Shook Guns Part 4

Shook Guns pt.4: What Not To Do

I'd like to say upfront: thanks to all the fans who pestered me during the Shook Guns Hiatus. I was feeling a bit low and unmotivated after having my gun blow-the-fuck-up in my face, but seeing this video brought it all together for me.

Not to sound all heroic and self-important, but this is what i'm here to protect you from. You can be Hip-Hop and throw your guns up, but you can't be all Wack-Ass Tapco-Totin bitches like these punks. Just like Dead Prez made it cool to be Revolutionary (But Gangsta...), I'm here to make sure you don't look like a fool when you pull your heat.

Where to begin? Best to go in chronological order I suppose...

0:12 there is way too much silence in the beginning of this vid. 12 seconds. Also please note that I'm not going to comment on the lyrical content of this song. It was hard enough to watch this 3 times to make this post, I can't really rehash all of their lyrical failures

0:25 although the first shot shows this Tapco'ed out AK47, this shot really captures the glory of it. A huge-ass muzzle-shroud that does NOTHING functional but look stupid & adds 5-6" of length to the gun = FAIL. Cheap made-in-China red-dot sight mounted 4"+ over the bore ensures that this gun cannot be properly zeroed for effective use from 0-200meters. Gay-ass laser and flimsy tall bipod are the most worthless. Note also the UTG (airsoft) rail covers on the top rail in front of the sight, where they couldn't possibly be touched (rail covers are to shield your hand from heat and the sharp edges of the rails).

1:06 Although i've previously appreciated the classic style of the Masterpiece Arms MAC clones, having the stupid barrel shroud (and holding onto it while shooting off the bench) is retarded.

1:35 Pistol-Grip shotguns are good for breaching doors. Period. and that is all they're good for.

1:51 See that red thing on the side of the gun? Century Arms puts that on there to prevent the charging handle from poking through their shitty-ass boxes during shipping. It's not supposed to stay on there. That's like leaving the protective film on your Ipod/Phone/etc...

2:03 Ammo that comes in plastic bags is SHIT. If they can't afford boxes, they can't afford to make decent ammo.

2:32 Struggling to seat the 75rd Drum in your AK = GANGSTA! These guys are so fucking dumb they didn't realize they should edit this FAIL out of their video...
(you're doing it wrong:)

3:04 Sure, its just an AK and all, but this is nothing to brag about at less than 50 yards...isn't that Chinese reddot and laser helping?
this guy probably shoots better:

In closing, this is basically my Hater-rant against my fellow gun folks. Stop piling the douche on your guns, and learn to shoot them. Stop buying the cheapest possible accessories to make your gun look a certain way. You don't have to buy top-of-the-line, just use what you have to maximum effectiveness.
This is why a 13 year-old Afghani kid is completely badass, while the 'tards in this video look like queer-baits.

future post ideas are always welcome in the Comments...

Guf - learn the language just for this

I mentioned this guy Guf before, a few months back. I don't know much about the Russian hip hop scene as of late but this dude seems to be killing it over there with the lyrics and the beats. I absolutely loved his last album, its one of those albums that you can listen to over and over again, straight through, no skipping - imagine that!!! If anyone from Moscow reads this blog, and sees my love for Kasta, Krec Assai and Guf, which are, more then likely, 3 huge commercially successful rap acts from Russia and are looked down upon as sell outs, they might be dissapointed with me. But fuck it. I take what I can get - I tried reading up on russian hip hop blogs about whats what, but Russia, just like any hip hop loving country in the world is entering the bling bling era that's been plaguing USA for awhile now. Its all about the shiney mindless HD expensive videos and club bangas nowday. The blogs are full of that bullshit. Russian hiphop is full of garbage just like US hiphop. But thats where a video/song like this comes in. Guf is talking about his love for his city, Moscow. Great wordplay, great delivery, great beat (must admit Guf laced this much better then Sage Francis). Thumbs up all around.

Fucking blankets, how do they work?

Why are pants different then shirts? There are miracles around you, everyday! I can't decide which version is better, this one or the original?


Moar Highland

Another video from last month's junket to Highland. Thanks to Ross for throwing it together. Don't forget about the Claymore Challenge on July 17th. Looks like plans are in the works for a live webcast, so you don't even have to leave your shitty ass apartment to feel like you're there, kinda like watching hi def pov bj videos, amiright?

Grime Bicycles

Grime is a fixed gear clothing company that started up just a few short months back and just got around to putting their first frame out there. 26" wheel specific frame. I like the looks of it. Built up, it looks like a beefy old school MTB with chunky tires - if I didn't know it was fixed I would think its a sweet commuter with a coaster brake. Not exactly sure how I feel about the name of the frame, a bit close to Yowelli, but I'm sure there is plenty of Yo's out there for everyone. I must admit, I love the looks. While FGFS might not be for me because its nearly impossible to do, I always appreciate someone doing bad ass business on any bike. Grime rider Wonka kills it in a shot below, which I swiped from Prolly's site - its a good one. Makes me want to get my Capital out there and hop some shit and take some pics. Just want to say sorry to all of my bikes, the god damn Malum is just too damn fast and easy to ride.



Fresh video


How Do You Get To Work?

Its with great excitement that we report to you that 69% of our readers, 80 people to be exact, commute to work on a bicycle. How about that? Whether its the luxury of living close enough to your job to be able to bike, or the luxury of not being a lazy ass motherfucker to work your muscles in the AM, you bike-to-workers making it happen. 4 of you ride your moto to your job - we admire that too. Walking to your job is A-OK as well, 7% of you are lucky enough for that. 17% of yall either are too cool for school/poll, you're a trust fund baby, either still live with your mama and she cooks you all your meals or you're broke as a joke. Even if you sell some trees here and there, fall back style, its still a job, so don't trip. We here at C2D give a big round of thumbs up to everyone who participates in our polls, and to everyone who loves to bike to work. Me personally? Every single day I bike to work, even in the rain (as long as its above 25F).
Good job everyone!

Good Job!


SBX! Holding Down The Tradition

Street Science Vol 8

This gem might be well known for some of you, but it is fresh none the less.   It is a setup with many options.   Better eat yer Wheaties though before approaching this bad boy.


Governor's Island Prison Camp, er, I Mean Beer Fest 2010

So there I was, bummed it was Monday already and I wasn't able to make it to the Governor's Island beer fest over the weekend.  There was so much potential, so many good breweries, I'm sure I missed out on a banger.

Then, I talked to my girl Phil who went.   Yes, her name is Phil.   She provided us with exclusive details on how the day went down.   Now I don't feel bad at all.  

Phil A. Mingon:
The afternoon of the 4th annual NYC Brewfest was, for all intents and purposes, perfect.  Hot, a little muggy, but with an event where one would have to average 67 beers an hour to get through all 300 samples available, perfect!  If only….

Sadly, once in the gates (which opened a half hour later then promised for general admission) one was instantly transported to those summers in prison camp.  The makeshift chain link fences that were erected to corral the drunks would have served a purpose if there were even the slight chance of catching a buzz.  Sadly, it became clear almost immediately that would never happen.

Ten thousand ticket holders (netting well over 600k for the event) crowded into the most hap hazard lines that I have ever seen outside of Spain.  Once waiting for 20 minutes in each line one would receive 1.5 – 2 oz of 1 of the beers that the breweries offered.  Then one would shuffle through the crowds to the back of another line and wait.  And wait.  And wait. 

The mood of the crowd was surprisingly jubilant despite the glaring flaws on part of the events planners.  I mean, hell, it is a beautiful day on Governor’s Island, the beer was all around (even if you could not get to it, the promise was there) and Heartland Brewery was offering all of the culinary treats that a beer aficionado could want.  I was married to the ‘hot home made potato chips’ from the get go.  After several hours of trying (and failing) my best to make the ticket price worth wile by sampling brews, my friends and I entered the food line.  An hour later when we reached the front we were told they were out of everything we wanted.  Our options were limited to hotdogs or hamburgers….seriously, they ran out of cheese.  There was 2 hours left until the 8 P.M. end.  Sitting on the grass, my two friends and I finally accepted what we had been trying to fight all day…that Brewfest 2010 was a complete fail.  I believe the term ‘abortion of a day’ came up more then once.

So, then it was time to go off to the ferry.  In what way could they possibly mess this one up?  I mean, ferries run back and froth all day.  Surely they must have this bit well planned out. ..

The masses left Brewfest and headed to the dock.  We were promptly corralled into a needlessly small area for the amount of people that were there.  The NYC police officers assigned to oversee this process were as useless as blind chauffeurs.  As always happens, there were those that can only be described as ‘Gucci Bitches’ who, for some reason, thought that they would get there faster if they elbowed, pushed and knocked down who ever was in their way.  After one such woman pushed past me and gave up on her attempt to move forward I was forced to listen to her tell a 20 minute story about how she and her boyfriend had gotten into a fight over reality whores Heidi and Spencer.  All of a sudden it dawned on me, really this was my fault.  I should never be optimistic about events of this nature that do not adhere to a strict ‘must not suck at life’ screening process of its participants.

Honestly, if this had been the first year that Brewfest had run, then I could let all or most of these slights slide.  Four years into it, the questionable planners at Heartland Brewery should have this down to a successful science.  There should have been half the people or twice the stalls.  And really, when ordering cheese, make sure there is a slice per burger.  How many meat eaters opt out of the cheese?

Next year, on the day of Brewfest, I plan on gathering my friends at Bierkraft.  There, we can each spend $30 (less the half the cost of a Brewfest ticket) on some quality suds.  We will sit on a roof and drink from glasses that were not intended for the use of pygmies and celebrate what a beer tasting should be.

- Excellent work Phil!   Thanks!


Mosca and Matt Shadetek Headline July TURRBOTAX® Business Edition

Shadetek killed it last time he did TURRBOTAX®,  and you know Mosca is gonna be totally fuckin insane.  Gear up for a wild night.

Friday, July 2nd, 10pm – 4am
The Cove (formerly known as Hugs)
106 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg BKNY (btw Berry & Wythe)
$FREE before 11pm, $5 before 12am, $7 after
With Special Guests:
Mosca (Night Slugs/London/UK)
Matt Shadetek (Dutty Artz)

+ More TBA
Video City
Rem Koolhaus
FREE Asahi Beer from 11-12pm

C2D Viewer Submitted Photo Contest

There comes a time when a ballerific website such as ours needs to step back, take a look at what we’ve achieved, and then give back to the little people that got us here.    For every gold plated drug kingpin 45 Accatone buys we need to think about young Jimmy in Nebraska clickin on those ad’s.   Whenever Curtis adds another tricked out 50cc scooter to his collection, we need to thank Javier down in Lima (global shun!).   I won’t go into details on the interns and their trips to the NAMBLA districts of Thailand, but I will remind them that this is their final warning.  And me?  I don't have any vices...

The point I am trying to drive home here, is that we need to give back, and what better way than with a user submitted photo contest.   The theme, to take a picture that captures the C2D spirit.   Send it in, we’ll post em up, and have all the viewers vote in a poll.   The winner will get a prize pack full of hip T-shirts, hip hop musical CDs, reggae musical CDs, stickers, maybe some sweat bands, etc…     (the last contest winner won 2 pairs of sneakers and some books!!)   Original photos only, none of that google image search shit.   Send pics and your info to createtodestroy@gmail.com

And yes, “the spirit of C2D” means you can send in photos of whatever the hell you want, so have fun with it.   We’ll be accepting submissions for 30 days, so get em in while you can (July 22nd).  Multiple submissions are allowed.   Voting will take place once all submissions are posted up.

Best of Cellphone Pics V.6

Thats a $3,000 Louis V just laying in the garbage. Boom.
Just terrible.
Hey look, I'm a school security guard.
Sweetest Samurai ever.

Standard Bykes stylin

Saw this on thecomeup, some neat riding in this vid. I love the dudes creative style.


Lambos on Atlantic

Crown Heights, Brooklyn. When we first heard these from the 5th floor rooftop we thought it was a pair of sports bikes. They were revving that high. Caught them on the second pass through. This seems alot of fun.


Brooklyn Rooftop Banger

There are A LOT more pics after the jump, so CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REST

Bicycle Film Festival Goings-On

Yeah, so, movies about bikes. The Hoffman one looks cool. Also a Sunday in Hell. There's a big street jam on Saturday, too.


World Cup AFter Party with TURRBOTAX® @ White Rabbit NYC

This Thursday as you celebrate your victory or drown away your sorrows after the matches of the day. Either way, why not make a night of it with the TURRBOTAX® crew in the Lower East Side at White Rabbit?   Not an official after party, but a damn good party none the less.   Argentina, Korea, Greece, Nigeria, France, Mexico.   It doesn’t matter who you’re cheering for, just come thru to drink some free Asahi and dance the night away.  You might hear some French music, maybe some African tunes, lots of funky house, dubstep and more than enough bass to keep your head rattling in the AM.   Plus they got Desto in from Finland and he is gonna lay it down proper.

Thursday, June 17th, 10pm – 4am
White Rabbit Lounge
145 East Houston Street, New York, NY (btw Eldridge & Forsyth)
F train to 2nd Ave stop
With Special Guests:
Desto (Finland / Ramp)
Video City
Complimentary Asahi Beer from 10pm to 11pm

The Food Life: Vol 26 - Fine Food Edition

Needless to say, we don't play around here at C2D when it comes to food - so therefore naturally we been out there hitting the finest of restaurants really heavily. Pretty much the only way we know how its done. We got some serious deserts like french vanilla icecream puff with bitter chocolate sauce. We got some duck and truffles with pomegranate sauce. We got some foie gras with peaches. We got a ridiculous flank steak with chumichurri sauce, I mean, what else do you expect? We got some spicy pork in a fried plantain bowl. We got some fresh chorizo enchiladas. We got some veal and mushroom meatballs. And last but not least lamb, pork and beef platter with seasoned sweet fries. 2" thick cut bacon for the soul. C2D aka Eat Right.

hangoutkid - Night Light

hangoutkid teaches once again with serious production values. Every time he drops a new beat its an event well worth a listen. Check his Soundcloud channel often, the man has piles of content as is and plans on dropping 2-3 beats weekly in the upcomming months!

Night Light by hangoutkid


Knights Of Bruklyn Homebrew Competition

Now, before you start thinking about that stint you did up state and drinkin all that pruno.....
....this is not that type of party.    Sure prison wine has its own time and place, but I'm pretty sure if reps from Six Point and Kelso are in the house, the standards will be a bit higher.  17 beermakers will be sharing their suds for free.    This is a pretty cool opportunity, cause most folks don't really get a chance to drink homebrew (either the shitty kind or the good kind).    Last homebrew i had was crusty punk cider years back, which didn't sit to well the next day, but as a famous man once said "IT'LL GET YA DRUNK!!!!"

So, Tuesday June 15th at Union Hall in Park Slope, 7pm, drink some beer, learn a bit about the homebrew scene, eat some stinky cheese from Stinky Bklyn and even some beer and bourbon flavored beef jerky. All free.    And since things come in three's now, two more of these are lined up later in the year.

Why would anyone give away their blood, sweat, and tears (well, that would be the name of my homebrew.  which is better sounding then Accatone's Blood, Semen, and Urine Lager)??    Winner gets to brew a keg full of their winning beer at the Six Point Brewery in Red Hook.   and 40 virgins in heaven.   

"JUICE!!...THAT WAS A GOOD ONE!!........."

Pictures Are Up From Last TURRBOTAX®

Peep the rest over here at Stephieyaknow's site

The Muthafuckin Saga Continues...

The morning session

As far as ads go, this is almost as good as the new Chef Boyardee Instant Lasagna one


Fun'n'games Vol 2: Dead Nation

This downloadable Playstation Exclusive is dropping pretty soon. Gotta love the zombies. There are a few seconds of actual gameplay towards the last few seconds of the trailer - and it looks like wild explosive zombie fun. What do ya'll think? Yay or nay?


Spy Shot City

C2D photo spy team was sent on a special assignment into deep Bronx this Monday morning. The mission went well but that is not what this is about. Upon passing of Yankee Stadium of the Baseball Games our photographer observed this skate park as he was running down the subway tracks. Another option to hop your bike around on? Good work, but man, next time just ride the train - maybe not as cool but sooooo much safer!