The Photo Entries Are In, Now It Is Voting Time!!!

I'm not sure if ya'll are ready for this, but we got a pretty large response for this contest (over 30 entries!).   But it's not over, cause we need ya'll to vote on your favorite photo.   Each photo will be given a 1 word name, provided by myself, and then listed in the poll.  Vote on the poll for the one you like most.  FYI, the super sweet pic of my custom Create2Destroy denim jacket is not part of the contest.  

As for the prizes, we'll be digging thru the C2D treasure chest for some goodies, and also depending on the winners shoe/shirt size some extra special gear from the Hollister bed bug dumpster sale.   Just kidding, we got some ill shit that will make you the envy of the internet and all those suckers who didn't participate.

Smashed It : Revisited

So a few days back I posted about smashing my previous work commute time record.

Little did I know that a couple days later, aided by a little pouring rain and early morning energy rush, I will casually trim another 45 seconds off of it. Fixed gearing it up soaking wet, pretty impressive huh? :)

So as it stands now, the fastest commute ever from Bedstuy to Dumbo is 13 mins and 46 seconds. Sure beats the 45 minute J/M train to F train transfer clusterfuck. Long live bikes!


Colorado Dreamin

I love a good vista more then anything. That is by far my favorite thing about traveling. When you got a seriously breathtaking view you don't need anything else. These pictures don't do justice to the beauty of Colorado. Last time I was this overwhelmed by a view was in Rio de Janeiro. When I see something like this, I immediately begin to imagine what it was like back before all the towns, roads, steel and concrete got erected all over the damn place. All this messy infrastructure. Imagine yourself with hundreds of miles of journey ahead of you, on foot, and you come to one of these rolling hills and mountains and see exactly where it is you're headed. Take a good look around. Pick a good place to set up camp, somewhere not to windy - last thing you want to do is wrestle with the fire after a straight all day hike. Pack a pipe under 100 billion stars. Ration out your bread and water, it may be days before you can re-up. No one knows you're here. You are at peace.


Wednesday Happy Hours At White Rabbit Return In August

Not happening this week, but we'll be back next week.   

Stay tuned....

Blank This Saturday At Tandem W UR's Nomadico

TURRBOTAX and Grime Machine meet up with Underground Resistance at Tandem in Bushwick this Saturday.  

Blank is proud to welcome DJ Dex (a.k.a. Nomadico) of legendary Detroit techno label Underground Resistance. In true UR style, Dex's sets combine classic techno and electro cuts with their influences (everything from James Brown to Afrobeat) and his own original productions. The result is a wild ride through space, time, and history with a take-no-prisoners style of mixing that is uniquely Detroit. After rocking everywhere from Shanghai to Shaolin, Dex joins us for an intimate set at Tandem.

Special Guest:
DJ Dex a.k.a. Nomadico (Underground Resistance)
Mayster (TURRBOTAX®)
Hirshi, and Phlegm (The Grime Machine)
21+. 10p-4a,

236 Troutman St 


Smashed it

Today I smashed the record. Back in the days of the Blue Whale high 16's, low 17's and lazy 18's were the norm for the 3.7 mile Bedstuy-Dumbo track, but that time is long gone. I must say, these are relaxing in the saddle early morning miles, and granted that 12-13's are easily possible with speed on the mind. Switching to a proper bike alone cut two to three minutes off my morning commute, and this mornings 14.31 is not the limit. I know that Malum has more in it, even though this might be the fastest morning home-to-work commute so far, there are seconds upon seconds to cut in a dozen places.


Fun'n'Games Vol 4: Need For Speed World

I'm am VERY excited for Need for Speed World to drop next week, July 27th. The team who brought us the latest super amazing Burnout is behind this and they DO NOT mess around. It's a downloadable online only game, with the basic pack to start off only costing 20 bucks and all sorts of additional content will be available for extra coins. I'm kind of curious about this new formula taking over the game industry of bite sized content you can pick and chose if you want, but if you really really do fall in love with the game it could end up being like the World of Warcraft where people spend thousands of real dollars on virtual crap.

But then again, if it costs me 49 cents to megasupercharge, rollcage and put a carbon hood/roof/trunk on my M3 to teach some NOOBZ a bit of online respect - then so be it, take my fuckin lunch money.

See you online next week, G25 bolted to the Malm coffee table, ready for action.


Hit And Run Police - A New Approach To Fighting Critical Mass?

NEW YORK (WABC) -- An NYPD officer is under arrest for hitting a bicyclist, and not reporting it.
The accident happened in Brooklyn and was all caught on camera.  The charges against the officer are assault, reckless driving, and leaving the scene of an accident.  The victim in this case was a cyclist, and the driver was a New York City police officer.  Surveillance video was released Tuesday night by the Brooklyn DA's office.  Officer Louis Ramos was on-duty in a marked patrol car when he struck the cyclist.  This was after he allegedly ran a red light and drove on the wrong side of Jay Street in Brooklyn.
Ramos and his partner did get out of the patrol car to check on the victim.  They gave him tissues to wipe up the blood, but after several minutes they left, apparently without reporting the incident.
There was no radio call, and no paperwork ever filed.  It was the cyclist who reported it after being treated for a broken hand, a broken tooth, and a broken nose.  The cyclist also suffered facial cuts that required stitches.

Officer Ramos is assigned to Transit District 30 and has 19 years with the NYPD.  The incident happened last month, and Ramos is currently suspended.  He was arraigned on the indictment Tuesday evening.  His attorney could not be reached for comment.

Fresh Ayatollah vid

I put this one together over the past 2 weeks.


Fun'n'games Vol 3: Red Dead Redemption Revisited

Read Dead Redemption is still by far the most beautiful game I have ever played. Sure, there are other titles that might looks sharper, brighter, crispier - but what RDR delivers is the mood, the depth and the sense of the real environment surrounding you.

Recently I cam across this site called Eurogamer and they have an amazing time lapse video that shows off exactly what I'm talking about. It shows a few day/night cycles from different locations. Dust clouds twist across the desert. Sun rises and sets. Beautiful. Apparently if you just leave the controller alone the game starts showing off its vistas. Who knew!?

I got about 70% done with the game and sort of put it on back burner without finishing - this just made me want to dust it off get get back on it. Watch the video here.


Summer Eves This Week - Plus BMX Vids!

Ya'll know whats up.   C-Sick on the 1's and 2's, Rem Koolhaus as the special guest, and Curtis on the video projector playin non-stop bike vids.    Seriously now, what more could you ask for?   TURRBOTAX representing hard on this one.   

So come on out after work, grab some drinks, watch some tail whips, and get cool out.   After this week, we won't be back til August, so get it in.  

Summer Eves
Wednesday July 21
White Rabbit
145 E Houston bet Forsyth and Eldridge
No Cover
$4 beers/wells til 9
House, UK Funky, Dubstep, 2 Step, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Dub

Facebook Invite Here

Summer Eve #1 {7.14.10}


C2D photo contest reminder!

C2D photo contest is still in full swing. Check the link for full details! Yall still got time to submit your photos for a chance to win some sweet sweet prizes, only a week left! So far we got about 15 submissions and things are getting really really serious. Get on it!

Fresh BMX Color Simulator

We've had some of these posted up in the past, but this one is by far my fav.   Full screen, really smooth flash, infinite fucking options for color tones, altho I wish you could color match.   Maybe you can and I just haven't figured it out.   Damn smooth.   Can never get bored tweaking and re-tweaking the brake cable tint. 

In the past we had this one and this one.  But this one is fresh as hell.    Check it out.


Pints n Pedals Vol 2

It was a nice ride. We need more of these. Had a nice lazy sesh around Park Slope and Red Hook. Got a nice little tour from our real deal local guide that took us farther south then we planned on going, but it was well worth it. Couple of beers after. Good times, can't wait for the next ride.


Wednesday Nights With C-Sick In The City @ Summer Eves

So we are trying something new this summer.  Tired of the same ol same ol after work drinkin spots, we decided it was about time we set up our own jammer so we can down $4 Newcastles while listening to Guilty Simpson, Crazy Cousins, and Kraftwerk.  Starting this week C-Sick will be holding it down Wednesdays during that Happy Hour time slot 6-10pm.   I'd expect it to be Hip Hop Ain't Dead meets TURRBOTAX meets Rootsy Collins.   All just 1 block from the F train. 

This is a summer affair, so it will be every Wednesday until Fall, and then we'll decide another witty name for that one.   Fall Back Fridays?  Nice ring to it.   

Summer Eves
Wednesday July 14 (and every Wednesday going forward)
White Rabbit
145 E Houston bet Forsyth and Eldridge
No Cover
$4 beers/wells til 9
House, UK Funky, Dubstep, 2 Step, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Dub
Keep eyes peeled for upcoming special guests

Facebook Invite Here

*UPDATE: Hirshi & Phlegm from WNYU / GRIME MACHINE will be stopping by to throw down on the decks


The Return Of Ibomba At Coco66

You may remember the Ibomba party last fall, well next week they got the ipad edition jumping off at Coco 66.   You got Uproot Andy, Cumba Mela, DJ Reaganomics, Zakee, Krts, and Mios Dio on the decks.   This is International Bass Music.    Tropical, digi-Cumbia, Kuduro, ghetto house etc...   Damn Zun coming thru hookin up the free Red Stripe and pinata action.    More info here

Extra props just for the t-shirts!!   Hook me up!


The Food Life: Vol 27 - Currywurst Edition

If you ever been to Berlin then you know exactly what this is. This is what dreams are made of. Not being a fan of ketchup I must admit the first time I was "made" to eat this I was a bit nervous. But this is not any ol' ketchup - this is that curry stuff.
If you have not had this before, there is a spot on 1st Ave and E6th that does a good job. Try it. BEST FOOD TO EAT WITH BEER EVAR.



This was one of those trips that pictures do no justice. From the second we landed in Montego Bay and got on a 1.5 hr taxi ride to Negril, we knew its going to be a special trip. Time flies when you're having fun - it rockets its way out of the atmosphere when you're in Jamaica. Drop a twin on a half O from the very get go, and you're in business.
Can you see that water? Amazing.