Best of Cell Phone Pics v.7

keep in mind i don't have an iPhone, although like all C2D staff i slob the iPhone knob whenever possible.

but here's what a 2007 LG 1.3megapixel can capture:

things you find in the desert....

all of the sudden i have a craving for a handjob.....

i've already professed my love for stencil graf....

this is just an inappropriate name for a port-a-john....
just barely started exploring the 100+ miles of trails at Pima & Dynamite....

i'm glad they had the sense to label it Goatsie, in case you didn't get it....

Thank God for that WHIIIIIIIIIIIITEE!!!!

The Food Life: Vol 25 - Memorial Day Edition

create2destroy,the food life vol 25
It was a hot sunday in NYC. Annual C2D BBQ went down like a dream - after an initial scare of not being able to find a grill, our team scouts found a perfect waterfront location for the festivities. Below is a selection of photos from this event. We do hope you enjoy.
create2destroy,the food life vol 25
The block is hot. Those who don't take risks don't drink champagne. Or sangria, or beer. Little did we know, but we set up camp next to a off duty po-po. An hour into grillin 6 of his buddies showed up - which didn't stop this wild bunch from continuing to pop cans.
create2destroy,the food life vol 25
This grill had too much bird shit all around it. Apparently ;)
create2destroy,the food life vol 25
create2destroy,the food life vol 25
Jerk and Hot wings.
create2destroy,the food life vol 25
Vicodeni aka Grill Master. We hired a professional for this event - didn't want to take any chances.
create2destroy,the food life vol 25
Beer. Despite popular belief, there ARE deli/bodegas on Roosevelt island that sell you some brew. So if you want beer or other provisions but don't have a bike lock - have no fear - bring your bike in.
create2destroy,the food life vol 25
4 of us cycled over there. Good job everybody.
create2destroy,the food life vol 25
create2destroy,the food life vol 25
create2destroy,the food life vol 25
create2destroy,the food life vol 25
Sun was cooking us all slowly.
create2destroy,the food life vol 25
create2destroy,the food life vol 25
3 attack helicopters. Naturally.
create2destroy,the food life vol 25
Delicious ribs. Mmmmm.
create2destroy,the food life vol 25
create2destroy,the food life vol 25
create2destroy,the food life vol 25
That's how we do it. Roosevelt island is a lost forgotten gem, only 6 casual miles away from C2D HQ. Grills, ledges, banks, deli with beer, endless grassy hills and happy views.


TURRBOTAX® Time Again, With Doc Daneeka, Star Eyes, Blondes, And The Resident Crew

Friday June 4th, it's on and poppin.   Doc Daneeka is coming in from the UK, Star Eyes from the Trouble & Bass crew, and live analog techno duo Blondes from BK.   Did we mention FREE BEER.   I know, it might shoot over yer head, but it's free booze every fuckin time, cover or no cover, no matter what day.   Free Asahi beer from 11-12.  You know what that means, no pre-game is needed. 

1 week from today, the C2D crew will see you there

Friday, June 4th, 10pm – 4am
The Cove (formerly known as Hugs)
106 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg BKNY (btw Berry & Wythe)
$FREE before 11pm, $5 before 12am, $7 after
With Special Guests:
Doc Daneeka (PTN/Ramp/10000 Yen/ UK)
Star Eyes (Trouble & Bass)
Blondes (Merok)
Video City
Rem Koolhaus
FREE Asahi Beer from 11-12pm
Facebook Invite: HERE


This One Time - Vol 1

This one time, on a brisk gray afternoon, I was biking down the great hipster silk route at a medium rate of speed. I wasn't the only one - the newly constructed bike lane allows for heavy two-way bike traffic on this one-way street. This "new" kind of bike lane is separated from the auto traffic by a row of parked cars, making it virtually impossible for a car to find itself amongst the bikes - it's a great idea really, I'm a big fan of this stretch of road.
Well, like I said, this one time I was moving right along this path, comming up on some newly built luxury condo constructions which hold a Hasidic school for youngsters. Many bikers from NYC are aware of the whole bikers vs hasids beef that's going on in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, over some specific bike lanes and such - I'm not a part of that movement and I hate Honda Odyssey mini vans swirvin down Bedford signal-less for reasons much simpler.
As I approach the entrance to the school I see 2 dozen youths pour onto the sidewalk right next to the bike lane. Perfect timing. I'm good 50 yards away, yet my senses are alerted, one of these lil bastards is bound leap off a sidewalk and get clipped by a well worn-in Animal Edwin at a healthy 15mph.
Twenty yards away from the scene I hear either a dirty diesel F150 or a torn up Astro van lacking a muffler mashing on the gas. I didn't bother looking back at this roaring monster - I knew it was bound to pass me any second, and I would be able to see if I was right with my guesses from the safety of the bike lane.

school bus in bike lane

I was wrong. Moments later, myself and 3-4 other cyclists are cut off by a short School Bus that stabs its way across the bike lane, blocking both of them and nearly taking out a rider with a kid. I swear I thought the driver was going to jump the curb. What was the meaning of this EXTREME maneuver? Why couldn't he wait for 7 seconds for half a dozen bikes to speed past? Power trip?
I had to stop and take a photo of this, even in this great bike unfriendly rude little town you don't get to see assholes like this very often. As I pull out my phone and snap a few shots, a handful of students yell at me from the sidewalk.
"Mister, hey you mister, who are you?"
"Me? I'm a terrorist."

Probably not the nicest thing to say, but I was really upset.

school bus in bike lane


Shook Guns Pt.3

Shook Guns Part 3: KaBoom!

"some days you Shook Guns, other days the Gun Shooks you..."
-ancient Chinese proverb

Sometimes you're shooting and you just have that feeling that something has gone wrong. It might be you noticed that the last shot sounded a bit louder than normal. It might be you feel as if someone just bitch-slapped you in the face. It might be the shards of metal and plastic shrapnel tearing into your flesh. Looked at collectively, you might come to the conclusion that your gun just BLEW THE FUCK UP!!!

This occurred a few days ago while doing a product demo at our outdoor training facility (aka Zombie Apocalypse Survival Camp...). Fortunately, at the time of the incident I was the one shooting, and the only other person around was one of our instructors. Had it happened 10-15 minutes earlier there would have been quite an audience, and possibly a customer shooting it (never good for business...).

In my professional opinion, this was the result of a "hot load" (no, not that kind...), where the round was loaded with more than a safe amount of gunpowder. This would create tremendous pressure upon ignition, causing the excessive amounts of gas to vent backwards faster than the bullet could clear the barrel. Unfortunately, all that metal (bolt & carrier assembly) doesn't really have anywhere to go because it is still locked into battery and can't retract in time to release the pressure. Thus, it turns into a grenade inside your receiver....

While it might not be obvious to the casual observer, the above picture shows the 2" x 1/2" chunk of metal missing from the bottom of the carrier which sheared through the lower receiver and magazine. It landed neatly between my feet. You can also see the "swollen" curve of the upper receiver, especially near the port door assembly.

Various carnage pics:

I've contacted the manufacturer of the ammunition, who promptly sent a UPS call tag for the remains along with the rest of the ammo. I'm awaiting their verdict before I get too excited about the new gun they are going to be buying for me...

Overall, I was definitely a bit Shook when it occurred, but I only sustained minor injuries. As far as guns blowing up goes, it really couldn't have turned out much better. Although I was certainly done shooting for the day after it happened, I was back in competition 3 days later. Statistically, there are going to be bad rounds floating around in otherwise good lots of ammo. I just happened to get the 1 in a million double-charged round. It's no different from crashing your bike...you take a few days off, heal up, and then go back at it (...like a Boss!)

I will post updates when I hear back about how the ammo company is going to handle it.

It Is That Time Of The Year Again

There is something nice about Roosevelt Island.   The calm, the peacefulness, the abandoned buildings, the medical industrial vibe, the large percentage of mental patients that sneak up on you just as the psychadelics you took earlier are kicking in.   Also, they have a lot of grills and a centrally located grocery store that carries everything you need (except the meat you marinated overnight).  I think the liquor store closed down recently so if daddy needs his medicine he might need to bring it with him.

More than likely, depending on where we get a space, we'll be on the north end of the island setting up around 1 oclockish (aka 2).   Call me day of for details or call the C2D hotline -  347-394-7845

You can ride there by entering from Queens, or you can take the F train, or take the Tramway thing that was in that Sylvester Stallone movie from the 80s (Natalie Portman rode it in the movie The Professional too, but wasnt as iconic as Nighthawks).

So come on out and enjoy this overlooked part of the city.

Where: north end roosevelt island
When: 1 til 6ish i imagine, Sunday May 30th
What:  Tofu skewers vs bbq ribs grill off!!!  and beer

anyone got a radio?


Homeboy Sandman And Spec Boogie Album Release Party

"Double trouble double trouble double double trouble trouble"

BK and Queens in the spot (SOB's) for an entertaining night.   2 great performers, that kill the stage and are witty as hell.  C2D regulars will recognize them from some of C-Sick's Hip Hop Ain't Dead mixes and previous posts.   Don't Sleep.

Tue-Jun 01

Doors 7:00pm Show 9:00pm, Admission $12.00 in ad/ $15 day of show / 18 +

Spec Boogie
Homeboy Sandman

Special guests:
Elucid, Peter Hadar
Core Rhythm and Rabbi Darkside
Che Grand, Bazaar Royale
J-Live, AG
Tanya Morgan

Host: Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97


You Know It's Bad When They Ask All Law Abiding Citizens To Leave

Shootings, firebombs, human targets.   
crazy shit, hope ya'll stay safe and get through this shit.   

airspace is closed

yet no word on CNN or anywhere else

plus, the dude they after, linked to the Prime Minister

check one of the many stories here


Bike Month + Reed Space = Free Shirt and Sale

That’s right folks, we’ve been slackin on all the Bike Month activities, but here’s a goodie starting today til Sunday.  20% off everything in the store, plus free Staple tees designed by Huntergather to the first 100 people on bike.   

BONUS:   GreeNYC LIFE-SIZE bird will be doing an instore appearance doing the electric slide or some shit, Friday (today) at 5:30pm.

Props to ¢0ÑtÄkT for the heads up

Best of Cellphone Pics V.6 - Easters Block Beer Tour

Czech and Polish beer are a treat, and they can still be found for cheap if you look in the right place, like, for example, everywhere. There are easily a dozen different kinds at a deli near C2D's East Villa Backyard Hideout. Ranging anywhere from 4.2% to 9.0%, these half liter babies will handle any task, whether its a few lazy grilled sausages for a late lunch or a light rooftop parkour sessions until neighbors below accuse you of being "hugely loud". Do you really expect me to do a running 360 over a 2 foot tall barrier and not make ANY noise on landing? Really? And this is where the beers come in and smooth it all out.

Zywiec is a classy smooth taste. Refreshing and simple, you know what to expect. Its the Heineken of Polish beers - look it up.

Hevelius is a beer from some other country, and it has to do with Astronomer Brewmasters - a group of elders well skilled in beer craft as well as the star game - an activity they have excelled at since 1690's.  At 8.7% its the Hercules of the group and packed the most puch, except for a some weird cloudy shit at the bottom of the bottle. That had to be dumped. 

Next up is Warka, all the way back from 1478. High quality it was.

Svyturys is not your average lager. It's EKSTRA!  So proud are they of the fact that 1784 was the year, they say it twice. Lithuania is the type of place where a beer like this is the most popular. How do I know all of this? I read the label.

Classic Subgun Showdown...

although this was just 3 guys showing up to shoot a match, it kind of looks like a showdown between the major submachineguns.....

Mp5 vs. 9mm AR15 vs. Mini Uzi

my vote is on the dude with the Suppressed 9mm AR15. silent and lethal.

There is also a Shotgun vid, but shotguns are boring...



The Food Life: Vol 24

The Food Life is not as easy as you might think. Sometimes one is so hungry that taking a picture is a mad thing to do, yet it must be done. Other times you might not even get a shot of the finished product, only work in progress.

A bit of chicken, mushrooms, red peppers, carrots, hoisin sauce, with lo mein noodles on the side.
Chicken Parm fresh out of the oven.
Chorizo, Italian peppers and mushrooms, to be served on top of Rigatoni.