Just one of those days

You know how sometimes you're having an amazing day, one that just can't get any better and then BOOM, it does. Oh yes it does, and it did. Came across this lil number on a routine velociped scouting of the nearby neighborhoods.

Sure, you say, big whoop, its from 2011. Ok, good point, but think "outside" the box, dummy. This is quality. And I don't mean quality like "ooooh, good shit, yo" - I mean quality as in a fresh new Chautauqua that you came up with all on your own, with no help from the likes of Poincaré or Phaedrus. Pure Zen, I tell you, whether or not you have a motorcycle to maintain, artfully.

Needless to say, one of my friends or associates, not sure who yet, is going to be cats pajamas with footsies about this shit when presented with a Holiday gift of such emotional magnitude. Happy upcoming good days, or at least day, since only the moon and the stars know about this end of the world biz.

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