GTA4 Skatepark

I'm yet to beat the game's story, simply because I spend way too much time jumping stairs and doing gnarly wallrides on many of bikes all around Liberty City.
Yes, there are a few ramps by Brooklyn Banks in Manhattan, but the best ramp park by far is in games version of NJ - in Westminster in midwest of the island. You could get to the skatepark by helicopter or by car. Plenty of jumps, wedges and halfpipes to get your ride on. Fun Fun - just dont let the bike fall on top of you or its a long way from a hospital.



Dr Dre said it best when he spat out the words "Mo Hot Shit." This my friends, is what Muhsinah brings. Ill on the beats, ill with the pipes. Check her out and enjoy. Her new album Day Break is worth a review, even if you don't think its your thing. Listen, and you will change your mind.


http://www.iparkedinabikelane.org/ - the best idea ever. Sure, you can spit on these cars - but thats too easy, on them. These people came up with some fun little stickers you can keep in your pocket - then slap em on that nice Benz or Beemer lamping in that bike lane. Not sure what kind of stickers these are - but I sure hope they are those hard to scrape off ones. Check out their site for the bike store locations where these can be picked up. I'm getting mine today.

http://www.iparkedinabikelane.org/ - the best idea ever.

Words From The Wise

25 Worst Rappers Of All Time (according to Yahoo)

And I can't say I agree with everything, and dude doesn't sound like he's really a hip hop fan, but oh well. I'd probably pull out Bubba Sparxxx and Will Smith. I also got a soft spot for Master P, but his No Limit empire was killin shit back in the day, at least the bling'd out ads were. Man, there were times when they'd have like 20 ads in a single issue of Source. Was he an ill MC? Maybe not the illest, but I used to get to down to "Runnin Out The Crackhouse."

Roosevelt Island, Red Paint, Eagle 4x4

Pretty flowers.

Vicodini getting rad with it.

QB Hooligans.

Endless romance.

A true true Eagle 4x4 enthusiast.


It Makes Me Wanna Drink Absolut

Arizona Fun Times

The Fisheye Solutions for your Point And Shoot

So you have a cheap or not so cheap point and shoot camera - you're dying to shoot some wide angle/fisheye stuff, but have no way of attaching a real fisheye lens to your picture apparatus. Have no fear - there are 2 solutions that might help you (more or less).

Numero Uno: Grab a pair of unused positive (far-sighted) eye glasses - pop out a lense and tape it to the lense of your camera - BOOM! Fisheye!
Numero Duce: Go to a hardware store and buy a wide angle door viewer. $10 or less. Either hold up to the cameras lense or tape it to it - it will work either way.
Try these out - they really work. Some seriously gnarly homemade fisheye lense photos are comming soon.


Mission to Red Hook


Some old 5 Ela ish from Proof. Classic

Mmmmmm, this makes me hungry for more

Annual Roosevelt Island Picnic - 2008

As planned - it was a success. Food, booze and sun = WIN! Thank you to all who came! Between BBQ Ribs, mini and fullsize steak, beef and chicken hot dogs, sausages and burgers - it was a feast.

CSizzle AKA Vico "the Don" D killin it on a fixed.

Even Rick Ross made a quick appearance - I"M THE BIGGEST BOSS THAT YOU KNOW THUS FAR!

Fisheye Cellphone

This right here is a really cool idea to make that tiny little cellphone camera a bit more usefull. Make every video look like a skateboard flick from late 80's/early 90's! Just learned how to ride off a curb on your bike? - make that curb look 5 feet tall! Your girl and you making that first sex tape? - make your ........ Anyway, you get the idea. This gets thumbs up from C2D!


Simpsons Did It!!!!!

There are more and more of these stories popping up and it just cracks me up. Just wondering if it ever ends with the grease getting blasted into a school dance?

Wednesday, 21 May 2008
Thieves swipe used cooking oil Print E-mail

SAN FRANCISCO -- A few years ago, drums of used french fry grease were only of interest to a small network of underground biofuel brewers, who would use the slimy oil to power their souped-up antique Mercedes.

Now, restaurants from Berkeley, Calif. to Sedgwick, Kan. are reporting thefts of old cooking oil worth thousands of dollars by rustlers who are refining it into barrels of biofuel in backyard stills.

"It's like a war zone going on right now over grease," said David Levenson, who owns a grease hauling business in San Francisco's Mission District. "We're seeing more and more people stealing grease because it lets them stay away from the pump, but it's hurting our bottom line."

Levenson, who converted the engine in his '83 Mercedes to run on straight canola oil, has built up contracts to collect the liquid leftovers from 400 restaurants in the last two years.

Last week when his pump truck arrived at Thee Parkside, a dive bar known for its chili-cheese fries, his driver found someone had already helped himself to their barrel of yellow oil.

Grease is transformed into fuel through a chemical process called transesterification, which removes glycerine and adds methanol to the oil, leaving a thinner product that can power a diesel engine. Biodiesel can also be blended with petroleum diesel, and blends of the alternative fuel are now sold at 1,400 gas stations across the country.

But as the price of diesel shoots up, so, too, does the value of grease.

In the last three years, the price of soybean oil -- the main feedstock for biodiesel made in the United States -- has tripled. Last week, a gallon of crude soybean oil fetched 66 cents on the open market, according to the National Biodiesel Board.

Those kinds of numbers have encouraged biofuel enthusiasts to plunder restaurants' greasy waste, and have even spurred the City of San Francisco to get into the grease-trap cleaning business.

"Restaurants and staff are no longer looking at this material as trash, they're looking at is as something that's about to go into city vehicles," said Karri Ving, who runs the city's new waste cooking oil collection program. "Unless you lock down every trash can, thefts are going to happen."

Drivers for Blue Sky Bio-Fuels, a grease hauler that also manufactures biodiesel for San Francisco's municipal program, often find the 300-gallon dumpster they store outside the Oakland Coliseum nearly dry, despite the dozens of concessions stands that regularly dump their oil there. Losses at that one site alone have cost the company $3,700 in foregone oil revenues in the last year, said Wesley Caddell, the Oakland firm's business developer.

In Kansas, Healy Biodiesel reports thousands of dollars in losses from used cooking oil heists from restaurants near Sedgwick, about 20 miles north of Wichita.

Standard Biodiesel in Seattle recently started working with police to try to catch the fly-by-night home-brewers who are pilfering up to 30,000 gallons of the oil they collect from restaurants every month.

Company officials say oil rustlers typically siphon their supplies into drums of their own, which they take to backyard gins to be brewed for personal use.

As more customers seek alternatives to petroleum-based fuels, biodiesel production has grown from the grassroots to become a multimillion dollar industry. A combination of government subsidies, tax incentives and high oil prices have increased demand for ethanol and biodiesel, which can also be made from animal fat.

The National Biodiesel Board reports that U.S. production of biodiesel reached 500 million gallons last year, up from just 75 million gallons in 2005.

To manufacture the renewable fuel legally, biodiesel producers must register with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Biodiesel consumers must also pay the government taxes to help with road upkeep.

So far, members of the National Biodiesel Board haven't reported feedstock thefts, but that doesn't mean they aren't happening on a small scale, said Amber Thurlo Pearson, a spokeswoman for the industry's national trade association.

"We are of course opposed to the alleged selfish, personal-use theft of feedstock that could otherwise go to make product to benefit the U.S.," Pearson said.

San Francisco started its program, SFGreaseCycle, to cut down on the millions it spends each year to dislodge fats, oils and grease clogging the sewers, Ving said. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission eventually hopes to power its fleet of buses, fire trucks and emergency vehicles with biodiesel made from local restaurants' old oil, she said.

Currently, drivers collect about 15,000 gallons of fat and oil each month from 350 restaurants, including Enrico's, a mainstay in the Italian-themed North Beach neighborhood.

When the program started six months ago, the city picked up the old oil for free, and sold it to select licensed biofuel makers for 30 cents a gallon. Now that restaurants are supplying them with cleaner waste oil, they can get up to $1.25 a gallon, Ving said.

Those numbers -- and the city's sudden move into the market -- have convinced Levenson he needs to invest in padlocks to safeguard his precious grease and the barrels that hold it. Several of those have disappeared, too.

"When you're hauling grease for free, you want to make sure there's something there to pick up. Otherwise, with these prices, it's not worth your while," he said. "That said, if I wasn't doing this company, I would probably be doing the same thing as everybody else, just going to restaurants and filling up directly."

Souljah Girl

watch out for Souljah Girl cuz she be pressing charges.

Weird Bike - Rock on

The video above is a bit weird. The ride has some skills, without a doubt, but his set up is different.
Fixedgear setup with BMX bars? Hmmmm...... NICE! Taken from Afromania Blog.

The PicNic - Roosevelt Island Edition

If you cant get food from the island, bring food to the island.

That's correct - Annual Roosevelt Island Picnic is upon us once again.
This Saturday, the 24th come and enjoy the most delicious BLT sandwiches and delicious vicious juices. Meet at the usual picnic stop. Bring food and happiness. Time to put Roosevelt back on the map!


Rumble Thru The Bronx V

Same event as below, new fresh look. Now, i'm not 100% positive what this even is about - but its safe to presume its more or less of a deathmatch type of setup, where your bike skills as well as gun skills will be equally important for success. Throw your guns and bikes in the air!

Good - and I hope it stays that way

Here is something clever that someone came up with. Sooo true too. I'm so sick of people/friends who cant fuckin travel around - the city is bigger then Lower East Side, Williamsburg and Park Slope.

Singstar: Karaoke + Beer = Flip Yeah

Finally, about damn time. Europe had it for a few months now, US got it yesterday. Singstar - the karaoke game to rule them all. It basically plays like you'd expect a karaoke to - words are on the screen as the video is playing, but there is a 2 little twists.
First and foremost - you can buy/download new tracks from the Singstar store. Rock on.
Second, and just as awesome, as you sing the song, it records a little video clip of your performance which you can then upload to a Myspace/Youtube type of set up - all in game. People from all over the world can then view/rate/comment on your performance. Sounds like a winner to me - cant wait to put it to the test at the next party.


Rumble Thru The Bronx V - 2008

May 24th, 2008. Fun. Do it. DO IT.

Homer Simpson + Friends: The Real Deal

This is kind of disturbing and awesome at the same time. This dude from Pixeloo "humanized" Homer along with a few other troublemakers.
Check em out, Homer looks too real.


Back In The Day When I Was Young, I'm Not a Kid Anymore.....

Yeah, I know, it needs Robbie the Robot to make this complete, but lets face it, Robbie the Robot was useless. He just looked so fucking awesome when I was in elementary school. Or maybe even the powerglove. I don't think I knew anyone with the powerglove. I wonder what a PS3 power glove would look like. Like a Blackberry on your arm or something, or a mitten. I bet the Wii could pull it off. I remember in 5th grade my friend had the track and field controller for Nintendo. Talk about a disappointment. And back then, all I needed was a turbo button on a controller and I was amazed. Look how fast I can shoot!!!!!

3 Inches Of Blood

Yeah, some good stuff. Everytime those stupid optimum online commercials come on, I imagine they are getting eaten alive by these fellas.


Federal Marijuana User

Irvin Rosenfeld is one of the few remaining federal patients who receive about 300+ joints per month from US Government. He has been smoking 11 ounces every 25 days for 25 years. Check the footy where he testifies in court in support of medical marijuana in Michigan - he got some great points. However I feel that his sarcasm doesnt help with convincing people who need to be convinced. Not a great public speaking technique, but he still gets his view across. I agree.

Ghostface and Zoo York Come Together

Apparently Zoo York and Wu's Ghostface came together to put together a limited edition ‘Big Doe…’ skateboard deck and T-shirt, laced with Ironman's aliases and album insert art.
Less than 500 decks and T’s will be available through exclusive in-store and online promo campaigns.

Looks proper to me. Thanks to DefGrip for the info.

Zoo York


Union to the Banks: The Race!!!!!

Its a bmx race from Union Square to the Brooklyn Banks. Sounds pretty damn intense, I will deffinately participate, but no way in hell will I even attempt to try to win because I dont want to die. A bunch of hooligan 20" flying down broadway, seizing traffic and scarring tourists. Fuck a cop - Thug bike life! This will surely be madness - followed by, without a doubt, a sick Banks session right after. GNAR!

If you ride a bike, YOU WILL GET LAID


I'm not exactly sure what language this is in, but I'm almost certain that the message is loud and clear - if you ride a bike, you'll get laid. At least thats why I do it, I have a feeling that one of these days it will pay off. SCORE!