Singer 911

That is not a classic 911 Porsche. It's a new age carbon fiber monster of a replica hooked up by Singer. Amazing photo too. Want!


like 3 feet of air that time

Finally bike on the dirt -- actually back on the bike -- for the first time in months a few weekends ago. Nice easy session at the Cunningham pumptrack and the revamped Jetline. The Jetline is running smoother than ever, having come through the winter in great shape, owing to the score of volunteers who came through and rebuilt the whole line over two weekends after some assholes came through and wrecked it over Thanksgiving weekend.

I, on the other hand, did not fare so well over the winter, having spent most of it in the mouse postion at my desk at work and/or drinking beer and cursing all the snow and garbage piling up outside. Didn't have the freaking wherewithall to even make through the whole set on the Jetline, and needed to lay down in the dirt and take a nap between runs. DH season fast approaches, my DH bike is in pieces in the basement of C2D headquarters and I need to put some miles down and get a few pushups under my sagging self to get ready.

Why I'm Gonna Go Ride Today V13

Those are some of the smoothest street backflips I've ever seen. This guy is soo weightless when he lands, it's pretty much incredible. Grind your dog. 


Love Ya Life or few words with Anson Wellington

Over the weekend C2D linked up with Anson YOWELLI Wellington and ask him a few questions over a handful of Tecates. We braved the ridiculous 28 degree spring NYC weather to drink beers on the roof while dialoguing.

Your favorite part of Brooklyn to ride?
Right now its Bushwick

You recently started Yowelli. How did that name come about?
Through my friends calling me Welli, the short version of my last name. Out here everyone says Yo before everything so I liked the sound Yowelli and used it as my company’s name cause my friend would say Yo Welli when they wanted my attention. YOWELLI!!!

How is the company going?
It’s going great, there is a lot of interest in the ODBars and people are putting in orders. I have bars in every continent now and I just started making clothes so we’ll see what happens with that.

What are future plans for the company?
Yowelli is the Official MTB Street company, I’ve been doing this way before it was popular, so now and in the future Yowelli will be a portal to the NYC scene. We’ll have street components, product, gear and events so if your reading this and you’re a MTB street rider stay tuned.

I heard there was a Yowelli frame in the works? Can you tell us more about that?
That’s low key info but there will be a Yowelli frame in the near future.

How has your ODB bars been received? Any plans on doing bars without the crossbar/lower?
Everyone that owns one love them, and a lower version will be available without a crossbar.

Love the logo and the 1st T, any new designs in works?
I have some new ideas for Tees and just working out the kinks to make them a reality.

Do you get to ride as often as you want, now that you're a father?
I don’t get to ride as much but when I do its really good.

How did being a daddy change your riding life?
Everyone that was a dad when I told them I was about to join the club told me it would change my life and my outlook on life and they were absolutely right. I love my daughter and I want to spend every waking moment with her she is so much fun and as a rider she motivates me to be a little less reckless.

When did you learn to ride with no hands?
When I was 13 lol just took my hands off and pitched the seat.

What was the first trick u learned on a bicycle?
A wheelie. “ Can you do a Wheelie”….. Yes I can

What was the first bike u were really proud of?
My Endless Shortcut, it was my first custom/ signature model.

What made you start riding brakeless and with pegs?
I started running pegs and no brakes when I started to ride more with BMX riders and got into grinds. I didn’t always liked grinding, it didn’t always make sense but somehow it clicked, a different way to get down stairs, and rocking no brakes was just fun, flow and flow. It replaced stairgaps and drops for me.

I saw on some forums/blogs, both here in US and in Europe, kids referring to you as the godfather of brakeless street riding on 24s, what do you think about that?
Thank you I’m flattered.

This might be hard because I know you own a few bikes, but name ONE bike that is your very favorite?
My bike with deuce fours and no brakes hands down. It’s my most versatile bike.

You're on a deserted island with your bike and a pile of 2x4s, copping and plywood, enough for only one obstacle. What would you build?
A kicker with copping on the sides and on the top big enough so I can jump of it, grind and ride it like a bank. Yep

If you had a house with a big backyard, what would you put there?
A workshop, couple ramps, a basketball hoop, and a trampoline.

Whats your dream car and would you put a bike rack on it no matter what?
A Range with rack status fo sho.

I see you love music, are you into making music?
Yea man I got a beat I made on the Yowelli Bank sesh edit. I made that beat when I was on the injured list, mad chill style. And I’m always jamming with friends and random musicians on the drums.

Favorite food to cook? And the beer of choice while cooking it?
My lady does all my cooking for me but when I do I hook up spaghetti and meatballs... Can't mess that up, with a New Castle.

Favorite restaurant in nyc? In the world?
A chill thai restaurant on Jamaica ave in Queens. In the world? Singh’s Roti shop on Liberty ave Jamaica NY, Great Trini food

Favorite swear word or word/phrase of the moment?
Love Ya Life.

Whats your favorite riding shoe?
I’m rocking Lotek Chase foot huggas these days.

Any plans on getting a big wheel commuter bike? Fixed or single speed?
I got an IndyFab that I commute on. Singlespeed with shocks, that’s my street plower lol

How do you feel about fixed gear freestyle?
It’s a little like MTBstreet back in the day, the scene has been growing on me.

Do you travel with your bike often? Ever ride from the airport once you land?
Nah I just hail cabs, get picked up or use the metro.

Best anti Zombie defense weapon, if it comes down to it.

Dream place to ride.
Barcelona Spain , every vid from that place is awesome.

Last time you set something on fire and watched it burn?
Grow up lol

Are you into videogames? System of choice? Next game you want to cop?
Lol Ps3 and I’m hooked on GRID online but Wii table tennis is fun too got up to 1650. lmao lyl

Have you ever almost crashed/did crash on a bike because you were busy checking out a hot lady?
Nah man lol I’m focused.

Worst bike injury?
Knee Sh*t that’s crazy

Any final words for the internets about Yowelli and Anson Wellington?
Thank you for all your support, I really appreciate it. It brings validity to what I do when another rider lets me know how much they like my bars. Keep on riding and Love Ya Life.

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Get Filthy

Dirty Gopro action. We like you.

Street Sesh

With a little help from Tony Hawk and his American Wasteland we went out over the weekend to session some streets. Good times.


ARCHIE PELAGO & Friends... w/ C-Sick and Blind Prophet

Let's see, BYOB... check, no cover.... check, grill.... check.   I'm sold, I'll see you there.

"The debut of the Archie + Friends show at the friendly neighborhood Launchpad in Crown Heights on April 1, 2011. With a no-pressure attitude and relaxed vibe, The Launchpad is the perfect home for a new forum of live and DJ performance in Brooklyn. Having the party at a low-key venue is critical for cultivating an intimate vibe between party-goers and performers alike. The "friends" concept is huge here-- Archie will be handpicking some fresh talent from their close network of DJs and performers to come help them rock the party. Since we also TRUST our friends, expect to hear anything and everything-- no holds barred selections across the spectrum."

 8-10pm: Cosmo D solo set + surprises
10pm-11:30: Archie Pelago
11:30-1 C-Sick
1-?: Blind Prophet

*Shit is FREE
*BBQ -- grill in the back, bring some grill-ables to grill. on the early side.

Archie Pelago is a 3 piece set (cello, sax, turntable, ableton, lots of efx pedals and shit) that put together some nice sounds.   You can check out some of their work HERE.   But you should def check em out live.


The Art of Flight

Ever since Brain Farm acquired some phantom cameras, I was sure they would put out something truly epic.

This Friday in Detroit Wildlife Returns to The Old Miami

This Friday - Wildlife returns to Detroit and The Old Miami for another night of Global Bass Music.
This month we are featuring local Dubstep and Jungle hero - Satta Don Dada (Snake Pillage Productions/ Alibi Crew).
You can hear him here:

Latest tracks by Dj Satta Don Dada

In addition to Satta you can count on Ruckus, Mitch Manchild, and James Shepard to bring you the best in bass driven dance music. This event is 21+ and $3 cover starting at 10pm. Satta Don Dada is playing an early set so plan on getting here early if you don't want to miss out. Check out the facebook event here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/event.php?eid=198336626855517

Fun' n'Games V:15 - Battleblock Theatre

I dont know what this game is about, nor do I care. What I do know is that its from creators of Castlecrashers - which was amazingly fun. Even if you are not a gamer, watch the trailer below for nothing more then an entertaining story telling experience that wraps you up like a warm blanket. :) Instant buy for me!

The Food Life: V38 - Costa Rica

Costa Rica was delicious. In NYC you won't catch me eating rice and beans every day, but in Costa Rica daily Casado was a treat, every, damn, time. Hunger and blood/alcohol levels often stopped us from documenting every delicious bite, but below are a few samples. All sorts of goodies. Please enjoy and comment if you like it!

This simple plate below was THE HIGHLIGHT of the whole trip. I don't know what it was but this was by far some of the best time I've ever had with food. Casado Carne en Salsa wins!


Mushroom Pizza Party!

About 10 years ago C2D catered a mushroom pizza party for our Top 8 Myspace friends. Initially everyone complained of a slight belly discomfort, but minutes later it was all smiles.


mnmlist.com - i like this guy and been on a get-rid-of-everything-i-don't-need kick. Try it.


Fun'n'Games Vol 15: Touchgrind BMX

I've never bought anything form the iPhone App store, but this might be the first thing I do buy. Looks pretty damn sweet. Day one!

2005 - Incline Trip w Gid, DOC, bent DJ's

Nice rainy morning back in October '05, 7:30am. Gid was nice enough to drive out to my hood to scoop me and my fresh DOC up to go session Incline skatepark in Jersey. Towards the end of the day Gid managed to dump his ride and bend his steel Marz Dirt Jumper fork. Brutal. I sure miss the good days.

Pardon the sideways pics :)

Pharoahe Monch - Clap

This is what real hiphop is like. Even if you're a vicious underground hipster, give this a listen, you might enjoy.


Numbers. x TURRBOTAX® This Friday In Brooklyn

Friday, March 25th, 10pm – 4am
The Cove

108 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg BKNY (btw Berry & Wythe)
FREE before 11pm, $5 btw 11pm and Midnight, $7 after Midnight
FREE Asahi Beer from 11pm – 12am
Jackmaster [Glasgow / Numbers]
Deadboy [London / Numbers]
Nelson [Glasgow / Numbers]
Rem Koolhaus [TURRBOTAX®]
Contakt [TURRBOTAX® / Local Action]
Space Jam [TURRBOTAX®]
Mayster [TURRBOTAX®]
Facebook Invite RSVP
21+ NO KIDS.

Want to hear more from Jackmaster?  Check this mix for URB he did last fall.