RIP Sean Bell

Do you ever get the notion, that if you were a cop you could pretty much do anything you want with little or no repercussion? Sure in NYC you wouldn't even make 30Gs a year, but think of all the perks. All the money and drugs you could ever ask for. What about shooting 50 shots at someone and walking away clean? Today the Sean Bell verdict came out, all officers found not guilty. Again. Not really sure why I am surprised anymore. I mean, how often does this happen and it is the SAME EXACT THING. Will there ever be a change in this trend? I guess I was really hoping that it would be different this time. I guess not, and its too bad.
Sit back and count 50 shots in your head. Taking time to reload your empty gun, and fire more rounds. Firing wildly into surrounding homes and a nearby train station.

I thought he had a gun, I thought he was someone else. Oh well, mistakes are made, your free to go guys. What the fuck? So are these officers going to be back on the street in the same neighborhood? Thats good police-community relations.

Makes ya think you might start seeing more of these signs:

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Anonymous said...

as a competition shooter, i can say that shooting 50 rounds including reloads takes quite a bit of time...plenty of time to reflect on the situation and decide whether or not you should keep shooting.
plenty of time to realize, "hey, no one's shooting back!"