Kanye - Runaway

I think I might like Kanye again, after all. Good job on the video!

This One Time - Vol 4

Two cops were having a laugh as they casually blocked the bike lane. Whats new eh? I gave them the evilest look I could work up, but made a very strong effort to not spit on their vehicle - due to the fact that I didn't want to deal with waiting around for them to get out of the car to search me, to write up a summons, then go to court, only to have the ticket dismissed, again. Pigs.

Subrosa Chronicles v1

Instead of starting a million different posts with a million of weird creative names, I think I will just put all of my Subrosa Malum related posts under the new Subrosa Chronicles feature.
In this weeks edition of SC v1 we get a little visual comparison between the ever so popular Chinese delivery dude electric bicycles and the Subrosa. I got to stare at the two, side by side, for a good 15 minutes, as the staff busily crafted my General Tso with pork fried rice. Extra spicy. Well over 800 miles on it, since I picked it up about 6 months ago, but more on that later.


Get Your Tetanus Shots Ready For Bike Kill 2010 This Weekend

Well, I can't say too much about this event, but if you haven't been to one before, you have to go.   Simple as that.  Combine lotsa booze, crusty punks, bike fanatics, costumes, blood, broken bones, ambulances, fire, and all that shit, maybe a touch of vandalism.    Oh, did I mention bikes, a shitload of homemade bikes.   

Not to be missed, get yer ass over there this Saturday.   And I'm not joking about the tetanus shot.

Want a taste of previous years, take a gander HERE, but it doesn't come close to capturing the insanity and fun of being there.

I'm gonna go out on a limb with these details, since I don't really see em posted up anywhere else, maybe someone can chime in to confirm.

Saturday Oct 30th 2010
2PM til ???
Bed Stuy - Sandford and Willoughby (Near Home Depot off Nostrand)

C2D Cunny 10.10

Latest and greatest from the C2D crew. Check out C2D CP 10.09 video from last year and also a lil clip from earlier this year. What a joy to ride some dirt and sip some brew on a warm Saturday afternoon.


it's that time of year again.....

Just like last year... the AZ C2D crew will be hitting downtown Phoenix this Friday for the 2nd annual Phoenix Zombie Walk.

Much like the 2009 event, we are likely to arrive late and at the wrong location, and have no involvement whatsoever with the organized event. However, we will again use this opportunity to dress like Zombies and run around downtown practicing our own style of Parkour and Casual Trespass(tm).

Pics and a full after-action report to be posted afterwards...

Digital V ft. Burd - That Foul Bitch

Produced by Vico Deini aka C-Sizzle.

Fun'n'Games Vol 9 - UNDEAD OUT NOW!

Its official, Undead Nightmare for PS3 + Xbox360 is ready to be downloaded for ten beans.
I know what I'm doing tonight, and you should to!
Anyone else excited about this out there? Leave a comment!



Whoever invented beer and trails deserves a statue

Fun was enjoyed. Underwhelming vid edit tk. Stay tuned.


c2d bike v1 proto

Proto shots. Soon, you'll be able to make your own. Stay tuned.

Banksy does Simpsons

Ha! Dope!


Fun'n'Games Vol 8

Oh my goodness. Next week cant come soon enough!


My NS Capital

... in its rigid form.

Dizzy Scars - New York EP

Miniature Rally Car Papercrafts

Go to Oniya to download some great miniature rally car papercrafts to put on your desk. Fun and easy to make. Get your fingers warmed up for C2D Exclusive Bike Papercraft project coming soon!


How To Be Awesome

Ever since I was kid and I starred in this wicked sweet ad for Kent Bikes, people have hounded me about how they too can be awesome.  And I like to share, that's the kind of humble awesome guy that I am.  Nothing will ever be as awesome as those neon green biker shorts though.   I digress.
Some of you I'm sure remember the Brian Anderson dunks a few years back.  Maybe the Hunters?  Well, these are damn similar, and are, you guessed it, AWESOME.   I copped mine yesterday but it will never be as awesome as that 10 speed shifter and mushroom grips.


This One Time - Vol 3

So yesterday morning I cruise to work, and as can be expected, there are some meter maids hanging out in the bike lane.
These pictures may not show it, but I assure you, there was no emergency here. They were sitting on the hood of the car laughing, catching up, drinking coffee, and, I shit you not, eating Dunkin Donuts. All the while there was a 18 wheeler parked in the bike lane 10 yards ahead of them. As I was taking these pictures I received a few dirty looks from the party people, in fact they seemed to realize that they are bullshitting on tax payers dollar and they all hopped into their respective vehicles and drove past me a minute or two later, as I continued to bike along the path.

Where I Want To Be

Watch this video up until a minute 30 mark,  that's the best part. Some would see this, the water, the waves, the cliffs, as cold and dark, to me it looks so peaceful. That's where I wish I was right now, on a early rainy chilly morning.


C-Sick Streamin Tomorrow At Don't Sleep NYC

The Don't Sleep NYC crew invited C-Sick to come thru and drink all their beer and play records.  You can tune in tomorrow from 6-8pm here and the  Facebook invite here

Or swing on over to their bloggy blog and find out more about their business.
They put on Full Spectrum at The Cove that is worth checking out.

Staten Island Ferry Drankin

Staten Island Ferry is a secret jewel. A hidden treasure. Unless of course you live on Staten Island and its your way home every day - at which point I can see how you can very much hate it. But for us, "normal people", Staten Island Ferry is floating happy hour destination, a pub with an ultimate view, a dive bar on the waves. Where else can you get a $4 Becks tallboy and stare at Statue of Liberty pass by? On one of those tourist saturated overpriced $35 boat tours? Fuck that noise.

If you are from out of town, or if you're from intown but just don't know - get your ass on State Island Ferry, its FREE, it leaves every 30 minutes from the tip of Manhattan and it has a god damn bar on it.

The Adventures With Paul White

This is hot.   Pick it up at the Stones Throw site.   If you are not aware of this dude, get familiar. 

Adventures with Paul White – Track List:
Wolf City
A New Way
Ancient Treasure ft. Guilty Simpson (Paul White’s Day Off Remix)
The Magic Window
Hype Strings
Future Adventures
Electronic Logos Inc
Mogwai's Singing Lessons
The Doldrums
The Professor
Nasty Business ft. Tranqill
The Curve
MED 'Classic' ft. Talib Kweli (Paul White Remix)
So Far Away
The Pointless Forest
London Town Interlude
King Arthur
Guitar Riff Part IIII
Loopy Tunes Interlude
Run Shit ft. Marv Won
League Under The Sea
We'll Never End

Download from itunes here

Accatone in the Sky

Remember Accatone from the infamous Shook Guns series? Well, he's been a bit MIA as of late but using our proprietary spying software one of the interns here at C2D was recently able to track him down. Rumor has it, the dude is hard at work on a new Shook Guns feature that will blow your mind.


Best of Cellphone Pics: Volume 8

The iKnob ain't the only camera that makes phone calls around here. Behold, an afternoon around Dumbo.

RIP Eyedea

You will be missed.

Off Duty Cop Pulls Gun On Bicyclist He Almost Hit

(dramatical re-enactment)

Road-rage cop pulled his gun on me: biker

October 18, 2010
An off-duty NYPD cop pulled his gun on a bicyclist he nearly collided with in Greenwich Village, the rider said yesterday.
But the officer has told investigators that the only thing he pulled was his police ID, sources said.
Ryan Stepka, 36, told The Post that he placed his arm on the window of a black Volkswagen GTI that almost swerved into him at around 11 p.m. Saturday on Bleecker Street near Sixth Avenue.
The car was being driven by Officer Joe Carrasco, 29, of the 28th Precinct, law-enforcement sources said.
After the brush with Stepka, Carrasco pulled in front of him, nearly hitting him again, the cyclist said.
"I got off my bike and approached the window to talk to the guy," said Stepka, a retail salesman.
As the car's tinted windows rolled down, Stepka said, he saw a gun.
"The gun was pointed at my face with the guy staring at me in my eyes. He had a look of death in his eyes," Stepka said.

"He looked me square into my eyes, like, 'I will shoot you in the face.' "
Stepka said he tailed the car, then alerted two officers on the street.
"The cops all pulled out their guns and surrounded the car, but then the guy rolled his window down and showed them his badge," he said. "Then they put their guns away."
Carrasco has insisted to probers that he did not pull his gun, sources said.
He has been placed on modified duty while they investigate the incident.
According to the sources, the cop has said that he almost hit Stepka while trying to park and that while arguing with Stepka, he showed him his police ID.

Carrasco declined comment last night. NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said only, "The matter is being investigated."
Original Link: Here
Seems to me like an odd thing for the cyclist to lie about.   Why would he follow the car and tell the police about an armed man, if the man only showed em a badge.   Sounds like someone had one too many Saturday night and probably shouldn't have been driving.   Throw it in the vaults, we'll never hear about this one again.

Why I'm Gonna Ride Today: Vol 3


Nike DK Zoom Zombie Feast

Pretty much the best ad ever.

Android vs. iPhone

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

C2D Photo Contest Winner

So recently our first annual C2D Photo Contest got wrapped up and a clear winner emerged. The winner has sent us a photo of himself, taken by his russky druzhok aka the Russian Comrade, enjoying the C2D 1st place prizepack. He is the mastermind behind a mega neat LYAM!BLOG and we strongly support all of his photographic work! Go over there right now and check it out all, alot of gritty dark and moody NYC imagery over there, as well as oodles of other stuff! Big ups!

Check out the winning photo below! Once again - thank you so much for entering and winning our contest!


TURRBOTAX® Next Week With Fucking Martyn and Optimum

Look, I know its CMJ week, and some of ya'll been goin out all week, but save some juice for this bad boy.  Its gonna be bangin.   Yep, free Asahi too, so get there early.  I hear there is a surprise guest lined up too.

Friday, October 22nd, 10pm – 4am
The Cove (formerly known as Hugs)
106 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg BKNY (btw Berry & Wythe)
$FREE before 11pm, $5 before 12am, $7 after
With Special Guests:
Martyn (3024 / Ostgut Ton / Tectonic – DC)
Optimum (Planet Mu / Hum & Buzz – London)
Rem Koolhaus
Video City
FREE Asahi Beer from 11-12pm
Facebook Invite: HERE

Check an old podcast here


Dah Shop + Animal Rail Jam

Found this pretty sweet video edit covering Dah Rail Jam that went down a lil while back. Fuck you, Lets ride! Peep our old post about it for more pics. Props to Nigel!


Bikes are for fun.


Fun'n'Games Vol 7

Yes, I know we are pissing lava over here over the soon to drop Gran Turismo 5, but that doesn't stop us from keeping a finger on the pulse of our other favorite franchise, Need For Speed. A new one is coming out mid-November, which technically is a pretty stupid time frame because everyone who's anyone will be playing GT5 (unless they got a Microsoft desktop aka Xbox, in which case stick to that generic space shooter version 3.5) but I will still pick it up since Hot Pursuit will be a very different beast - a party beast. The more this new NFS is like Burnout Paradise the better, since that game was a keeper and got polished. The multiplayer mode with all the wicked stat keeping got us excited over here at C2D. Fun times ahead! November will be a dangerous month. The demo drops October 26th - full game mid November.


Axial SCX 10 Crawler

Thinking about picking one of these up to play around with upstate. Looks like it will be alot of fun to build and mod.


VVC Force 08

The dudes from VVCForce put out a yearly video - this one is from 2008, but damn it, it's still solid as they come. Good stuff my comrades - love the soundtrack too! VVCforce interview is still in the works - we swear!


The Hundreds NYC Store

We're a little late on breaking the news on this one, nor are we sure if this is really news at all since The Hundreds are not as totally sweet as they were a few years back. But none the less, here it is. There is now a NYC location and its pretty neat - check it out if you got a chance.


This is Thunderdome, and death is listening, and will take the first man that screams

You've probably heard about that velodrome in Detroit that was revived by a group called The Mower Gang. Or, maybe you haven't. Either way, some enterprising fellows are holding a race for geared road bikes, fixies, mountain bikes, powered scooters and mopeds at Dorais Velodrome and using the proceeds to restoring the place by putting 50% of the profits into upkeep and giving the other 50% to Detroit Parks and Recreation.

Presenting, The Thunderdrome!

The classes and concept are awesome, including a Le Mans-style start for everyone. And no, you and your NJS-spec Gan Well will not be rubbing handlebars with some fire-breathing 50cc scooter. There are different classes for all the aforementioned bikes above. If you are anywhere nearby this event on the 16th, please go check it out. C2D will pay handsomely for coverage of this event in riches of unrelated used bike parts.

PS - more pics and a vid after the jump.

Less then 4 weeks left


This post is bike-related

Elisa Basso, the sister of Giro d’Italia winner Ivan Basso, has been banned from attending sporting events in Italy for the next four years. The National Anti-Doping Tribunal of the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) handed down the ruling on Friday afternoon.

Truly, we here at C2D feel for Ms. Basso. Although what we feel may have nothing to do with her penalty.


That Chopped-N-Screwed Gangsta Shit

Subrosa Malum Vol 3

The love affair continues. What a solid ride for an all stock complete. Subrosa Malum gets two thumbs up from me!

Pints n Pedals Vol 4: Mission to Red Hook

Went on a little bicycle cruise over the weekend - nothing major - the best kind. This was my view at the meet up spot.

My boy just got a brand new Iro he's thrilled about and was dying to break in. Great bike for the $.
There are always weddings at this spot in Dumbo, but this was kind of a weird. We presumed they were filming some kind of a reality show or perhaps those people wanted to cover the special moment from 12 different angles, with sound. Who knows.
Proud new owner.

This is why I love Brooklyn. We came across a festival of life in Red Hook and these Mexicans were cooking up some delicious stuff. Real authentic goodness. I mean, AMAZING. This was the real deal shmeal. Always a good pitstop.