C2D Viewer Submitted Photo Contest

There comes a time when a ballerific website such as ours needs to step back, take a look at what we’ve achieved, and then give back to the little people that got us here.    For every gold plated drug kingpin 45 Accatone buys we need to think about young Jimmy in Nebraska clickin on those ad’s.   Whenever Curtis adds another tricked out 50cc scooter to his collection, we need to thank Javier down in Lima (global shun!).   I won’t go into details on the interns and their trips to the NAMBLA districts of Thailand, but I will remind them that this is their final warning.  And me?  I don't have any vices...

The point I am trying to drive home here, is that we need to give back, and what better way than with a user submitted photo contest.   The theme, to take a picture that captures the C2D spirit.   Send it in, we’ll post em up, and have all the viewers vote in a poll.   The winner will get a prize pack full of hip T-shirts, hip hop musical CDs, reggae musical CDs, stickers, maybe some sweat bands, etc…     (the last contest winner won 2 pairs of sneakers and some books!!)   Original photos only, none of that google image search shit.   Send pics and your info to createtodestroy@gmail.com

And yes, “the spirit of C2D” means you can send in photos of whatever the hell you want, so have fun with it.   We’ll be accepting submissions for 30 days, so get em in while you can (July 22nd).  Multiple submissions are allowed.   Voting will take place once all submissions are posted up.

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Curtis Chorizali said...

first entree is already in. dont sleep!