Cold Out

Anyone still biking out there? I'm not talking to you Florida and South of France kids, I'm talking to ya'll NYC, Chicago, Denver cats - its fuckin cold out.
I think I'm finally ready to pick up my first face/ski mask for bike riding so my face doesn't fall off. I already have thermal base layer, its time to protect the dome.
So, winter riders, got any suggestions as to what is the BEST facemask to buy? Leave some ideas in the comments, pleeeze!


contakt said...

I biked today. WAY too cold. My ankle and hands were freezing, as was my face. Dunno about this whole winter biking thing. Plus I think it's irresponsible (at least for my skill level) on a fixed in the event of slush or ice.

Curtis Chorizali said...

yea, i'd imagine fixed/ice/slush dont mix.
i hope you got gloves - thats a must. and long socks.

i know cold biking sucks, but so does over packed subway with puffy coated rude people :)

Gatito Terristo said...

I bought a neoprene face mask similar to the one pictured. haven't tested it out on the bike yet buts its cheap, $5-$7 at any of the gift shops/hat sellers and of decent quality. the one i have only covers the lower half of the face, including the nose... the same thing packs of street kids wear when they try to rob you.