The Food Life: Vol 10.5 (Shakshuka)

It's called Shakshuka. An Israeli breakfast classic.

Full of good stuff.

Keep it real with homemade Bread and Mozzarella

Apply Eggs and Cheese

Serve Hot



Highbridge is green

All the fresh growth in HB has covered up most of the garbage and toxic waste that was dumped in the park over the past 70 years. What you don't see can't harm you, right? I'd say so. Just beware of the poison Ivy lurking in the brush - its waiting for you to overshoot that corner. If you got the skillz to make it to the 5th jump on the big line, hip that shit to the right, unless you wanna land your 270 bar into some fresh Japanese Ivy. That stuff is invasive in more then one way...


Shawn Fucking Palmer

Napalm is back. Fuck yes.

Shaun Palmer, Downhill Comeback - Trailer from Litter Mag on Vimeo.


The Food Life: Vol 11 (Special Ultra Edition)

Welcome to the Special Ultra Edition. Video editors here at C2D created these promo clips for Food Life and the upcoming Wing Season series. Enjoy. Comment.




How often do you ride a bike???

New week, new poll.
So, how often do you ride?

Arnold in Rio

Saw this on format. Going to Rio in a few weeks, so it was pretty cool to get some tips "ass" to what to look out for....

Guess What This Is - Vol 1

Leave a comment...


Awesome song and video

i dont know how long this song has been around, but i sure do like it.

How to Fire a Glock Like What

After you have your glock built and loaded, this is how you fire it like what.


How to Bust open a Glock like What

You ever wish you knew how to take a Glock apart like what?
Well, god damn it, you're in luck, you see.
Cuz I tell you - offing a zombie with a quick clean headshot from a trusty and well functioning fire arm sure beat skullfuckin it to death. I mean it.

Street Science - Vol 3 - NYC


Under Siege Sans Seagal

these guys just look like they're having way too much fun....


Mmmmm, eye candy.


The Food Life: Vol 10

Chipshop in Park Slope is a treat. Bangers and Mash. Fish and Chips.

Radegast Hall & Biergarten. Delicious mustard and horseradish.


Street Science - Vol 2 - Brooklyn

Papa Won!

Papa won - this shit is officially the bomb, and there will be newborns named El Papi Zee Juan. It's very similar to a log. It's better then bad, its good. Glance at the final poll stats below

This shit is the bomb!! 6 (27%)
It's better than freezer pizza 5 (22%)
What the fuck is a papa john? 0 (0%)
I'd rather lick homeless man feet than eat Papa Johns... 4 (18%)
Only if there is no other delivery option available 7 (31%)

- OH NOES you say - "Only if there is no other delivery" seems to have more votes. DO NOT BE FOOLED. While we try to deliver raw and uncut news/facts your way, sometimes there are a few bad seeds. Even the sun has dark spots. Even Somali pirates brush their teeth. Therefore, with great sadness, and in the effort to "keep it street", we must report that our own Donde Estero has double, and perhaps even triple voted, blinded by his personal agenda. His posting/editing entitlements have been annulled for the next ten to fifteen minutes.

Papa John - thanks, bro.


More Thrash Bike footage!

yoni just sent me this video.

Thrashbike Jam 2009 from y.arava on Vimeo.

Thrash Bike Jam 2009 Footage Vol 3 - Video Edition

Whipped up my point and shoot vids together for ya'll.

$14 Dollar Per Corpse....The Going Rate In The D

Peep the blunts in the ashtray.
I wonder what his rapper name is?
$14 bucks a body, 40 bodies a week is 30g a year. Hmm, can I assume there is no 401k.

Thrash Bike Jam 2009 Footage Vol 2


Thrash Bike Jam 2009 Footage - Vol 1

This is volume 1, be sure to come back for future volumes. Lots more footage from this event that I need to post up still.

(hey I was there for a few hours alright)
Big up GS too for the support!!