To Protect And Issue Pain

I guess its a good thing this biker wasn't coming back from his bachelor party in Queens. Then he might have gotten shot up for no reason too.

Number 1, 2 ,3, 4, and 5!!!

Recently KRS-One did a show in the LES East River Park. Don't know if any of ya'll made it, but it was a nice show. The C2D crew made it through and watched KRS and Kid Capri kill it.

See ya'll at Jungle Brothers in Red Hook.

Berlin Street Art - Part 2


Paper Sack Boy

I love drawing and putting together little paper model thingies. If you've never heard of Little Big Planet game for PS3, look it up. It has a cool little gimmick going for it - its basically a side scroller with user created levels - a new concept for a console. Anywho, this is a little paper doll of one of the characters from the game. Nerdy? Sure, Awesome? Definitely!!


Berlin Street Art - Part 1

C2D team went to Berlin recently. To represent of course. Snapped a few shots here and there - we hope you enjoy.


Too Many Videos

I know I know, way too many videos. Sorry. This low budget one gets kinda hot tho, so watch the whole thing. Tribe Called Fresh


It Must Be Really Fucked Up

Wow,really how bad must it be when Crunk artists and shit start putting out shit like this. Kinda like WrecksNeffects putting out a Public Enemy collabo on the b-side to Rumpshaker.


Nice. Very Nice.

Questlove Kicks Available At Alife August 1st

These are hot. Get em fresh off the press at Alife on August 1st.

Props to Shino for the heads up.


Speak - The Hungarian Rapper Sensation

Once in a while you come across some of that ill shit that reminds you why you got into hiphop in the first place. This is one of those moments.

If that was too intense - peep the Live version instead.

This is it


Born To SkateTrailer

this looks pretty damn good.

Born To Skate - First Trailer from Vanishing Point on Vimeo.


Dimitri is NOT playing games.

This is how I work......


Owl's Head And Back (Fuck A Flat Tire!)

Industrial trip from Bed Stuy to Owls Head in Bay Ridge, ending with a flat tire at the park, and a train ride home.


Big Bike Video Akshon

Im not a big fan of just reposting videos I see elsewhere, but this is quite nice.
Some dope 180s in this one, i need to get my skills up.

Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Oh I've been waiting for this. I'm a big fan of this guy, cant get enough. And every bit of new and fresh info is very welcomed. I'm excited.

Check it out here - and perhaps elsewhere, if you're not from this town right here.