The Food Life V42 - Memorial Day Quickie

Those are some delicious burgers with Feta cheese, Shiitake mushrooms and Bacon mixed right in, on some garlic butter English muffins. Truly Epic. Some sweet chilli marinated chicken on there too. Yum.

Porter Cycles

A few weeks back, as I was cruising through Bushwick on the way to the C2D Shirt printshop I came across a curious looking cycling apparatus. Owner of which, Thomas Porter of Porter Cycles, was performing cycling stunts and tricks. It was impressive so I struck a conversation and used my digital technology to capture a few images. Below is the presentation of said imagery. Enjoy. A video was also captured - more on that later.

Corporate Reprimand

Well, apparently, at some point the corporate fat cats at C2D HQ asked themselves why I'm gettin paid six figures to contribute an average of one post per 2 months. So...I'm bein flown away from glorious sunny AZ to grimy NYC for a scolding, and to attend some "team-building" seminars...

Pictured: Accatone (in his REI catalog pose...) sayin "You want me to fly Where...?!?!"

So heads up NYC...it's about to get crazy up in this bitch.


Weather is back - July 2007

Time to bring daily street rides back. Hop curbs, son. V-digit, Anson, Wormz.

Pics by Mr. Arava


From Brooklyn To Manhattan

With a little Grolsh in between.


Why I'm Gonna Go Ride Today V23

Poconos, PA - April 11

Little getaway with oodles of eats and drank. C2D in the building. Somehow we ran out of beer the very next day. Good times!


EARLY morning is the best time of the day

Spotted this on Cycleangelo. I love this time of morning. I need to remind myself to wake up EVEN earlier then I already do, just to not miss moments like this.

Nigel killing it!

P.S. I see you Lady Gaga'ing it with a lil beats by dre sneak in there. Ha! Not bad!


Illmind Beat Making

Why I'm Gonna Go Ride Today V22

Yes, you will see this everywhere in the next day or two - and you better watch it everywhere you see it - it's that awesome. I'm am SOOO hopping at least 38 curbs this afternoon. No rain can stop me. All these haters are saying that Nike ruined the pool and took it away from the old people looking to exercise - bah! The building was due for demolition, and Nike just using it for a month more for something awesome. After this took place, the ramps are open to public - wish I could be there to cruise around.

C2D Italy, France and Spain Excursion

Preparations are already in the works for the annual C2D excursion abroad. Rome, Venice, Florence, San Sebastian, Monte Carlo. As always, I was the only one from the whole C2D team to bite the bullet and jump on this assignment. There are still a few months before the trip, but plans are already in place and in full swing. Expect a full report when the time comes.

C2D Koozie in Action

Nothing makes us happier then having you guys send in photos of our C2D Beer Cozies in action. Keep emailing us those pics - and keep drinking them yummy beverages nice and cold. Tasty selection of beers by the way, and a classy blade. Was this a one man job?

Bikes By George

This guy right here is a joke. Clearly acting guilty, yelling and pushing, putting his hands on someone while on camera just to make matters worse. Not thinking too clearly, Dominic, eh?

I used to live 2 blocks away so I would often pass by this mess of a bike shop after scoring some brews and charcoal and think to myself "poor people who don't know any better about bikes and make the mistake of thinking anything can be repaired at a place like this". Dusty piles of old parts surrounded by overpriced junky stolen bikes. This guy is a winner. Hopefully he'll be out of business shortly. I also love the youtube comments, people defending this scumbag - riiiight....

Funny how this post is right above the post below about Gerald, who is one of the best mechanics in NYC that I know of. How does a shitty place like Bikes by George even stay in business is beyond me.


Gerald and Racer's Edge

Gerald, we all miss your Racers Edge, man! However, it was nice to see you yesterday even though it was at another shop. Still hoping and wishing you reopen somewhere else!!!

June 2006 - Street Ride

After sessioning Riverside Skatepark for a bit, Anson, Yoni and I continued the ride with a little street/Central Park session. Photos by Yonathan Arava