Deep Space W/ Percussion Lab And TURRBOTAX® Labor Day

Monday, Sept. 2
Deep Space presents:
Percussion Lab & TURRBOTAX®
Dave Q (Dub War, Twisup)
Braille (Hotflush, Rush Hour, Percussion Lab)
Rem Koolhaus (Peaches, TURRBOTAX®)
Nooka Jones (Percussion Lab)

Free admission and complimentary vodka cocktails before 11pm with eflyer


GTA 4 Ramps

In anticipation for the greatest video game ever ever EVER made, here is a lil video to warm up your business.There will be at least a good handful of motorcycles in this game and a handful of bikes including a bmx that actually looks like its set up properly. So hopping you can hop and spin and maybe do a lil barspin action. Imagine if the controls for the bmx trickery is like Skate?

Yeah, I just felt that too, its normal, it just means you are healthy.

And if you saw Miley Cyrus twerk videos but have not see GTA V Online trailer - then just forget it. Certain things in life can not be taught and must be gained through life experience.

Just look at them. They are glorious. I'm more of a naked bike kind of guy but hey, you'll definitely catch me ducking the beast on a cruiser, roaring through the back country - at least until I come across a 18 wheeler  carrying some logs. I might change my tactics then. Sure, the whole hop-off-the-bike-get-in-truck might cost ya your dear life, but, if you pull it off, and are barreling at speed toward downtown LA in 40 tons of American muscle it will all be worth it.



This is what I look like in my head when I'm riding my bike.


Dill Pickles Are My Friends

I've been meaning to make some pickles for a long time. Not only do I really love pickles, it just seems like it would be a fun process and it's super easy. So once I got blessed with 5 or so pounds of cucumbers, I knew what I had to do.

On a nice sunny and breezy Saturday morning, make sure all of your windows are open. Put on some nice jazz. Pour yourself a tall glass of apple juice and get started.

Boil some jars in a huge big ol' pot. You can use random jars, whatever you find, since these are quick pickles and not the fermented kind where you have to seal the jars like a pro.  Its actually kind of fun boiling jars, as long as you don't burn yourself.

8 parts water to 3 parts white vinegar, 1/2 cup of kosher salt - brought to a boil. Lots of garlic (I LOVE pickled garlic), piles of fresh dill, peppercorns, celery seeds go into the jars in a cute manner. Then you get all rustic with it and use some cucumbers whole, some you half and some you quarter - but all of them you chop off the ends of. Stuff them into jars like you saw people do on Youtube and in real life. Pour the boiling hot brine into the jar, leaving a good 1/2" of air on top.

Give them a few days to get full flavored. I had one the very next day and it was a mild delicious vinegary crunchy salty yum yum. Go pickle!


Food Life - Awesome little sliders

Two different kinds of sliders. yum yum in the tum.

Why I'm gonna go ride today v132


12.12.08: Danny Brown Doc From 2009

The Old Documentary from Daniel Sewell on Vimeo.

Keep an eye out for his new album Old, coming out in October

TURRBOTAX® Crew @ Over The 8 - Brooklyn

Rem Koolhaus [ TURRBOTAX® / Peach]
Contakt [TURRBOTAX® / Icee Hot]
Mayster [TURRBOTAX® / Sci-Fi & Fantasy]
Space Jam {TURRBOTAX®]
+ Special guest: Georgia Dust [SubFM]

  Roll thru Friday for a takeover of the (almost) brand new Over The Eight in Brooklyn.

FREE. Friends and family vibes, 100% house music with good beers and great sound.

Joining in the fun is extended fam, Georgia Dust from SubFM's All Sorts Radio -> buddy house :]



The Cult Of Mad Max

I guess I take for granted how amazing this trilogy is/was.   Whenever I talk to someone that hasn't seen them (and they are 70s/80s born), I am a bit shocked.    How could you have missed out on the awe inspiring V8 Interceptor??    Why don't you get my jokes about Lord Humongous?   What do you mean you've never contemplated a trip to Australia to look at scene locations?     Well, I'm happy to see the passion is still very much alive in these fans:


Grand Trip 1

I took a fun trip. Brooklyn to East Branch, NY to Portland, ME to Boonville, NY back to Brooklyn. All back roads. Twisty little roads took me through 5 states and dozens and dozens of towns.

Packed the very minimum of gear, super light. After a few hours, and a delicious coffee and treats I got to my first destination to be treated with marinated pork shishkebabs of sorts. Nothing like some pork on an open flame. 
The next morning it was overcast and dark. Instead of leaving at 6am I indecisively starred at the clouds for a good half an hour until heading out. I should have hung back a bit and waited out what was ahead, but I was anxious to get on the road to Portland, with a few hundred miles of twisties ahead. I knew the road I had to take went past and all around a gorgeous reservoir, so I was really looking forward to it. 

And it started to rain within 30 minutes of my departure. First a light drizzle, then a heavy rain, then back to a drizzle, then it would stop, and so on and so forth for a good hour. Fun little 55mph road in full on rain became a 40mph pain in the booty. Thank god that my Shoei helmet has magical powers to swoosh the rain away if you turn your head left and right for a quick second. You go from blind to perfect instantly. Amazing piece of plastic that thing. 
Passing through Vermont was amazing, so many gorgeous roads to open up on, surrounded by vistas and little rivers crossings to pull over and stare at. Once in Portland, Maine, all sorts of delicious yummies and fun was had. That town always pleases with craft eateries and drinkaries on every corner, along with the nicest folks around as well as best friends. Been there many times, will return many more. When I pulled into Portland, after good 7 hours of twisties I was soaked and tired and ready for a brew. Mmmmmm.
Once I left Portland and headed across the nation to Boonville I felt like I came across at least a dozen lakes, each more beautiful then the next and I felt the need to stop at each one and take photos. Back roads in New Hampshire seem to have many straights, with a separate passing lane, giving me no choice but to pass a few folks here and there. As far as Ducati's go, sure, a 620 is a baby, but let me tell you, cruising behind a few slow RV's or trucks on one of these stretches of road at about 50 in 55, finding a passing lane, knocking the lil princess down to 4th from 6th real quick and giving her a bit of a twist, less then 2 seconds later you're going 80-90mph. See, when I pass I want the whole act to be over as quick as possible, so I don't exactly pay attention to the speedo. I might have to start. The bike feels like its on rails. Once you lock it into a groove, it handles itself on these curves. Sweet Jesus. What a treat :)
Boonville was perfect. Bonfires by the river until 4am. Cheap beer and gourmet burgers. Fancy music and rotten rhythms. Even went bar hoppin in a nearby college town - now that was something else, oh boy.
Eventually it was time to head home. More coffee and treats, a good amigo to ride the last leg of the trip with. At one point we hit 9W South, and that has to be easily one of the most beautiful and fun roads I've found on the East Coast - its like NY version of Route 1. Glorious. This little trip taught me alot about the bike and how many miles I can put down daily, realistically. Sure, a Monster is not the ideal tool for this kind of job but its a fun fun fun one, and I'm pretty sure I will be taking this puppy cross country next year, despite advice of many to take a "proper" bike. I will be reflecting upon this trip for many weeks, months and years, I'm sure. Being alone and wide open on a random country road on an early morning, moving fast, is a feeling that has to be felt, its hard to tell you exactly why its as amazing as any biker will tell you it is. After being home for only a good hour or two, I already can't wait for the next adventure, except this time south so I don't have to freeze my ass in the northern rains.