Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare Trailer

All I know is that "Comming Soon" can't come soon enough. Rumor has it besides a whole new single player experience, you will also get a few awesome multiplayer surprises. Free-roam mode with zombies? Sign me in! Can't wait. Might pass up on Dead Rising 2 because of this. So worth $10. Rockstar, when is the only question!?


Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare Pack

The first screenshots from the much anticipated single and multi player expansion pack are finally here and they look amazing. I can not wait. Hopefully the zombies here are the slow moving kind - but I'm sure that Rockstar is on top of it and will handle this right. Between this and GT5 its going to be a ridiculous 4th quarter for videogaming.

Neat Nissan Ad

Makes me want to get another RC car - it's been years! 

Fun'n'Games Vol 6

A sick day turned video game trophy hunt rampage always puts a smile on my face. We here at C2D are excited for a number of new titles coming out. Resistance 3, Sonic Episodes, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and GT5 - not in that order.

Gran Turismo 5 drops on November 2nd, and it will undoubtedly change the world.


New Hell Razah Vid Shot By Yoni

Good Work Man!

Keep that shit up.


Pints n Pedals Vol 3: Plywood Edition

Plywood and wood pallets. Gotta love 'em. Finding a pileup of them is like finding a six pack of beer.... in your fridge, except it's free. We know you love them too - so don't be shy, tell us in the comments about your best ghetto ramp setups and stories.

This One Time - Vol 2


Some might remember us mentioning this stretch of the road before, and its time to do it again. This is a regular sight here and if I was to take a picture each time I see this bullshit my hairstyle would change on its own and I would have some really curly long sideburns in no time. If that made no sense, good, it wasn't supposed to.

I just want to get something straight - so you don't want your little shrimps to get ran over by bikes or cars - so you dash across the whole madafakin street, blocking it like a real dill weed. I really don't get it. I also don't get why the popo does nothing about this holy maneuver. Oh, I know why - da copsycops are too cool for school. Yes, this was the weakest rant ever - that was on purpose. This is a fun website, PG13 if I may so say. We don't want no trouble (double negative, also on purpose) from the baby jesus or whatever the holy busdriver was brainwashed into believing. But what can we do? Not much - and THAT is why I always ride down Bedford Ave with my cock, balls and titties out for all to see.


Screen grabs from tonight

Had a lazy little solo sesh. If that is not the most flat table on the biggest jump ever, I dont know what is.

New Generation Of Koyaanisqatsi

Great time lapse scenes.    Some full screen + headphones action right here. 

Anyone recognize the song?

do they do bachelor parties?

I've never watched Glee, because it looks fucking awful.
but if it's anything like this....i might reconsider.

where do you meet girls like this? besides Hawtness.com...?


Untold And Brenmar And Free Beer @ TURRBOTAX® This Friday

Yep, Untold.   It's gonna be crazy.   Some of you might have to stay home on this one and get in touch with your hidden emotions.  But for the rest of you, this will be a night to remember.   Bonus:  Joyce Muniz will be doing a guest appearance too.    It's gonna be a night of monkey food....... bananas.

Friday, September 24th, 10pm – 4am
The Cove (formerly known as Hugs)
106 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg BKNY (btw Berry & Wythe)
$FREE before 11pm, $5 before 12am, $7 after
With Special Guests:
Untold (Hemlock / Hessle Audio – London, UK)
Brenmar (Discobelle / Grizzly / Ghe20 Gothik)
Joyce Muniz (Top Billin’ / Man Recordings – Vienna, Austria)
Rem Koolhaus
Video City
FREE Asahi Beer from 11-12pm
Facebook Invite: HERE





The Food Life: Vol 30

Fried fish and crawdads in all sorts of yummy sauce goodness. Mixed in with a few thousand records, bumpin sound systems and CSick on the decks - party time C2D Food Life Style.

Dah Animal Rail Jam - Mega Blur Edition!

The jam was great. Huge crowd, big tricks, fun tunes, good 'tudes all around. Lots of good people showed up and threw down. Wish I could have stayed for longer and had something other then my iTelephone to take pics with - but I was going to a Dance/BBQ party and had to keep the pockets light. Awesome times. NYC needs more jams like these.


Its Dirt Jump Season!

omg omg omg. I want to ride dirt ASAP.

iDig from K Woo on Vimeo.


Why I'm Gonna Go Ride Today: Vol 2

You've probably seen this 12 times in 7 different places already.... I guess you're about ready to watch it for 13th time then, eh? Love it. 


A Beautiful Day

Anyone who follows this blog knows that I rave and rage about commuting in the mornings, it's a love/hate relationship. This mornings commute, however, was one of the best I've ever had. Subrosa was in top shape - tires topped off at 80psi, chain lubed, none-squeeky-creaky-dialed-in perfection. Beautiful sunny morning, cool enough to not break a sweat, warm enough to relax in a t-shirt. It's nice to not be in a rush and to be able to just casually enjoy the first ride of the day, working up a mean appetite in the process. 20 minute commute, a perfect little taste, just enough to cheer you up and set you up for a good day...

Once I got to Dumbo, I really wish I could have just kept going. All along the waterline, past Verrazano Bridge, right on Flatbush Ave to the Far Rockaway Beach to stare at some waves.

A beautiful day.

Flying Pigeon Shitted On

So you buy a piece of crap, heavy, unreliable, overpriced, silly bike. Then you keep it outside at all times. Then it shits the bed on you and its a surprise?!?! Serves ya right - one less person riding a bike in high heels. Ama, I figured you'd get a kick out of this one.


Giga Monster Snake Upstate NY

If you're one of those tough guys, then perhaps you'd just grab this thing and tie it into a knot, perhaps make a delicious snake soup. Or maybe you'd just point and laugh. Me? I took photos from a cautious distance, then ran away. It took me close to a year to post these pictures - I was and still am that frightened!

Lol at the worst fight ever captured on film

No one was harmed in the making of this video. Seriously, there is no way anyone got hurt.


sounds like a dope show...

i haven't sneak-peeked or previewed any tracks from the new album (out today), but it'd be hard to go wrong with a show featuring Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, Elzhi, and Sean Price.

i think one or all of them would have to rape you to make it a bad show...

and even then,
it'd be a great story to tell the grandkids.

if you are in NYC tonite please go to this show and make me jealous.

"AOTY" Release Party Venues

Where it all began

If you are old and still riding bikes in any more capacity than delivering takeout or bringing cans and metal to the recycling station, chances are you did something like this when you were a kid. Grab a scrap piece of particle board, an old tire, stump or a few bricks and kapow -- instant ramp. No compunction about hitting it, just put it at the bottom of the tallest hill in your neighborhood and let 'er rip. C2D will be all about the janky street spots and sessions this fall and winter. Stay tuned for quasi-organized session announcements. All are welcome. Except you fucking unicyclists.