Last weekend some members of the C2D factory downhill and flow teams made the long trek up to Highland Mountain Bike Park in New Hampshire for a few days of shredding. We lucked out with good weather, seems it always rains when we're up there no matter what time of the year. This weekend was dry, warm and despite being prime stupid ass biting fly season, we hardly got bit at all, well, everyone besides the guy with the video camera, but it's his own damn fault for crouching in the bushes sweating his ass off.

We got 2 full days of riding in on relatively uncrowded trails, as most East Coast racer types were busy that weekend trying to go fast at the Pro GRT at Plattekill. What Highland lacks in amount of trails it more than makes up for in quality. Roll off from the right side of the lift and you're in twisty bermy trail heaven on trails like Fancy Feast and Meadows End. Down the middle, a couple of pure downhill runs like Threshold and Maiden Voyage have enough burly built features that it will take you a few runs to stitch it all together clean. Highland's gem, though, is their high speed jump trail Hellion. We could not get enough of that trail all weekend.

There are also 2 jump parks, a pump track, a massive slopestyle course playing host to the Claymore Challenge in a few weeks, and a motherfucking indoor training center under construction. They are blowing up this year.

We grabbed a couple of helmet cam runs posted below*, complete with sweet 80s speed metal soundtrack derived from information culled from the polls we constantly post here at C2D. (Seems our main readership is male, late 30s from broken homes, mostly single and/or divorced, functioning alcohol and/or drug addictions, balding, and apt to watch redtube at work when they think no one is looking. Full disclosure, we also sold all this information to Facebook recently to fund this Highland trip.)

There is also some still vid that is currently outsourced in post-production with a team out of Scotland ... seemed fitting coming from a place called Highland. Hope to have that to you soon.

Oh, one last thing: If you make the trip up, we HIGHLY recommend staying at the Shalimar Resort By The Lake. World-class accommodations, fitness center, pool, lounge (with karaoke) and maybe slightly sub par plumbing unable to handle consecutive dumps by 4 dudes.

(*C2D is not responsible for any nausea-induced vomiting due to the shakiness of the above footage. Watch at your own risk.)


Curtis Chorizali said...

that happy hour train in the vid looks fluid, nice! seems like they have a really solid team working up there. like i always say, i gotta get out there.

Donde Estero said...

I'm sure at least 75% of our demographic recognize this Helloween song. Some might even play it in their Sony Discman on the way to class

Anonymous said...


I dont get the Super 8 h8, my Shalamar experience was ass compared to the pimpin Supa8! (And McDonalds is right next door!)