Free Show With Action Bronson, Meyhem Lauren, And Tanya Morgan

Free show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg
Thursday Aug 23rd, 16+
With Action Bronson, Flatbush Zombies, Meyhem Lauren, and Tanya Morgan


50/50 Skatepark Debut Vid

Riders:  Nick Seabasty, Dan Diehl, Sean Ricany, Alex Avilla, Mikey Almodovar, CJ Dare, Mike Kleissler, and Steve Kul
Video: Nick Jones

50/50 Skate Park out in Staten Island provided by Mr Ed Pollio.     Good shit!


Man Vs Wild Podcast 001

Here is the maiden voyage.
A mix in three parts.
Tailor Hawkins, C-Sick, Ruckus.
Special Request – Deflowered(Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup Remix)
Alex Coulton – Brooklyn
Dusky – Flo Jam
KiNK – Leko
Reese – The Sound
Tailor Hawkins – Unicolor
Kowton – Des Bisous
Reel by Real.   Buckshot
Slam – Azure (kink remix)
Hush Hush Pony.  Gossips
Huxley.  Out of my mind
Mark broom. M28
George Fitzgerald.  Lights out
Sinden.  Keep it 1000 duke dumont rmx
Mak an pasteman.   Champagne party
Submerse – Move On (Contakt Remix)
Disclosure – Boiling ft. Sinead Harnett
Hostage – Creep
Kim English – Night Life (AVH Retail Mix)
Teeth – Jusqu’a tendresse (Kowton Remix)
Walter Ego & 2046 – Hand In My Hand
Savile – Well Wish
OBEY CITY – Who Buggin’?
Jam City – How We Relate To The Body
Jon Convex – Convexations
More info:
Twitter @man_v_wild

Dogfish Head Takeover

Do you like beer?   Do you like old school video games that cost $.25?   Do you like, um... pretzels and jerky?   I guess that's about it.   Dogfish Head fixin to takeover Barcade in Brooklyn on Aug 2nd, so mark your calendar and prep your livers.

Required Listening

Yes, it is summer time, and I'm sure the radio is trying to get you to listen to THIS and THIS and all you really wanna listen to is THIS (I can't blame ya), why not expand those horizons a bit with the following aural nuggetz.

Ok, Alchemist + shit tons of old Russian samples + a crazy line up equals a solid album.   It is put together really well, with bits and pieces tying it together, 30 songs or so that flow very well, it is a musical journey.   Along for the ride, we have Big Twinz, Danny Brown, Schoolboy Q, Planet Asia, Guilty Simpson, Fashawn, Evidence, Roc Marciano, Action Bronson, Meyhem Lauren, Ag the Coroner.....    It's solid, go buy or G.T.S.

Yes, the 3 Floor of Fun figurehead of the 90s finally has a full album out.  Who reps Detroit hip hop more than this guy?   And yes, I know you were wondering, Best Buy has the vinyl.  If you have been following dude for awhile (or listening to HHAD) you might recognize some of the beats, but there is so much fresh new stuff on here (along with instrumentals).   Featuring....  Shafiq Husayn, Greneberg, Big Tone, Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, Nottz, Oh No, MED, Coss, Danny Brown, Chali 2na, Fatt Father, Black Spade, Moe Dirdee, Marvwon, Quelle Chris, Jimetta Rose, Self Says, and so on.....    

Really, track those down, and enjoy


Why I Want To Ride Today V49




Summer Tunes

This mixtape has a great feel to it, and very bump-able for the summer.  You can download it here

Unrelated to Joey Bada$$, this is a dope vid from Todor & Petru

CryEngine 3

A new physics and graphics engine. Can't wait until this is what we can expect from racing games. Shooters too I guess. Awesome.

Why I'm Gonna Ride Today V48

Summer in the full swing. Beautiful day for a ride out there.


TURRBOTAX® Edit From Yoni

Catch a sneak peek of some TURRBOTAX® action with Kenny Dope, Mike Q, Mayster and Rem Koolhaus.  Be sure to check out their 3 year anniversary party at the end of the month.

Riders v1


Parliament Funkadelic Invade NYC For Free Show Thursday July 12

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic

July 12th - 7:00pm

Rockefeller Park

We here at C2D are some huge fans of P-Funk, greatful for all that they have contributed to the funk/soul/rock/r&b/hip hop/dance music scenes over the last hmm.... 40 years??  50 years???   Show some respect and pay homage to the musical masters.   I will be wearing a diaper in my mind, but not on my body. 

True legends

Im guessing it will be something like this:

Seriously tho, can you try and imagine 90's west coast rap without these guys?   Erick Sermon?  De La Soul? Redman?

A Fun Drive

Now this would be a fun drive.
Yes, I know this was shot over 4 days, and it took like 8 totaled cars, and each shot took 9 takes, and yes, I know he's not a very good rally driver and crashes out like every other race, but still, skills skills skills. And mega fun. 

The Food Life v56 - Fire

Vans House Parties 2012

Put on your tight black pants and lets go!!!!    Wonder if they will open it up for bikes?    Either way, 7 Seconds, Lemonade, Turbonegro, Doomriders...... Should make for some good times


C-Sick Zodiac Mix Series Part 6: Gemini

Gemini'd up with lotsa vocal action and I guess both sides cuz you get mad hip hops and then you get some upbeat electro/techno shit too.   ohhh snap.  evil twin action.   also songs about arms, egypt, london, and tupac.   well, not about tupac, but a single tupac song.  a song by tupac where im supposed to picture him doing a lot of E.   i guess.   anyways, here you go.   comment away in the commenting section called comments below.

who runnin the long talkin – c-sick blend
finger snappin the dirt off your shoulders in london town – c-sick blend
synkro – open arms
black milk – say something
ghostface – box in hand instrumental
capleton – pass out al fingers blend
50 cent – get your hands up
terror danjah – air bubble src mix
danny brown – what i talk
dj quik – hand in hand
tupac – picture me rollin
percee p – the hand that leads you
bullion – dont talk
amerie – one thing
debruit – 149 dalston airline
rocha – hands of love (fingers of sand) harveys downstairs mix
zo! – nights over egypt
kenny dope – clap your hands
robin beck – sweet talk dimitri edit
candido – thousand finger man
klein & mbo – dirty talk
egyptian lover – and my beat goes boom
levon vincent – air raid
metroarea – orange alert
gemini – moment of insanity
martyn – viper london arches edit
mosca – orange jack
black orange juice – back of my car ossie remix
daniel haaksman – hands up french fries remix
randomer – real talk
curtis vodka – shoulder bounce
diamond k & al ripken jr – hands in the air bok bok remix


One of each, please...


Filming Myself #5

What a great edit, perfectly captures the silly fun that is riding a bicycle. Makes me want to hop on my little bike and go out ASAP - see what I can get into. First spotted on Prolly.


Best Of Cell Phone Pics Vol 25

 bars that serve 40s, always makes for an interesting night
 Coolest tombstone I ever saw
 porn, booze, bananas and ??? on fulton
 what you know about the Heady Topper??
 "i wasnt doin anything officer"
 make sure the bass in your sysytem is correct.......    sysytem


Gramz, Spec Boogie, A$AP Rocky

Its more like genocide, legalized homicide
When the ones commiting crime got a badge to hide behind

You Know What It Is

I don't know why, but all of a sudden this past week I been obsessed wit this track. Hmmmm. Hell, why not I guess. The song/lyrics are quite retarded to be honest, but I guess the simplicity of how he laced it makes it enjoyable. 


You couldn't punch yo way out of a wet paperbag

With scissors in your hands, bitch, its Swizza

My UZI weighs a ton son, carry it

Quentin Tarantino and RZA putting their minds together on a Kung-Fu classic. Do you really have any doubts that this will be as good as a currywurst from Alexanderplatz? Or some drum chicken upfront the Jungle club in Negril? Or perhaps that filet Mignon and potato gratin stack from Dada's in Buenos? No no no, this movie will be as good as a nice crispy half sour horseradish pickle from the Pickle Guys. Mmmmm.


Riding NYC

What an amazingly shot/edited flick. Makes this overwhelmingly awesome town look even better - like, no joke, after this vid I kind of want to go to NYC, check it out, see what all the fuss is about. And I just might, this afternoon :P First spotted on Defgrip.