Fuck the Fun Police, Volume 1

They're out there, friends. The Fun Police. And they're looking to crap all over everything they do not approve of.

Case in point: Sunday evening, a motivated crew of douchebags came through Cunningham Park with tools and giant, prickly sticks up their asses, and wrought complete distruction upon the entirety of the West Side Jetline, pulling out all the rocks, toppling every lip and landing and knocking down every berm. Pretty much everyone we ride with has thrown dirt at this park at one time of another, happy to be a part of bringing about legal, well-built trails, stunts and dirt jumps to the NYC area.

There are work parties set up for Thursday 12/2 and Saturday 12/4 from 1 pm until dark to repair the damage done. Please help get the word out and come through to lend a hand if you can.


This was awesome

This was at some bar/lounge/spot in Bushwick. The fog machine's ON button got stuck so the whole place got smoked out and it was quite amazing. Some wicked dancing took place. CSick from Turrbotax fame on the deck. Make sure to watch the video - this is the kind of unique quality content we commit to bring your way in the years to come. C2D!

Fun'n'Games Vol 12 - GT5!

Its been here a week and its lovely. The feeling of playing this with a force feedback wheel is nonparallel - if you've ever drifted or even did some wicked parking lot burnouts before in real life, you know the exact feeling of the steering going a bit light and floaty when you lose traction and that's where this game shines. You know exactly when you're about to lose control, so you push it right to that limit and a bit farther with each corner. Whether its my souped up 824hp C63 AMG which demands I stay calm and collected on the gas pedal or a 127hp '81 Honda Civic where leaving the perfect racing line and losing the momentum after slowing down for a turn is out of the question, the game is on point. Everyone and anyone who likes racing games already knows, but if you're even slightly unsure, jump in!


Black Friday TURRBOTAX® With Kyle Hall, Short Stuff, Laurel Halo, And Super Saver Door Buster Deals

Friday, November 26th, 10pm – 4am
The Cove (formerly known as Hugs)
106 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg BKNY (btw Berry & Wythe)

$FREE before 11pm, $5 before 12am, $7 after

With Special Guests:
Kyle Hall (Wild Oats / FXHE / Hyperdub – Detroit)
Shortstuff (Blunted Robots / Ramp – London)
Laurel Halo (Hippos In Tanks) LIVE

Rem Koolhaus
Space Jam (formerly know as Video City)

FREE Asahi Beer from 11-12pm

Facebook Invite: HERE

Mix from Kyle Hall HERE
Mix from Short Stuff  HERE
Mix from Contakt HERE

Best of Cellphone Pics - Volume 9

best sticker ever?
tons of guns.
staten island.


Another Glorious Day at Granite Mountain

Last Wednesday, a co-worker and I headed up to Prescott AZ to hit some of my favorite trails. My descriptions can't capture the beauty and serenity of this ride, but maybe my pictures can.

My co-rider was a bit out of shape, and needed to rest for 5-10 minutes out of every 20 minutes of riding, which was brutal...but it gave me time to take more pics than i normally would, so maybe it was a blessing in disguise....
But in actuality, we rode for 4 hours and only went 16.5 miles, which is slow-as-fuck even for a technical trail system.

Either way, it was one of the last beautiful days before snowfall, and a bad day riding beats just about anything else anyways...


C2D x paperbikes V3

Subrosa Chronicles v2


Fun'n'Games Vol 11 - FINALLY!

Can you say NOVEMBER 24TH??? I CAN.

This One Time - Vol 5

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?"
"Taking photos of you breaking the law"
"I'm taking pictures of you and your companions breaking the law, you know it's illegal to park in the bike lane"
"And?? You can't take pictures of Police"
"Why not? You're endangering cyclists. Do you know it's a $115 ticket for standing or parking in the bikelane?"
"And who's gonna give it to me?" - as she gets back in the truck.

I guess that's the issue, who's going to give out these tickets? Look at them - that's 3 of NY Finest breaking the law in plain sight on a stretch of road where drivers often hit 50mph. The only people who seem to be getting summons are the bikers themselves. New York Pricks and Dicks.


C2D x paperbikes V1

Click linky link to see another detail from the same build


Best Rider Ever?

Quite possibly the best and most exciting rider ever. Been waiting for this to come out!


Sweet photo!


Poll Results: Brakes or Brakeless

Well, how about this.
Majority of our readers are a bunch of brakeless freaks. 38% on them on brakeless baby bikes and 16% on brakeless skinny tire fixie jobbies. That's 54% of you, more then half who chose to either jam them kicks in or do wicked skids. Salut.

Me? I like brakes. My 20 is brakeless simply because I only dink around and don't go fast on it, but my 24, 26 and 700 - I need all the means of slowing down fast I can gather. Brakeless 24/26 is a bit fast/nutty for my taste. I must admit, I do like how "clean" the lines of a bike look minus all the cables/levers/calipers, but oftentimes, when its late at night and the 'ol focus and energy level is not where it should be, I need the comfort of a brake squeeze.

BMX (brakes)
  36 (34%)
BMX (brakeless)
  40 (38%)
Fixed (brakes)
  11 (10%)
Fixed (brakeless)
  17 (16%)
24" (brakes)
  16 (15%)
24" (brakeless)
  12 (11%)
26" (brakes)
  12 (11%)
26" (brakeless)
  12 (11%)

Commute by Bike - For The Scared Folks

See? It's not so bad. There really is no reason to bitch about the cost of a subway ride when you have an option to do it for free**. Nor is there a reason to be on the train for 45 minutes instead of a 15 minute bike ride. Healthy, both physically and emotionally, arrive at your morning destination energized and sweaty - what could be better. Watch the vid and get inspired to either start doing it or do it more often! Man up.

**free if you don't obsess over your bike and spend more then twice the price of a monthly unlimited on it, monthly.


Great Beer Night Tomorrow With Dogfish Head

If you are out and about tomorrow, swing by Standings.   5 Dogfish Head beers on tap = fucking awesome.   Dogfish Head is arguably my favorite brewing company at the moment, so I'm hyped for this.   Free pizza is just the icing on the cake.   Props to Curtis for puttin me on to this place, I always hit up Jimmy's down below, but this place has some quality beer with decent prices (and allowed us to stash a bike inside). 


BLAP Featuring Von Pea Wednesday Nov 10th

Von Pea has some killer shit out there.  I'm continually satisfied with his work.  The best thing about this event though, are the rules!  Like all good hip hop shows/events, there are a few things that ruin it for me.    

Number 1)   That dude wearin the hat blockin my view.   Take that shit off. 
Number 2)  Baggy Jeans.  What is this 1994?  Tighten them pants up, toss em in the dryer, or better yet, wear some Jeggings. 
Number 3) Timberland Work Boots.   Look, I don't want to sound fowl here, but when I see Timbs, I think of working class people.  Eww gross.   We don't want that.  When I rock out to songs about drinking $300 bottles and tryin to read iced out medallions*, I don't want to be thinking "measure twice, cut once" or "lift with your knees."   I want to see $800 sneakers up in this bitch, gettin scuffed up cuz we got that upper middle class money and don't give a fuck.   Worse yet, if you step on my mandles with those steel toe's, I swear to god i'll sue yer ass.
Thats right, no hats, no baggy jeans, no Timbs.   Rules at hip hop shows are retarded.  Oh well.  I guess we should be happy they bent the rules for us and allowed in sneakers.    

Check out some Von Pea tunes HERE

*sarcasm doesn't apply to above mention artist

Fun'n'Games Vol 10 - Its almost here, again!

Someone out there already has it, so it MUST be coming, and soon.


Zombie Parkour Nite 2010

The Phoenix Zombie Walk had a pretty massive turnout this year. Although we avoided the crowds and organized events, I could tell from the peripheral rooftops and alleyways we skulked through that were a few hundred partipants. Even not being part of the main procession, this event is perfect cover for a handful of goons to run through downtown Phx climbing on churches, jumping fences, and trespassing thru construction sites.

Random pics in no particular order....