Kasta + Assai

Two of my favorites. 


Been a fan of Defgrip forever now - they undeniably have some of the best and original BMX content on the webs. Stoked that they got some grips out and will definitely support. I liked the ad so much that I'm considering switching from Animal Edwins to these Defgrips...on one of the bikes, maybe :P I do love my Edwins though.


Unexpected Victory Tour W/ Raekwon and Action Bronson At BB Kings

April 26, 2012
Showtime @ 12:00AM
Doors Open @ 11:00PM
Tickets $25.00 in advance, $30.00 day of show
Some of ya'll might be interested in this show, just thought I'd put it out there.

Some Classic Vids

Baker 3

20 Shot Sequence


Yowelli, Bikes, Fun.

Chilled with my droogs from the Yowelli crew a few days back, drinking the old moloko plus knives, rode a tiny bit, doing trooky (stunts that is) on the ol' chetvert of pipe, a real horrorshow like. We malchiki took turns riding out malenkiyi bicycles up and down the ramp, right right right, most fun times.

My tovarish Greg showed up with his real horrorshow vicious and noviy Ducati Monster, most beautiful motozikl that I, your humble and noble Narrator, ever put my glaza on, and I got to sit on the sedlo real nice like and rev it up a quite bit, twisting the ol' handle real good like with my rooka, creating very gromkoy sound for zhiteley in the delicate neighborhood of plywood and plastic, making me want one like 8 milliard times more, except all my pedal velocipeds would be wicked zli at me, Bog knows it. Maybe I won't tell them, but I know they will uznayut one way or another, the savage beasts they are, O my fair brothers.

Oh yea, I'm reading A Clockwork Orange by the way.


Fun'n'games V29 - Pumped:BMX and Trials Evolution

Pumped:BMX - that looks like it could be hours and hours of fun on the old iPhone. Looks a bit floaty, but it also looks like it was made by someone who actually rides. Trials:Evolution - damn, I want this game so bad... why does it have to be Xbox only? Come on, make it multi-platform!


Shook Guns pt.12

Shook Guns Part 12
Rocking the SCAR at ACTS Match

So, it's been a while since the last Shook Guns installment. Shit happens. Life goes on.

Every month I drive down to Tucson to hang with T-Murda, drink stupid amounts of beer (and sometimes 4LOKO), and shoot the ACTS Match. This is my favorite competition of all of them that I shoot, because there is always a physical exertion element, and the stages challenge you and your equipment. It was approximately 100deg F at the match yesterday (and its only fucking April...that's how fucking hard we roll in AZ), and I was hungover as fuck, yet I still managed to DOMINATE this match and take 2nd place...literally 2 seconds behind my friend Russell in overall time.

Here's what it looked like:
(in the order that I shot the match...)

This stage had the farthest target, which was a torso-sized steel plate around 100yds away. The shooter had 30 seconds to hit the plate as many times as possible, firing not more than 1 round from each position, then moving thru the obstacles. I tied a few folks for the most hits (7), and moved thru the course with ease

This stage required several relays carrying a Kettle-Bell (which was heavier than it looks) while engaging targets with rifle and then pistol. I missed a LOT on this stage, especially with the pistol, which cost me 1st place. But its hard to shoot a pistol when you are hot and sweaty and hungover and tired; which is why we train like this.

One target, two shooting positions. 10 hits needed, with no more than 10 seconds expended between shots or you had to take extra penalty shots (I didn't have to take any extra shots). Looks simple but it was pretty fucking exhausting.

Start on back, rifle unloaded. Knock down the barrels and steel plates with the empty rifle, then shoot pistol targets as they become visible.

Lots of fun this month. I will try to upload videos of future matches both here and on my youtube channel (DMFL23)


Zodiac Mix Series Part 4: Aries

Boss'd up high energy mix for the Aries.   Some juke, bit o jit, and some jungle.    And No Limit for some reason, who knows.   Single take, with a 6 pack of Lagunitas, mix of serato and vinyl.   Enjoy.

aries tracklist

alien titmarsh riddim / like a boss blend - mark pritchard, danny breaks, om unit, slim thug
ima boss - meek mill ft rick ross
commercial break - marcus price
champion sound remix - buju banton
jazz312 - nightwave
no limit soldiers - tru
darkest hype - philip k dick remix - cadenza
big teeeeeeeee - dj tylermania
spit thunder - krampthaft
dragged - dj earl
they cant fuck wit me - dj roc
do u wanna fight - africa hitech
circles - philip k dick footwork edit - adam f
its a jazz thing - electro boogie mix - roni size
bang it - dollah jones
too polite - throwing snow
fantasia - dj t-rell
hot like fire remix - aaliyah
d'jit - starski & clutch
braaain - chrissy murderbot
if - breakage ft threshold
i am the black gold of the sun - 4 hero remix - nuyorican soul
from the start - instra : mental
champion deejay - top cat
open page - lenzman ft riya
progression - indigo remix - synkro
original nuttah - uk apache w/ shy fx
second sun - calibre
fever - dbridge remix2 - b. traits
this 1 - dave owen ft johnny utah
great scott - dave owen
cant knock the hustle - desired state remix - jay z
how the west was won jungle - dj monk remix - bounty killer
borderline mobster - sensi crew mix - bounty killer & beenie man
gimme da light - chopstick bloodclat mix - sean paul
we run things - da bush babees

Slum Village and Mick Boogie Dirty Slums Mixtape

Nice lil project here from SV and Mick Boogie.  Not %100 bananas crazy awesome (sorry, that big sean song set me back, but thats just me), but oooooooh there is some HEAT on here.  That De La tune alone, makes this 50% bananas crazy, the rest all build it up, im sure after more listens i'll be like holy shit, i totally slept on track 6 or whatever whatever.    Rapper Big Pooh is always a bonus.  Can i get some Fatt Father and like 200% more Elzhi tho???      Give it a listen.    Enjoy that shiiiiiiiit

1. Mick Boogie & nVMe Intro *
2. Slum Village: God Sent (f/ Rapper Big Pooh & Vice)
3. Slum Village: Just The Past (f/ Big Sean & Black Milk) *
4. Slum Village: Music (f/ Focus…)
5. Slum Talks About The Evolution
6. Slum Village: Hunger (f/ Vice & Focus…)
7. Slum Village: Church (f/ Focus…)
8. Slum Village: Fresh (f/ Rapper Big Pooh & Vice)
9. Slum Village: Turnin’ Me Off (f/ De La Soul)
10. Slum Talks About Native Tongues
11. Slum Village: Beats and Breaks
12. Slum Village: Special (f/ Phonte)
13. Slum Village: They Say Remix (f/ Rapper Big Pooh & Phife) #
14. Slum Village: The Hard Way (f/ Focus… & Joe Scudda) #
15. Slum Talks About The Legacy
16. Slum Village: They Don’t Know (f/ Vice & J Ivy)
17. Slum Village: Mortal Kombat (f/ Vice & DJ Bonics)
18. Slum Talks About The Future
19. Slum Village: Da Essence (f/ Vice)
20. Slum Village: Reppin’
All Songs Produced by Young RJ
Except # Produced by Focus… and * Produced by nVMe

Cat 6 - 4.20.12

I just entered and successfully won a Cat 6 race. The feeling is incredible, let me share the details.

What started out as a routine commute shortly became an exhilarating fight for honor and timeless bragging rights. A beautiful Friday morning in the early Spring with perfectly blue skies and refreshing 50F mixed with a slight breeze.
Contestant #1, me, Subrosa Malum "fixie" (sadly with a front brake and a Knog Nerd speedometer, both brutally murdering the clean lines of a simple bike), hipster jeans, handmade C2D t-shirt, Nike Hi-tops. Contestant#2, a brightly colored fancy Trak road bike (presumably carbon with amazingly flat shaped wide tubing, big lettering, wild red and white colors, super deep carbon rims with lots of writing), a matching helmet painfully clashing with perfectly creased khakis carefully wrapped at the ankle with a neon green band as to not dirty them with the filth of chain and grease, checkered Brooks Brother shirt.

 This is what happened. It started out as a simple easy ride for me as I left my neighborhood. I decided that this gorgeous morning I'm not in a rush and I will enjoy the refreshing wind, sit up straight and casually pedal to my destination. About a third into my commute and with about 3 miles to go I decided that even that pace was a bit brisk, so I slowed my steed to a gingerly 10-12mph, almost crawling - that is when I first spotted my opponent (unbeknownst to me). Even at this delicate pace I was quickly gaining on the Contestant #2. I thought nothing of it. Shortly I was just about 10 feet behind the Business fella and as the perfectly smooth Kent Ave two way bike lane allows, I went for the pass. Boosting my speed to incredible 14mph and allowing at least 4 feet of passing room to the right of me as to not frighten anyone I casually bobbed by.

 And that's when it happened. To my surprise I heard a very tender yet threatening "Affffsssshole" whispers under ones breath. I must have been hearing things. The uneventful and thrill less pass was over as I continued to give myself a pep talk how "I know you're very hungry, but you have to be good, no breakfast sandwich this morning, just have oatmeal with some fruit and a large coffee, but for lunch you can have something delicious......" - then ZOOM! #2 passes me very rapidly, only within a foot of me, all while making a strange and unexpected semi-angry eye contact with me. Hmmm. Being a witty prick, my immediate reaction to this weird move was a vocal "Ooooooh snap! So I guess its a race huh?" No reply, #2 just tucked in, his Brooks Brothers shirt straining to stay belted and started gaining ground. "Not on my watch" I said loud enough for him to hear. And off we went.

What followed next was 3 wicked miles littered with a series of passes and pole position changes, often dangerous,  at speeds exceeding but not limited to 24mph -  which is pretty breakneck considering that all the other commuters we kept passing rapidly were moving at my earlier casual  speed of about 12. Eventually he got out of his seat, so I had to get out of my seat as well and just go balls out. This was for the honor, this was for the glory - I knew I would be making a post about this and I knew that it wouldn't be as heroic if the outcome was him leaving me in the dust. As my final and victorious pass took place, #2 let out a second incredibly unsportsmanlike "Deeekhead" signaling his defeat. I won. With about a 1/4 mile left on the Flushing Ave straight my opponent dropped back embarrassingly. He stood no chance. Not on my watch.


Spinclacity 4.16.12

Just a casual commute to work on a gorgeous spring day. Came across 3 cop cars pulling over a fancy Benz, nicely blocking a bikelane on Flushing Ave for good 8 car lengths, as well as a all time favorite schoolbus driven by the super fans of religion doing the bike lane dash so the shrimp can bob onto the sidewalk, but unfortunately the ol' memory card on the GoPro was full and didn't capture the magic. Ugh. Gotta remember to dump it regularly.

This was the first time I rode with a chest strap in the city. Its nerdy enough to have a GoPro on your bike, its a whole another level of nerdiness to have it as a chest strap. See? The fashion sacrifices we make to bring you, the avid C2D reader, cutting edge awesomeness.


Why I'm Gonna Ride Today v44

The Food Life v54 - Morimoto

Went to Morimoto last week. For those who don't know, Morimoto is one of the Iron Chefs and his meatpacking district restaurant is considered one of the best Japanese spots in NYC. Had a delicious tasting menu and this marked the first time I dropped $170 on a meal for one, but it most definitely won't be the last. Everything was fresh and delicious, beautifully presented and thought out. We opted to sit at the bar- the best seat in the house.

As dish after dish was presented infront of us we couldn't help but Ooooh and Aaaah over every little detail. A tiny carefully placed mushroom here, a delicate little flower there was craftfully scooped up by our chop sticks. I'm pretty sure there was at least 8 high-fives. Some of the highlights below.

Toro tartare - osetra caviar, sour cream, wasabi, dashi-soy,
Oyster foie gras - market oysters, foie gras, uni, teriyaki sauce,
Whole roasted lobster “épice” - garam masala, lemon crème fraîche,
16 oz. tajima wagyu ny strip,
house smoked salmon ravioli - japanese sweet yams, salmon roe, yuzu gelee,
ishi yaki buri bop - yellowtail on rice cooked at your table in a hot stone bowl.


TURRBOTAX® w / Brackles [ ✈ ] → Slava → Shawn Reynaldo [ ✈ ]

Friday, April 27rd, 10pm – 4am
@ The Cove 

108 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg BKNY (btw Berry & Wythe)
FREE before 11pm, $5 btw 11pm and Midnight, $10 after Midnight
FREE Beer from 11pm [till it runs out!]
Brackles [ ✈ London → Rinse → Blunted Robots]
Slava [ LIVE!→ Software → Future Times
Shawn Reynaldo [ ✈ San Francisco → Icee Hot ]
Contakt [TURRBOTAX® → Local Action → Dutty Artz]
Rem Koolhaus [TURRBOTAX®]
Mayster [TURRBOTAX® → Dutty Artz]
Space Jam [TURRBOTAX®]

Facebook Invite HERE.


Winners Club Records - Dark Charlie, Do the Right Thing

A new album from the Winners Club Records crew.


Ironboy Yard Easter Boat Jam 2012

2012 Easter celebrations went down in high style at the infamous Ironboy Quarter and Yard HQ. DJ Ruckus was there spinning records along with his brother, who got sick the second he stepped to the turntable station situation on a backyard docked boat. So everyone was like, Ooooh, you got sick on the boat, from now on we call you DJ C-Sick, like, get it? So yea, the name stuck for the rest of the night.

Yowelli team came through to ride the 1/4. Easter bunny was chopped up and roasted. Burgers, wings, sausages, tofu - it was all fired up and chowed down. Good tunes, tons of beer late into the night as a fire pit was blazing and seasoning everyone present. Good times all around. Thanks to our host James "The Bomb Driver" S. for da hook up.