An Android based open source affordable gaming system. This actually sounds very neat. All games are free to try out. Touchscreen controller - making all the Android/iPhone game ports a breeze, as well as traditional thumb sticks/buttons. Wifi, Bluetooth, HDMI, the works. Major publishers backing it. You're encouraged to hack the system and games. You're encouraged to create and publish your own ideas. All in a neat and attractive looking little 100$ package. Sign me up. I've heard the name Ouya before but never looked into it - with its launch around Spring 2013, I might have to sign up for one.


GTA5 knob slobbin

Oh it will be glorious.


Slobbing the GTA 5 knob

Seems like new screenshots are popping up all over the place. Instead of just dumping all of them here at once, we'll drop a few a day for the next FOREVER in anticipation of the pinnacle of today civilization embodied in a video game. The atmosphere in this game will be wild. GTA4, GTA SA, GTA VC and Read Dead combined plus - all available for you to explore from the get go in the typical Rockstar fashion. I mean, look at that damn dirt bike or that coast line....

Alright, I need to go kick something or at least wash my face with cold water, the level of geekory and nerdary I'm experiencing for this lil puppy is overwhelming.


Adam Hauck @ Boondocks

GTA 5 Madness - Grand Theft Auto Retrospective: Part II

Makes me want to Dust off the ol' PS2 and pop in GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas. Too many great games, too little time. 

Urban Outlaw

Great. Now besides an M3 I want a 911. What gorgeous pieces of machinery.


More Grand Theft Auto V Shots

A bit more can be found HERE      Shouts to KRandles for the link!

Fun'n'Games v 32 - The War Z

A zombie MMO that heavily borrows from DayZ mod for ARMA 2 but is a stand alone title. Looks quite interesting. Might have to try it out.   


Fun'n'Games v31 - The Walking Dead

The ever so awesome PSN series is now available on the iPhone! They are releasing one episode at a time, with five total. They are quite a treat if you like zombie games - its one of the most epic choose your own adventure type games I've seen in awhile, which can be played at your casual pace since the action never really gets to crazy, plus one can never EVER go wrong with ZOMBIES! If you have an iPhone - get this lil puppy. Not sure if its out for the Genesee Cream Ale of the smartphone world - I guess some call them Androids or something rather...


The Food Life v57

Burger City, NJ.