This Outta Be Good For Bike-Auto Relations...

Bar - check
30 liters of beer - check
karaoke machine - check
assload of annoying drunk tourists - pretty damn sure that's a check too

"Riding a bike while having a beer is simply amazing," Karsten says as they blast Eye of the Tiger from the karaoke machine. "It's a new and unique way to see Amsterdam."

Ya know, i like biking, i like drinking while biking. hell, i even like eye of the tiger. put i'm pretty sure this whole scene sounds like torture for everyone involved except for the drunks on board.

I mean, it's a cool idea, but the description of shirtless drunken tourists screaming and driving an extreme tandem is a bit of a nightmare.

Check the article here

Tone down the jock-core aspect, and I think I'd be down. I'm sure it could be done right. Hmm, Bikekill anyone.

Any thoughts??

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