Mo Money Mo Money Mo Money

The bread, the cheese, and the dough. Three major food groups. Until we manage a way to squat the internet, it's gonna be an issue. Now, I know we come off as a baller ass company, and we are. Just ask our interns, our office party had a baller ass spread of assorted fruits and cheeses. But little things like rent, we just don't like to contribute to, being the forward thinkers that we are, we are fighting a battle against the system, and this is our form of resistance.

Actually that baller ass spread cost a bit too much, and now we need some $$$.

We asked the world for advice, and it looks like we are gonna need some coin rollers. Pull those crowbars out of retirement boys, yer gonna earn that Edible Arrangements the old fashioned way, by vandalizing vending machines...

Sell candy on the subway 4 (25%)
Open a daycare in our office 4 (25%)
Door to door knive sales/armed robbery 3 (18%)
exotic pet smuggling 3 (18%)
Nigerian prince emails 2 (12%)
Operation Vending Machine Liberation 6 (37%)
Get better ads 6 (37%)
Closet moonshine stills 5 (31%)
Herb garden for fun and profit 5 (31%)
Sell collection of Clay Aiken memorabilia 2 (12%)
Open a boutique store 5 (31%)
Fake H1N1 vaccine scam 4 (25%)
Take back beer bottles for deposit 4 (25%)
Sell our cd's in front of Fat Beats 3 (18%)

Something about ads too, but thats not really as fun. Anyone wanna buy ad space. we'll host a banner ad for a year for a pepperidge farm sausage basket.

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Anonymous said...

This ain't for the love of Ray J, it's for the love of the AK, cuz you could get scratched like AJ