Why I'm Gonna Ride Today v40

It's a sunny day out there, cold, but sunny. And now that I live 2 minutes away from Mccarren Park and 1 minute away from a ill new quarter we just built, there is no excuse for not getting a quick lil sesh in. Ride!

New York City

Even after living here for over a decade the feeling of novelty and grandeur never wears off. I often pause and think about living in this town, the greatest city in the world. The one that everyone wants to visit, but most would hate to live in. Me - I can't imagine living anywhere else. The locations chosen coupled with the post processing in these photos makes our town look all shiny and pretty, and it is (or at least thats how I see it in my brainy brain). Whatever you want, whenever you want, and then some. I love NY.

P.S. - what kind of cheese would you like with this post?

Skateboards and Fire


Best Of Cel Phone Pics V19

 "Safety First"

 "The Hotel"
 "Protected by SCAT"

 "best christmas everrrrrr"

 "best use of an old xmas tree"

 "attention all ladies"


Gangrene Always Comes Thru With The Creative Shit

Oh No and Alchemist, be sure to check out their last project too

Superb Sprint

Saw this machine on the internets. What a lovely bicycle. I love this simple basic setup. Not often just looking at a stationary bike makes you want to run out and ride, but this most certainly does. Wish it wasn't sloppy wet out and wish I had some free time this weekend - would love to go for a super long ride.


TURRBOTAX® w/ Mosca, Altered Natives and Braille

Friday, January 27th, 10pm – 4am
@ The Cove 

108 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg BKNY (btw Berry & Wythe)
FREE before 11pm, $5 btw 11pm and Midnight, $10 after Midnight
FREE Sixpoint Beer from 11pm [till it runs out!]
Mosca [ ✈ London → Numbers → Night Slugs]
Altered Natives [ ✈ London → Eye4Eye]
Braille [ Hotflush → Rush Hour ]
Rem Koolhaus

Space Jam
Facebook Invite HERE.
No Party Photography / No MCs / No Crying / No Cellphone Reception / No asking about set times

Why I'm Gonna Ride Today V39

This first video is 41 or so minutes and probably deserves its own post, but there are alot of videos out there, so might as well post 3. The first vid is some serious bmx action from Russia. Too much fun. A must watch, check it out.


Russian Rappings and HipHops V1

A new series here on C2D. I always post up Russian Hiphops and Rappings, but now I'm going to organize them under this lil series. That is all. Kasta. Karandash. Assai times two.

These are my people. I fucks with them. They talk to me and tell me about life. I guess I been really feeling these guys lately not only because I can relate to the content but the wordplay and the highly poetic nature of their descriptive powers gets me thinking. This is not your typical hiphop, these dudes are real wordcrafters, they write masterpieces. Inspiring.  I should write more rappings in Russian my damn self.

Burs Burs, Rifles Burs

Fun'n'Games v29 - Max Payne 3 + SSX

Between the new mechanics and physics of the gameplay and destructive environments this undoubtedly seems like one hell of a ride.  May can not come soon enough. Rockstar doesn't play - hopefully this can hold us over until GTA5. (JR, this one might get you a bit too excited!)

And then there is SSX. Pretty much anyone who bought a PS2 had this game as it was one of the only games available when PS2 came out. Now its time for it to shine on PS3. A keeper.


The Food Life v50 x Cellphone Pics

Been a long time since our last Food Life post, but that doesn't mean that we stopped cooking and eating. Often, in the moment of intense hunger there is no time to reach for the Nikon and a telephone photograph will have to do. Below is a swift assortment from the past few weeks.

We got delicious lunch truck tacos. Meatballs/risotto/Parmesan and roasted tomatoes from the Meatball Shop. Soup and half sandwich from a lil cafe in Dumbo. Spicy lamb cumin flat noodles from Xi'an Famous Foods. Lil turkey/jack/tomato/romaine on wheat. A pastrie of sorts from god knows where. A sausage/pepperoni/prosciutto Stromboli from Forinos. Lil big steak with tomatoes and Italian peppers. A lil Pho with beef, spicy as shit. Dollar dumplings from el China town. And a roasted peppers/chicken/fresh mozzarella pizza from some bombass spot in 'burg.

Food life is back in a major way.


Donuts Are Forever Party

Been going to every one of these since 07, always a great time. Always walk away with a dope T made right in front of you.

Game changer

I guess this is on every design blog out there for like past year. I just ordered 3 of these and they will change my life. Or at least how I charge my digital cellular telephone.


Sweet Vehicles

Saw these beasts on the street. So baaad.

Madlib & Freddie Gibbs


Why Im Gonna Go Ride v38

Little clown bikes, silly hipster bikes. Everyone is having fun. What is this world coming to?? I know what! Soon enough there will be not enough room for everyone to live in Williamsburg and people will be forced to take it to the guns. Street warfare for a curb or a loading dock to ride. Stock up on your ammo. When WW3 starts (Williamsburg War 3) I know I will be ready.


New Raekwon Mixtape - Unexpected Victory

This is nice, I'm happy with this.    As long as I get a few good songs off of a mixtape, and there's no dj talking an shit all over it, I'm good.    Especially when you get songs like this:


Best of Cellphone pics v18

Ttax sighting, pink cases, pickle guys, grime, dah shop, dumpling spot, south street seaport, manhattan, box man, bike parking. All in a days work.