If You Want A License To Kill Then Join The Police Force

So I wanted to go through and start posting up all the Sean Bell reactions that artists are posting up. Then I see the folks at 2dopeboyz already got it goin. Nice to see its more than just dead prez and Immortal Technique, lots of content here folks so check it out.

Heres a sample: Trama - Fuck Da Police (ft Muja Messiah)

There is enough here for a tribute mixtape, hope someone hooks it up proper.


RIP Sean Bell

Do you ever get the notion, that if you were a cop you could pretty much do anything you want with little or no repercussion? Sure in NYC you wouldn't even make 30Gs a year, but think of all the perks. All the money and drugs you could ever ask for. What about shooting 50 shots at someone and walking away clean? Today the Sean Bell verdict came out, all officers found not guilty. Again. Not really sure why I am surprised anymore. I mean, how often does this happen and it is the SAME EXACT THING. Will there ever be a change in this trend? I guess I was really hoping that it would be different this time. I guess not, and its too bad.
Sit back and count 50 shots in your head. Taking time to reload your empty gun, and fire more rounds. Firing wildly into surrounding homes and a nearby train station.

I thought he had a gun, I thought he was someone else. Oh well, mistakes are made, your free to go guys. What the fuck? So are these officers going to be back on the street in the same neighborhood? Thats good police-community relations.

Makes ya think you might start seeing more of these signs:


Bicycleman is what I am, and proud to be

With the $ some of us spend on bikes many question why we dont just buy a car/motorcycle/moped/blahblah..... Well, this explains it.


Zoo York Ad

Thought this was pretty nifty.
I'd love to find out how this was made, obviously them roaches cant be real. Damn.

Dah Shop

As big as bmx scene in NYC is, there really arent any dedicated bmx bikeshops in NYC. Sure, you could get a odd pair of grips, or a seatpost here and there, maybe a tire, but thats about it if you're looking for some of that nice/new/fresh shit. Really dont know how thats possible, opening one would be a goldmine - and thats what some cat did. Tyrone, a dope NYC rider, who I dont know too well personally beyond the random wussups when I see him, opened one. 134 Division St and Canal St. About 10 blocks from Brooklyn banks. Dope.
Now, I havnt even been there yet - but the chances of it being wack are slim to none, since its run by people who understand whats what. I'm thrilled and you should be too.
I'm going there today after the grind and I'll have a better report.
Good shit my people!

the pics were taken from skavenger.com


The Twilight Zone

So I'm sitting here, typing away and listening to music on Itunes. I'm in my own world, kinda zoned out. I rotate my chair, a little too hard and it bangs into the table. Just as that happens, the song I am playing (Big Youth - Dread is the Best) skips, at that same exact moment. I kinda do a double take, like, mp3's really shouldn't do that. I'm wondering if I kicked the desktop too or something. I play it back, it skips in the same spot again. When the vinyl was recorded to mp3 it must have skipped. Just some weird timing I guess. Or maybe, I was just rocking out..........in the Twilight Zone.......cue the music.

Actually, I think I just need some proper sleep


Dirt Off Your Shoulder

Playaz Circle

This is a nice lil joint... feels right now that its nice out....

Paper Chaser (We Workin) Video


I guess I was wrong

Learn something new everyday in these times of intranets and world wide webs. Call me crazy, but I always thought that ninjas ride roller blades - not roller skates, didn't you? WRONG. Peep the chase bellow - now THATS what I call intense, and you learn something along the way.


More more more more

Yea, I know. You all think we're geeking out over GTA4 over here. Well, we are. We promise to cut it out once the game drops, but meanwhile check out the video below. Its off the Irish network TV. The environments, the characters, the action. Damn. APRIL TWENTY NINTH, WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!?????


GTA 4 party

This should be fun. A week before the game drops, there seems to be a pile of fun events/parties to promote it and such. DJ Premier spinning music - now thats official. I'm there.


Stakes Are Still High

You gotta love it. It feels like there is steady stream of nice work being put out there. Makes you think Nas was wrong and hip hop aint dead, you just gotta look a bit harder to find it. Glad to see J-Live back in the game, and with De La Soul no less. This one is a banger:

Keep the dope ish coming.


Ride Until You Drop

Everyone has their vice, their poison.
I have a few - the "healthiest" one being biking.
I put them little quotation marks around healthiest for a reason. I tend to hurt myself when I ride. I fall, I crash, I bleed and limp, I get up, I do it all again. Fun.

Thank you for comming, spring and summer, I've been waiting for you!


Ricky Ross The Boss Bmore Remix

Is it the crazy synth, the classic 808, or just T-Pain on the hook? Who knows. It all works out I guess. As far as boss themed songs go, I still like Young Bleed's better, but oh well. Enjoy the original version here:

And the Vicodeini Boss Bmore Remix