Required Listening

Yes, it is summer time, and I'm sure the radio is trying to get you to listen to THIS and THIS and all you really wanna listen to is THIS (I can't blame ya), why not expand those horizons a bit with the following aural nuggetz.

Ok, Alchemist + shit tons of old Russian samples + a crazy line up equals a solid album.   It is put together really well, with bits and pieces tying it together, 30 songs or so that flow very well, it is a musical journey.   Along for the ride, we have Big Twinz, Danny Brown, Schoolboy Q, Planet Asia, Guilty Simpson, Fashawn, Evidence, Roc Marciano, Action Bronson, Meyhem Lauren, Ag the Coroner.....    It's solid, go buy or G.T.S.

Yes, the 3 Floor of Fun figurehead of the 90s finally has a full album out.  Who reps Detroit hip hop more than this guy?   And yes, I know you were wondering, Best Buy has the vinyl.  If you have been following dude for awhile (or listening to HHAD) you might recognize some of the beats, but there is so much fresh new stuff on here (along with instrumentals).   Featuring....  Shafiq Husayn, Greneberg, Big Tone, Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, Nottz, Oh No, MED, Coss, Danny Brown, Chali 2na, Fatt Father, Black Spade, Moe Dirdee, Marvwon, Quelle Chris, Jimetta Rose, Self Says, and so on.....    

Really, track those down, and enjoy

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