Jam Like A Tec With Correct Techniques

Gangster rapper cd hustlers have taken it to the next step. In order to prove their gangsterness, they stage shootouts with police in Time Square complete with Mac-10s and shocked tourists. Too bad dude had to get killed by the NYPD, this could have launched his career. I mean, all you really gotta do is flash the Mac-10, and most people will get the point.
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It's got folks talking. Here is a discussion here mentioning it and offering tips on shooting better, as well as a little history.
"Think you can out smart a bullet??"

Check out more from his group Square Free, bunch of youtube shit out there. and on myspace - http://www.myspace.com/squarefreebox

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Anonymous said...

i wonder if anyone told the dude that "motherfukin" is a really weak filler word to use again and again.

i sure been told that.....