VVC Force 2009 Video is Murderous

VVC Force regularly kills it with all sorts of shit. Its like TheComeUpBMX but where everyone is actually just having fun and likes each other. This video is awesome. Makes me want to put my 20 on the shelf and spend more time on the big bike.

VVC FORCE 09 from Paul Chupakabura on Vimeo.


This Outta Be Good For Bike-Auto Relations...

Bar - check
30 liters of beer - check
karaoke machine - check
assload of annoying drunk tourists - pretty damn sure that's a check too

"Riding a bike while having a beer is simply amazing," Karsten says as they blast Eye of the Tiger from the karaoke machine. "It's a new and unique way to see Amsterdam."

Ya know, i like biking, i like drinking while biking. hell, i even like eye of the tiger. put i'm pretty sure this whole scene sounds like torture for everyone involved except for the drunks on board.

I mean, it's a cool idea, but the description of shirtless drunken tourists screaming and driving an extreme tandem is a bit of a nightmare.

Check the article here

Tone down the jock-core aspect, and I think I'd be down. I'm sure it could be done right. Hmm, Bikekill anyone.

Any thoughts??



Damn, The Holiday Season Is Over And I Didn't Get What I Wanted!!!

Close Call

amazingly, this did not result in a flat, and was probably in the tire for at least 2-3 miles. i didn't notice until i was putting air in a few days later for the next ride....

and yes, i do need some new tires like noboby's business!

Bad Day

HAHA! :) Happy upcoming 2010 yall!


January Turrbotax With Matt Shadetek And All The Free Asahi You Can Drank

First Turrbotax of 2010. Come on out to cheer on C-Sick and the crew.

Happy Holidays From The Staff


fun on bike v1


Custom Bike Art

if a picture is worth a thousand words, the following is 23k worth...

custom bike decor by Ascyltus (Phx,AZ)

sorry for the pic overload, just wanted to get all the details in.


Do juggalos know no bounds to their stupidity

Methinks not.

Animal Promo Video?

Yeah, I had my eye on that jacket too

Tupac shows you how to do it

Pretty straight forward. Not the most sophisticated technique, but the damn kid was in his early twenties and we here at C2D offices are known to cut slack.


Trouble And Bass + Mishka Holiday Party This Friday

If anyone is out and about, swing on thru and buy an intern a beer.

new (and old) boondocks video

Cold Out

Anyone still biking out there? I'm not talking to you Florida and South of France kids, I'm talking to ya'll NYC, Chicago, Denver cats - its fuckin cold out.
I think I'm finally ready to pick up my first face/ski mask for bike riding so my face doesn't fall off. I already have thermal base layer, its time to protect the dome.
So, winter riders, got any suggestions as to what is the BEST facemask to buy? Leave some ideas in the comments, pleeeze!


Red Dead Redemption

New game from Rockstar, creators of GTA, dropping this April. I'll let the trailer do the talking. Oh I'm on it.

Jam Like A Tec With Correct Techniques

Gangster rapper cd hustlers have taken it to the next step. In order to prove their gangsterness, they stage shootouts with police in Time Square complete with Mac-10s and shocked tourists. Too bad dude had to get killed by the NYPD, this could have launched his career. I mean, all you really gotta do is flash the Mac-10, and most people will get the point.
Read More Here

It's got folks talking. Here is a discussion here mentioning it and offering tips on shooting better, as well as a little history.
"Think you can out smart a bullet??"

Check out more from his group Square Free, bunch of youtube shit out there. and on myspace - http://www.myspace.com/squarefreebox

In Case You Don't Already Have Enough Nightmares....


Anson at the Banks

Anson is putting down a few lines at Brooklyn Banks. Check out YoWelli for more info on his new co and his blog. Really need to hit up the banks a few more times before they shut most of the spot down for half a god damn decade.


Benz or a Beema

Some of that Southerplayalisticadilacfunkymusic for dat ass like it never left.

Htown Skatepark

Haven't been to Hackettstown skatepark in forever. Its out there in dirty jerz, about an hour or so from BKNY C2D HQ BOOM. Went there a dozen times in 2005-2006 and then stopped, because..... I really don't have a good reason for that one. Over the past few years they remodeled it a bit, added some sweet new ramps. I must must must go there immediately. Maybe this week? Deffinately next. Check out the lil vid below to see the new setup - excited for all the new stuff.


Fearless Vampire Killers

Two questions need to be asked in life.
1). How long does pcp stay in yer system and
2). What is the best way to defend yer family from vampires?

First thing that comes to my mind is Dwight from The Office. Nope, this one involves a naked man with a shotgun. Christmas came early for this kansas city family i guess.

Thats why i limit my pcp use to days when im allowed to act crazy, like new years, halloween, and mothers day.


Mo Money Mo Money Mo Money

The bread, the cheese, and the dough. Three major food groups. Until we manage a way to squat the internet, it's gonna be an issue. Now, I know we come off as a baller ass company, and we are. Just ask our interns, our office party had a baller ass spread of assorted fruits and cheeses. But little things like rent, we just don't like to contribute to, being the forward thinkers that we are, we are fighting a battle against the system, and this is our form of resistance.

Actually that baller ass spread cost a bit too much, and now we need some $$$.

We asked the world for advice, and it looks like we are gonna need some coin rollers. Pull those crowbars out of retirement boys, yer gonna earn that Edible Arrangements the old fashioned way, by vandalizing vending machines...

Sell candy on the subway 4 (25%)
Open a daycare in our office 4 (25%)
Door to door knive sales/armed robbery 3 (18%)
exotic pet smuggling 3 (18%)
Nigerian prince emails 2 (12%)
Operation Vending Machine Liberation 6 (37%)
Get better ads 6 (37%)
Closet moonshine stills 5 (31%)
Herb garden for fun and profit 5 (31%)
Sell collection of Clay Aiken memorabilia 2 (12%)
Open a boutique store 5 (31%)
Fake H1N1 vaccine scam 4 (25%)
Take back beer bottles for deposit 4 (25%)
Sell our cd's in front of Fat Beats 3 (18%)

Something about ads too, but thats not really as fun. Anyone wanna buy ad space. we'll host a banner ad for a year for a pepperidge farm sausage basket.

Post BMX Shop Moving

Just read on the Post Bike Blog that the shop is moving to 257 Varet St in Bushwick. Eventhough its a bit sad they are leaving Williamsburg, this works out for me, since it will now be 10 blocks away from my crib. Lovely.

C2D Encourages This

Attention to companies out there - if you want us at C2D to snap pictures of your window displays - make sure to involve some sort of motorcycles hanging from cables. We approve of stuff like that. And oh, make sure your store is right next to our Dumbo HQ.


Coffee Monday

Seems like its going to be one of those coffee monday mornings. Piles of tasks to get through require that certain boost of juice only coffee can provide. Do you like coffee? Do you drink it first thing in the morning? Are we here at C2D HQ all alone on this?


I Love Sarah Jane

i guess this has been on the web for over a year, but i just stumbled across it....

there is possibly a full-length film in the works...i think it would be WAY better than Zombieland, which i was pretty disappointed by.

props to Slashfilm.com, my new favorite site


Save The Banks

So, if ya'll been paying attention, I'm sure your aware that the city is aiming to close up shop on the Brooklyn Banks. Well, not permanently, just for a year or 4 (2014 actually). They assure us the time will go by like christmas break and no one will really notice.

Evidently this is the only area where DOT can set up a staging area, but I'm sure they can be convinced otherwise. Now, I'm not suggesting Molotov's and other extreme measures. I'm just sayin we contact the NYC Dept of Transportation Press Secretary and say "hey mister, this is a very important spot to us, us being the "action sports community," and without it i'll just be sitting around playing video games, gaining weight, until i pick up heroin, and then losing the weight, and then more than likely committing crimes and costing waaaaay more in tax payer money. "

I mean, you don't have to use the story i did, but you get the point.

All kidding aside, the more people that contact him the better chance we have of making sure that any work done near/at skate spots is done in a manner that keeps the community that uses the space in mind.

Lets do it!! Everybody email this guy and tell him not to close the banks Press Secretary at NYC Department of Transportation.

Seth Solomonow
All the content below per 5boro:

“As far as timeline this is the deal (approx dates): Jan 15, 2010 until 4-6 months later- both overpasses that go over the banks area will be covered and
painted (pretty much entire banks area from Pearl to Rose streets will be closed and off limits). Once overpasses are painted(approx summer 2010)- the north ramp(ramp furthest away from the bridge itself) will be uncovered and the area that is not used for staging will be open.

Below: shows the area that will be closed for the 4 years after they paint the overpasses. Everything to the left of the red line will be behind a temporary wall (the line goes all the way to Rose street- that is the closed road between the big banks and the small banks) This will pretty much make the actual “banks” unrideable because as we all know it is very difficult to ride them from such an extreme angle.
The image below: which shows the entire area that will be used for “staging” (the grayed out area) during the 4 years. I highlighted in red the area that would be great NOT to have staging in which would allow the banks to be used pretty much as it is used on a regular basis. It’s a pretty small space compared to the total project area. I have requested that DOT try to change this area into an area that is NOT used for staging and to me that would be huge.
I know there is nothing we can do about the Banks being closed for the 6 months starting January 15th because that work/painting must be done but I feel as if we should still have an ongoing conversation with the DOT to try and get the red space so that the banks don’t need to be closed for 4 years. I will keep you updated on what DOT says about this and they said they will take it into consideration but nothing can be decided this early on in the project.
I will also be researching possibilities with the Landmarks Preservation Commission to try and get the banks Landmarked and I think with our network of people we could show a great reason for doing so.”
Seriously, keep it official. dont call up being all "i'm gonna put heat to the side of your face like ear muffs" or "i'ma make you lose fluid like you dropped an aquarium."

post yer thoughts in the comments