Just one of those days

You know how sometimes you're having an amazing day, one that just can't get any better and then BOOM, it does. Oh yes it does, and it did. Came across this lil number on a routine velociped scouting of the nearby neighborhoods.

Sure, you say, big whoop, its from 2011. Ok, good point, but think "outside" the box, dummy. This is quality. And I don't mean quality like "ooooh, good shit, yo" - I mean quality as in a fresh new Chautauqua that you came up with all on your own, with no help from the likes of Poincaré or Phaedrus. Pure Zen, I tell you, whether or not you have a motorcycle to maintain, artfully.

Needless to say, one of my friends or associates, not sure who yet, is going to be cats pajamas with footsies about this shit when presented with a Holiday gift of such emotional magnitude. Happy upcoming good days, or at least day, since only the moon and the stars know about this end of the world biz.


2012 Red Bull Rampage

This event is always bananas, and this year was no exceptions. It def appears there are alot more single crown forks aka barspin city. That terrain looks like way too much fun to ride - minus the 60ft canyon gap kickers. Enjoy the show if you're yet to see this.


GTA:SA - The Introduction

“The Introduction” is a short film that acts as a prequel to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Watch it immediately. “The Introduction” was previously only available on the game’s dual-disc soundtrack set and the Special Edition, but now with the anticipation of making trillions of dollars Rockstar decided to sprinkle some crumbs.

City Sky

What a gorgeous sight to be seen. Being able to watch a dawn like this one from start to finish is a real luxury and a zenful treat.


Tesla Model S

2013 Tesla Model S is all the rage right now. Electricity is the new black, and will be the new black for awhile so those who are not aware should give Tesla a look see.

Besides being a beautiful car, with wild and "cutting edge, bro" interior, this thingie got performance to match. And I'm not talking the usual performance associated with electric cars such as range and recharge speed or how many baby whales it saves from a local circus, I'm talking smoking the tires, 0-60 in around 4 seconds, faster then BMW M5 and Mercedes Benz CLS65 AMG, to 100 anyway with over 300lb-ft of torque at zero RPM's. 50k worth of Californian electrical muscle..... A thousand damnations.

Well guess, strolling for the morning coffee I bumped right into it. And just when I thought I was admiring this piece of modern engineering solo, I saw a gentleman, also with his telephone out, taking photographs. Fun to chitchat cars with a fellow vehicle nerd.
Its always funny how one persons trash is another persons treasure - as we stood there ogling over this marvelous piece of metal and plastic, literally a window into the future, dozens and dozens of people passed by without even noticing it. Their loss - but you all win, since below is the photographic evidence of this said event. Sure, you could just google Tesla Model S and get a million better pics and vids, but these are still warm. I should test drive one of these.


Foggy Manhattan

I don't think I've ever seen NYC as foggy as this morning. Nice hot coffee and a walk through the park on a drizzly day, what a treat.


The Return Of Friday Night Throwdown

Last year we went to a FNT event in Chinatown and it was bonkers.   Of course after we did a story on it, some local newspapers had to copy our steez the entire thing blew up and we haven't been to one since.   Tonight however, Friday Night Throwdown returns!!!   Get ready for a rowdy crowd, sloppy beers, and some pugilism.

Friday Dec 7th 2012
Off the Morgan L stop in Brooklyn. 232 Varet St, in Bushwick. 
Event starts at 10pm, recommended to get there before 11

Hey cultureboxe.com, if you are gonna come out tonight, hit us up!!