C2D Beer Cozies are here for you!

It has finally happened. C2D has been keeping its index and middle fingers on the radial artery of the world for long enough to feel its pulse like a Kongo drum - and we determined what YOU will need for the 2011 season and beyond. A BEER COZIE!

That's right, no longer will you need to pound your beer at the trails/streets/parks for the fear of it getting warm - nor will you have to hide it away so its not seen and pounded for you (camo, son). No longer will the beer can get frozen to your wrist during your North Pole excursion. No longer will an animal you've been tracking for days through the forests of Tundra be frightened away due to the fact that your beer exposed your position. We got you.

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we present to you C2D Beer Cozies. Sure, you might call them koozies, cozys, coosies, huggies - more on that later in our poll. Whatever you call them, you KNOW you need one. To the right you will find our Online store - rush over there to order some for cool $4 bucks. That is less then a price of a beer unless you drink that cheap shit (we do), then it's less then a price of a six pack AND it will last you many lifetimes. Just imagine your grandsons joy as he wears it on his head as an infant and years later throws back his first brewsky in style? You can't put a price on that. Well, we did - it's 4 dollars - with free shipping. Get one now.

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