Fun'n'Games Vol 4: Need For Speed World

I'm am VERY excited for Need for Speed World to drop next week, July 27th. The team who brought us the latest super amazing Burnout is behind this and they DO NOT mess around. It's a downloadable online only game, with the basic pack to start off only costing 20 bucks and all sorts of additional content will be available for extra coins. I'm kind of curious about this new formula taking over the game industry of bite sized content you can pick and chose if you want, but if you really really do fall in love with the game it could end up being like the World of Warcraft where people spend thousands of real dollars on virtual crap.

But then again, if it costs me 49 cents to megasupercharge, rollcage and put a carbon hood/roof/trunk on my M3 to teach some NOOBZ a bit of online respect - then so be it, take my fuckin lunch money.

See you online next week, G25 bolted to the Malm coffee table, ready for action.

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