made the GLock a success include: lightweight polymer frame, high capacity magazine, inexpensive to manufacture, retardedly reliable under adverse conditions, internal safeties making manual safeties obsolete. I will not go into extensive detail about the Glocks in general because it is common knowledge that can be researched thru mainstream sources, like Wikipedia.
The .40cal GLock is the most common police weapon in the United States, with more than 75% off all cops carrying one.


Pictured above are 4 of the 5 different sizes of Glock 9mm handguns. from left to right: Subcompact Model 26 (known as the "baby" glock), Compact 19, Fullsize 17 (the Original Glock model), Practical/Tactical 34. Not pictured is the Longslide 17L, which has a slightly longer barrel than the 34. Generally, each model increases barrel length and grip length by 1/2" increments, although the 17, 34, and 17L have identical grips with varying barrel lengths.
Also note that the model 17 pictured is the 2nd generation frame, before the addition of finger grooves and accessory rail seen on the newer models.

Magazine capacity from left to right is 10, 15, 17 and 17. the beauty of Glock pistols is that mags are interchangeable between different models in the same caliber; therefore the 17rd mag of the model 17 can be used in the subcompact model 26 (with an inch of extra mag hanging out obviously).
The 26 is an ideal gun for concealment, but its abbreviated grip (not long enough to catch the pinky on normal sized hands) can make it trickier to handle for inexperienced shooters. The 19 bridges the gap, allowing a compact size for concealment but enough grip to hold onto like a full-size gun. The 17 is the standard duty-size pistol for Law Enforcement and Military applications. the 34 is slightly longer than the 17, popular with competition shooters ("practical") but also finding favor with SWAT and other Police users ("tactical").


Glocks in the 40s&w caliber are the exact same size as the 9mm models, and are designated as the Models 27, 23, 22, 35, 24 (from the subcompact up to the longslide). the 45acp and 10mm models also mirror each other in size, but are different from the 9mm/40sw versions (stay tuned for this info in future posts).


In the next installment of Shook Guns, we will see a customized Glock that blurs the lines and "cheats" its way inbetween the models 26 and 19 in size.

Please feel free to make requests for future posts in the comments section.

*the super-nice B&W pic was taken by Y.Arava*

Alexey Sinayko

Found this on lsvideomagazine.com. Good riding. Great edit. Will definitely be keeping an eye on that blog.

And as a little bonus, this video below, shot entirely in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The song is not bad flow is decent, but its interesting how an expensive neighborhood can be edited to kind of look like grimy part of NYC. Kind of.


Pride Street Once Again

When we first mentioned Pride Street Frames waaay back there was alot of unknowns. There are still some unknowns about the frames, as far as we know, but they are very close to being available. There are 14x110 and 10x135 versions of both 24" and 26" frames - alot more information can be found throughout VVCForce. I'm really liking the funky black finish, so fresh. Look for a VVCForce interview here on C2D soon!

NYC International Auto Show

This years NYC International Auto Show had a weird vibe to it. Seemed like everything was low key, auto manufacturers playing it way safe.

No new awesome concepts or ideas, no dream cars, more of the same. It wasn't all bad, however, there was a handful of outstanding cars, like the Benz below, but not the usual plethora of goodies.

Alot of green cars, hybrids and diesels, all complete with the redundant HYBRID/GREEN graphics across the whole damn vehicle, why? Kind of sad that the motorcycles by the entrance to the showroom were the stars of the Auto show, the unusual linkages for the forks saw alot of flashes.

Overall - a good time - lets hope next year there are more things to oooh and ahhh about.