Subrosa Malum - part 2

There it is. The bike I'm totally sweatin right now. Fast, comfortable, light, sexy, beefy. Not bad for a $650 complete. This morning I had a major breakthrough, as far as fixed gear bikes go, I guess. I learned how to skid on the damn thing. Just pull up on your right foot instead of mashing down and there it is. Alot easier then I thought. So between bunnyhopin curbs and skidding everywhere I'm a regular ol' fixed gear trickster now - how about that.
subrosa malum,2010,create2destroy
I'm pretty sure the wheels were machine built so it was no surprise that both wheels loosened up after a few days. Out comes the spoke wrench - ok for a quick fix but I will have to take it to a professional one of these days to make them nice and toight.
My Knog NERD and a front brake make this a nerd machine (no pun intended, of course), which is ok by me because the streets are talkin.
subrosa malum,2010,create2destroy


Anonymous said...

trippy effectz

f3il said...

pictures are a bit too similar. fail.