What Do You Do To People That Can Do This Kind Of Stuff

Pretty fucked up and graphic. Brazil critical mass ride attacked by road rager in a VW last Friday. At least 20 injured.

Dumb shit

Why I'm Gonna Ride Today Volume 7: 2012 Edition

Clearly the Mayans were right


Shook Guns Part 7

Shook Guns Part 7:
Vehicle Emergency Kit

In addition to a spare tire, jumper cables, and some bungee cords, there are some basic necessities one should keep in their vehicle at all times; particularly if they spend a lot of time alone in the less-civilized parts of the world. I have a few items in the trunk that most people would consider practical: hoodie, warm jacket, baseball cap, toilet paper, etc. I also always pack a Cold Steel Spetznaz Shovel, which is a pretty wicked tool for splitting skulls, rendering limbs useless, and hell....it works as a shovel too!

(and it's good for destroying old entertainment centers...)

I generally always carry a handgun on my person, and usually tote an AR15 with me when I'm on a roadtrip. But when you're packing in a hurry, or just happen upon a random excursion, it's good to know that there's always a little "backup" in case you need it.
Hence, the Vehicle Emergency Kit:

Tucked away in the wheel well under the trunk bed, it's pretty much out of sight even if someone goes through your car pretty thoroughly (assuming they're looking to steal, not searcing for hidden guns/drugs/babies etc...).

Pelican 1150 Case, shown with Blackberry 9650 for size comparison:

Waterproof and airtight, there is no concern for the elements affecting the contents:

So what we have in the compact little bundle is a loaded Glock 17 (we all have a few spare Glocks laying around right?), 2 extra mags (51rds total), and 4 AR15 mags (120rds total). Unfortunately, there is not an AR15 tucked away in there. In the past I have rolled with a semi-permanent "Trunk Gun" in a rifle case, but it's just too obvious: if someone breaks into your car, they're gonna see it (and take it), whereas a spare handgun is a bit more discreet. So assuming you packed your "Camping Rifle" to go up-north anyways, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you have 120 spare rounds stashed away.

Not exactly my choice for a "Go To War" kit, but this should be enough to deter a small mob, or at least persuade the neighboring campsite to shut their kids the fuck up:


I'm Not Sure If He Knows Karate, But I'm Pretty Sure He Knows Crazy

I'm not sure if any of ya'll caught this little story, but well worth the read.

Postal worker suspect in assault on police officer
Spit feces during a breath test, affidavit says
February 23, 2011 - 12:01 am
By Shane Benjamin Herald Staff Writer

A Durango post office employee is accused of spitting his feces on a police officer after being arrested on suspicion of drunken driving.  Paul Andrew Kausalik, 61, of Durango is suspected of felony assault, driving under the influence and criminal mischief.  He is free on a personal-recognizance bond, meaning he didn’t have to pay anything but agrees to make future court appearances.  Kausalik is a highly visible figure at the Durango post office, 222 W. Eighth St. He works as a retail associate helping customers with their stamps and postal needs. He is a 31-year veteran of the U.S. Postal Service and has been working with the U.S. Postal Service in Durango since 1982, said Al DeSarro, the service’s spokesman for Colorado.

He remained employed with the service as of Tuesday.

According to an arrest affidavit, the events began at 11:59 p.m. Feb. 11 when a Durango Police Department officer observed a vehicle turn right onto 32nd Street from Main Avenue without using a turn signal.  The officer, Chad Langley, pulled Kausalik over on County Road 251, the extension of 32nd Street between Holly Avenue and East Animas Road (County Road 250).  While speaking to Kausalik, the officer detected alcohol on his breath, according to the affidavit.  Kausalik said he had not been drinking.

Kausalik performed voluntary roadside maneuvers, but not to Langley’s satisfaction, the affidavit says.

A preliminary breath test indicated he had a blood-alcohol level of 0.142, almost three times the 0.05 legal driving limit in Colorado.  Langley arrested Kausalik and took him to the Durango police station, 990 East Second Ave., for a formal breath test.  At the station, Kausalik asked to use the restroom.

Officer Langley twice found Kausalik asleep in the restroom.

He told Kausalik he could not stay in the restroom all night to avoid the breath test, and he needed to either take the test or choose a refusal.  Kausalik eventually left the bathroom looking at the floor, walking toward the officer.  Langley asked Kausalik what was in his mouth, and he continued to walk toward the officer, head down and expressionless.  When Kausalik was about 4 feet from the officer, Kausalik looked up, opened his mouth and took a deep breath.

“As I observed what he had in his mouth, I took a step back and began turning my head as he violently spit the contents of his mouth toward my face,” officer Langley wrote in the affidavit. “I felt the matter strike the left side of my face and head.”

Kausalik also had feces on his hands, the affidavit says.

He was restrained and taken to the La Plata County Jail and booked on suspicion of felony assault on a police officer.  Durango police Capt. Micki Browning said there are health concerns whenever an officer comes into contact with bodily fluids.  “I just get floored sometimes, the treatment our officers endure in the course of business,” she said. “It’s a reminder of what our guys go through and the things we do to keep the public safe. This is not something that is listed on any job description.”  Kausalik did not return a phone call left Tuesday at the Durango post office. He also did not return a phone call left at his home.

Formal charges are expected to be filed March 4 by the 6th Judicial District Attorney’s Office.


TURRBOTAX® Friday Feb 25th With Karizma And Martin Kemp

Friday, February 25th, 10pm – 4am
The Cove

106 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg BKNY (btw Berry & Wythe)
FREE before 11pm, $5 btw 11pm and Midnight, $7 after Midnight
FREE Asahi Beer from 11pm – 12am
Karizma (R2 / Defected – Baltimore, MD)
Martin Kemp (Blunted Robots – London, UK)
Space Jam (formerly Video City)
Rem Koolhaus

Its gonna be a banger


Videos From SF Beer Week 2011

It was something like that, there will plenty of coverage to follow as soon as we can locate our cameras


Fun'n'Games Vol 14 - Dead Island

Never heard of this game before this, but this trailer is def making me want to pick it up day one. ZOMBIES!!! Accatone, you need that PS3, homie!

Volume Thrasher aka see yall soon!

I know its a fixed freestyle ride, but it sure looks like a fun commuter to me. Damn it, if I didn't have my Subrosa I would pick this puppy up.

P.S. C2D is on a bit of a vacation for a few days. See ya'll soon enough with mad updates!


Why I'm gonna go ride today: vol 6 - Street WhiteStyle

I want to ride.

hangoutkid - slow motion

hangoutkid is a local favorite here at C2D. Always in the lab, always cooking up something marvelous, always inspiring. Its a treat every time something new pops up from the infamous hangoutkid!

Slow Motion by hangoutkid

2011 Red Hook Crit

This race is man-sized: Racing track bikes around the winter-addled cobblestone mess that are the streets of Red Hook in the middle of the night. This race has been going a few years now and has recently grown to international status, with a version of it run last year in Milano, Italy.

The official word:
The Red Hook Criterium is an unsanctioned bicycle race through a desolate post-industrial area of Brook­lyn. Track bikes are mandatory and the field consists of elite level roadies, bike messengers, and urban cyclists. The race distance is 20 laps around a .75 mile circuit which features several hairpin turns, a technical chicane, a cobblestone stretch, and a sprint finish. The Red Hook Criterium has developed a new and unique style of cycling event which combines the underground art of street racing with the intensity of high level com­petition in a fun spectator friendly atmosphere. First held in 2008, the Red Hook Criterium has quickly become established as a prestigious and much-loved event in both the local community and greater cycling world.

Think ye the stones for this? Sign up here.

The WD40 Test

Nowday you just never know how you'll get rich. A few years ago I had an amazing business idea. Imagine the scenario. You might buy a toy, thinking its flame resistant the whole time, and then one day.... ooops, its on fire and it melts right on down. What a waste! Wouldn't it be nice to know ahead of time if something you buy can withstand a wicked WD40 test?? The photos below are from a series of tests that were done. This particular test revealed that tiny little plastic Honda motorcycles tend to melt into a puddle after swift experimentation. The business never took off.

Travis Pastrana NASCAR Launch

I'm thrilled. As a huge fan of motorsports of all kinds I've always wanted to get into NASCAR, an often misunderstood discipline. As a huge fan of anything Travis Pastrana does I make sure to watch anything he does on two or four wheels. NASCAR and Travis combined will be mindblowing. I'm positive that he will make serious marks amongst top ranks and will attract a whole new audience to the sport.  Can't wait to see him.

We Are Family


Thats what I get

For getting one of these cheap plasticy Bodum coffee presses instead of a real deal metal one with replaceable cups. Ugh. This mornings coffee turned to a shattered disaster with a misplaced arm flail. Note to self: Do not save $$$ on shit that you love.

Here is the number to my therapist...

...tell him all your problems, he's fuckin awesome at listening.

The First Thing That I'm Doing there is Buying a Knife

That right there is a quote from Accatone of the Shook Guns fame. The C2D NYC HQ has sent some of our team out to the West Coast to reunite with the AZ chapter, to get into trouble and then write about it. Don't bother coming back without a Police report. And try to have fun too.


Group Home Bikes: Dusting off the ramps

Ben Soto Ramp park in Staten Island been snowed over all winter, and a few dedicated riders got righteous on it over the chilly weekend. We salute you! Stickers for these guys!

Read more on GroupHomeBikes. Great job!

Hillclimb Bergrennen Cours de côte Salita 2010

Looks like pretty much every single car gets worked over pretty nicely. Looks like one hell of a good time!


Shook Guns Part 6

Shook Guns Part 6:
Continued SCARification

In the last installment of Shook Guns, we were introduced to the 308 powerhouse that is the FNH SCAR-17S. After having its glorious presence in my safe for a few weeks, I realized that even after I acquired some more mags for it, I'd never shoot it as much as my 5.56mm AR15 carbines. Why? Because the majority of my shooting is either in competitions (where 308 is disadvantageous) or training classes (where the co$t of shooting 1000+ rounds in a weekend makes 308 prohibitive). So my dilemma was, I wanted to have this badass gun for the end of the world, and be proficient with it, but I knew I'd never dedicate the time and money to train with it.
The solution?
Buy another SCAR, in 5.56mm...

Luckily for me, there was recently a batch of SCAR-16s imported that had "Factory Blemished" anodizing on the upper receiver. What that means is that these 100% functional and warrantied rifles look ugly, but are several hundred dollars less than normal. I actually kind of like the blems, and the worst case scenario is it becomes a candidate for a camo paint job...

I won't go into details about the SCAR-16S because it is identical in form and function to the 17S, other than being a bit smaller and lighter. It uses standard AR15 mags (i have a few (hundred) of those laying around...), and gives me a cheaper platform to learn the nuances of the SCAR family. Fortunately, there was a Rifle/Shotgun match at Rio Salado Sportsmen's Club in Mesa AZ the day after I got this, so I was able to test it out on targets from 0 to 250 yards.
I was shooting under an alias (can't have too many of those...), but a look at the results shows me in the top 10 for every stage and overall (as well as 3rd in my division).

Video from the CQB Stage:

Random Pics from the match:

bonus vid: (suppressed full-auto M4 action)

it got hot enough to burn the finish off of his silencer:


Respect the Technique

The work has begun.

Thoughts V1

Glad I got the game I promised myself I wouldn't. Oh boy...
Can't wait to do some latenite summer ridin and curb hoppin.
That sure is shiney and icey.


C2D is for the children!

Just want to remind everyone, we got some sweet heavy duty C2D stickers for sale at our online store. They are just a 1$ each, weatherproof like that bubblegoose. Vinyl shmeals for your outdoor activities. You know you want one for your bike/midi/lappy/car. Pick them up right here!

Reminiscing the Tonic - swapping 4x lowers

It hasn't been that long, but I already miss this frame.

For the large part of my Tonic Fallguy relationship, the frame rocked a Sherman Jumper fork. Towards the last third of it, the Jumper was swapped out for a Marzocchi 4x (Nemesis tuned, sort of a big deal back in late '90s).

It originally came with white lowers, and I rode it like that for about a week, but promptly thought better of it once I got into a nasty altercation with Fashion Police. I faced serious jail time if I didn't swap out the forks white lowers for black - and not only that - disc brake tabs HAD to be shaved off. Fuck the cops.

Anyway, I don't want no trouble (double negative to confuse the law). Below is the photographic evidence from the case that I used in the court - C2D lawyer recently notified us that it's now ok for us to share them with you.