VVC Force 2010

We here at C2D are always eagerly awaiting the yearly VVC Force edits. 2010's edit is sick as always. If it wasn't snow city out there, I would sooo be riding.

Баста - Темная Ночь

Basta - Dark Night

The original track is a very popular WW2 era song which appeared in the 1943 classic "Two Soldiers".



The Food Life: Vol 33 - Perfect Pairings

Anyone who knows anything about eating and/or food knows that a beverage pairing is crucial. It can make or break an intended flavor profile faster then you can say "Put more Nesquik in my milk!"  Everyone also knows that drinking water during a meal slows down your digestive processes - and if you didn't know that, let it be a gift from C2D to you, on this xmas day. Anywhos, below you have a selection. Hot chocolate with a strudel (on location in Berlin, no less), extra chocolaty milk with cheddar grilled cheese, super chocolate cake with regular milk, and last but not least Chai with a selection of amazingly delicious donuts from the Donut Plant in NYC. Mix it down. 


Shook Guns Xmas Sneak-Peek

"This is NOT my rifle. There are many like it, but this is NOT mine..."

for starters, i would put a low-magnification variable optic on mine rather than an Aimpoint. probably a Trijicon Accupoint (although i'm not ruling out a TA11 ACOG).
i know you're asking yourself: why is Accatone even thinking about this shit. he's not dumb enough to drop $3k on a FNH SCAR-17S...

or is he....?
it is a sexy beast:

go here for the official specs....

Expect a full write-up to celebrate the return of Shook Guns to C2D when i pick one of these up.
and don't worry, it won't be too long...because the following pic was taken this morning in my office:

hopefully there are some xmas cards with cash in them this year....or else i'll have to pull from the Bill & Melinda Gates FOUR-LOKO funds....

Happy Holidays all


V Digit ft. Dizzy Scars - Subway Lines (Winners Club Records)

A new track from the one and only V Digit and Dizzy Scars - Subway Lines. Look out for Winners Club Records in 2011.

Subway Lines by V Digit

Educate Yourself


My Dream

Some dreams are unrealistic impossibilities, others are totally feasible. Nürburgring Nordschleif is one of those down to earth dream I'm going to make happen very very soon. 3-4 laps, that's all I ask for and that's what I will get. 13 miles and dozens of turns of ridiculousness. Bring any car/van/truck/moto you can afford to rent. It's €22 a lap at Nordschleif. Me? I will go for the 4 laps ticket for €75. Just gotta make sure to keep all the receipts for the C2D accounting department. Reimburse me, boom. My dream. Check out this clip below of someone doing the whole shabang on a $1000 budget.

Ikea and the 12,400 bikes

Lets start out by giving them thumbs up for the concept, free bike as a holiday gift for all employees. Not bad.
Lets give them thumbs down for stealing the joy of biking from 12,400 people. After a ride on that thing I'm positive that at least 10,000 of these employees will make a new years resolution to never ever ride a bike again followed by phone call to a lawyer, claiming Ikea tried to kill them.
Why on earth did they go for that overengineered pile of crap of a hybrid bike instead of a simple basic mountain bike or a single speed road bike. There are like 8 things wrong with this bike. I just can't see that thing being fun to ride. Keep the components, swap out the frame with some room and then you might actually end up with something that resembles a worthwhile ride.
Insult to injury? Check this out. Some shmuck built it up with the damn fork backwards. Come on! This is supposed to be Ikea - the church of building things while following simple diagrams for directions. How could you fuck that up? Doesn't it look awkward and handle even worse? Meh. Good enough said Fox19 from West Chester, Ohio and posted up the pic below in their news story. Idiots.
We are all about more bikes in the world .... but not like these.

Why I'm Gonna Go Ride Today: Vol 3 - Brakeless trials

I love this guys simple style. What a smooth, fun, crafty way to operate a bicycle. All black ride is a nice touch too. C2D approved.


Best of Cellphone Pics Volume 11 - Fotografías del Sol Edición

C2D is all about the sun and solar power. In fact we even ran a party earlier this year called Summer Eves which was more or less a gathering of solar power activists dancing to sick beats. So naturally, we like to take photos of the sun. Or at least I do. Below are some samples. Volume 11. Enjoy.



Fun'N'Games Vol 13 - Back to the Future!

This has been a loooong time overdue. Back to the Future was by far my favorite movie growing up back in Moscow in mid '80s. Granted the first few times I saw it, it was in this weird English language that no one knew, so I kind of had to make up my own story and dialog. But when I saw it dubbed in sweet monotone Russian for the first time, it was even better! Sick flick indeed. Well, finally a PS3 downloadable game is dropping that will let you go Back to the Future! A series of 5 downloadable episodes will be available starting end of December. Oh, you got a Xbox360 and want to play this? Well, I suggest you go "back to the future" and get a real video game system - oooooh snap! This will be fun.

Good Morning!

Come outside to find this. Hopefully someone did this for more then a stack of quarters. Bedstuy style. Reminds me of the time someone threw a brick through my rear window, yet stole nothing. Sometime between 7pm and 9pm. Ft Greene style. Brooklyn, stand up!


Last Minute Christmas Gift For That Special Guy In Your Life

 Wait, that's not a garter belt......
Harlem inventor has an unbelievable answer to a 'sagging' problem
Part garter belt and part suspenders, the "Subs" gadget fastens around the waist like a belt and is connected to expandable straps that clip onto pants, regulating how low-slung they are.

Inventor Andrew Lewis, 43, of Hamilton Heights, said he came up with the idea after watching men in drooping trousers struggle to keep them up as they climbed the steps at the 145th St. subway station.

"Sagging is a huge issue in my community," he said. "I spent a lot of time observing and I noticed that even for saggers, there is a point which even they're not comfortable with how their jeans were falling."

Lewis said he hopes the $30 fashion accessory - which is available in some stores as well as online at www.hatchventures.com - will help bridge the gap between saggers who want to express themselves through fashion and critics who say the trend shows off underwear and looks unprofessional.

The sagging pants fashion trend has created controversy in recent years, with state Sen. Eric Adams (D-Brooklyn) putting up billboards blasting the trend and several communities in the South outlawing drooping pants.

On 125th St., sagging pants wearers were largely in favor of the new device.

"It'll probably help some people whose belts aren't doing the work," said Armani Garcia, 20, of Brownsville, Brooklyn. "Or, they could just buy their pants in the right size."

Joanna Suddreth, 38, of White Plains, said after struggling to keep her 18- and 12-year-old sons' pants up, she's glad to find a device that will do the work for her.

"I know what to get [them] for Christmas," she said.

And vendors gave them a thumbs up.

"This is actually a good idea," said street vendor Kendu Howze, 52, of Harlem. "You would be able to maintain the swag appearance without constant readjustment."

Music Fish

Snapperhead IPA is one of our favorites over here at C2D, but then again, any beer that has a fish with headphones on as a label is a winner in our book. Party time.

PS. Oh, the neat ashtray? I picked it up at some random shop in Tokyo, its nothin...


All grown up...

How To 180


Child Zombies in Detroit

The MI Chapter of C2D has just sent this in. Good tunes, curious ladies, zombies and a AR15 sprinkled throughout destroyed Detroit. Approved.

Black Moon - Bootcamp - Gotcha Open

Live show in Ft Green, Brooklyn, 2005-ish or so. Sean P was there too, but he doesn't get a video clip.

And a lil sick track as a bonus. Love this track.

I think it might be a bit small for you...

I know that the folk at the bike store told you it will be fine, but I think it might be a bit small afterall...


TURRBOTAX® This Friday W/ Julio Bashmore, Jacques Greene, And Magick Mountain

At The Cove in BK as usual, same with the free Asahi beer and door prices.
Holler at me if you want guest list I'll see what I can do.

I See This Becoming A Trend Once All Those Unemployment Checks Stop Coming In

Hometown surpasses their homicide record, currently with the unofficial count of 62.   The FBI will do their official tally at the end of the year.   Scary shit, and now that those unemployment checks are running out I can see other areas around the country following suit, maybe not in homicide, but crime in general.   

"up the herring bones and bamboos
I wouldn't give fuck if you're pregnant
Give me the baby rings and a #1 MOM pendant"  

Flint Journal put up a map and a chronology over HERE
"There have been no arrests" comes up waaaay to often.     

Stay strong MI!

Pocket Money

A good'ol'outta'town friend stopped by, pockets jingling with mad coin, so I was like "shoot" - and snapped a few photopictures.


Back on Shelves...

I ran up to QuikTrip this evening to pick up a 22oz of Heineken, and was pleasantly surprised to see FOUR LOKO on the shelves again. A quick examination revealed that this was indeed the new "Less Loko" formula that has removed ALL energy additives (not just caffeine as had been previously rumored...).
I decided against purchasing a can of "reformulated" Loko at QT, because they had voluntarily pulled it from the shelves in mid-November. Keep in mind that unlike locales such as Michigan and NYC, "blackout-in-a-can" was never banned here in AZ. Unfortunately sellout corporate chains like QT caved to media pressure, which is why i will continue to support independently owned stores such as "Quik Stop" and "Nameless Arab Liquor Store on 19th Ave" for all my FOUR LOKO purchases (which sadly, will probably be quite frequent...)

***due to a glitch while composing this post, i lost 5 other pics and a video i posted. And tons of witty text. Too late and too Lok'd to redo it. Sorry for a half-ass post....I place all the blame on FOUR LOKO!!!!

enjoy their home page...make sure to read the press releases:

WARNING: Drinking 4-LOKO may cause violence, rape, blackouts, and terrible freestyling:


The Nail In The Coffin

Often described as the last bastion for the East Village, Mars Bar is looking to close down to make room for a fancy new building, I'm assuming something shiny, metallic and out of place.    But I guess that is how things go now a days.   We should be thankful it lasted this long throughout this neighborhood transition.  
I'll miss that juke box that's for damn sure.   Filth, Dystopia, Crass, NWA, I mean what more could you want. 
I'm sure we all have a few good stories around this place.   If any of ya'll like to share, please comment.  I knew, um, someone, who after drinking waaaay too much went down to catch the F train and 2nd Ave stop and decided to hop off the platform and walk the tunnels.   Great plan.   Maybe if he had a flashlight, and wasn't blackout drunk he wouldn't have required those face stitches.   Listening to Filth will do that to you, be careful.

Mars Bar 'Renovations' Will Actually Be Total Demolition
By Nate Freeman
December 9, 2010
Mars Bar is a cramped, derelict bar in the East Village frequented mostly by the kind of crusty folk who wish the block were still crawling with addicts and punks. And the people adequately faking it, of course. Anyway, it's closing for two years, and we explained why this is a bad thing for the neighborhood and, well, the city's drinking establishments in general. Mars Bar is truly a gem, if you get to know it.

Which makes this news especially crushing: Curbed is reporting that instead of "renovating" Mars Bar and the two tenements above it, the plan calls for full-fledged destruction. Taking its place will be an eyesore sure to riotously offend anyone with taste below 14th Street — a blocky, too-sleek, 12-story apartment building that will rise up on the patch of Second Avenue where Mars Bar currently stands.

Though the new space will be three to four times bigger, the owner says, it will have to be incorporated into the same boring residential-cum-retail model that's infiltrated much of the area. So, basically, an extension of the Whole Foods that stands a few hundred feet away. We'll miss you, original Mars Bar.


Dug up these photos recently from the years passed. 2004-2005 were fun biking years. I had 2 of the .243 FR frames, first a Large with 26" wheels, later swapped to 24"s, then a Small with 24"s - great bike. Half way through 2005 I switched to a Evil Doc. I miss those days. Digital cameras are awesome in many ways, but one of them is how they date the photo when you take it, removing the guessing game.
The setups were pretty damn sweet too! Marz Dirt Jumper 2, Manitou Stance + Jumper, Arrow Launch tires, custom made grind plate/pedal, nice fat pinchable saddle. Time to get back out there on the streets. Enjoy the photos, and check out the 04-05 edit below. Oldie but goody.


90East DVD 2010 Online Viewing

I guess that means that this vid will get taken down soon, so watch it while you can, then buy the DVD.

Featuring: Abdul Fofanah, Jake Frost, Mike Penney, Carlos Rohena, Lino Gonzalez, Friends/New England, Harold Harwood, Jake Gayewski, Jesse Williams, Lee Hopkins.


Steelwool, please meet ugly clearcoated decals

Clearcoat decals, this is steelwool. Enjoy yourself while you last.

Quads on city streets

I always wondered where these guys store these things, and how they get as far as West Side Highway, helmetless, licenseless, and on a ATV, which as far as I know is illegal in NYC unless it has low bumpers, street tires, proper lights, fenders and a few other things. Not so much in Manhattan, but if you live in Brooklyn you see these once in a while. Creeping around corners, looking for cops - and if the path is clear, pulling a long fast wheely down the whole block. I once saw a kid dump it on a 3-wheeler while blasting about 35-40mph down a sidewalk in the Bronx. I was positive the kid was down and out, but he jumped up, brushed off and continued on - on the sidewalk of course. Some nutty footy below. Kids (and adults) now day.... geez.


Blackout In A Can...In a Poll....

With the controversial drink FOUR LOKO in the news almost daily for the last few weeks, C2D executives decided that our street team should do some research. A poll was placed on our site to gauge interest, and our AZ correspondent was recruited to be the test subject for a series of 4LOKO torture sessions, since Arizona was one of the few states that refused to ban this potent concoction.

Here are the results from our reader poll:

The majority of our fans, like our staff, voted in favor of this suicidal beverage, with 38% stating "I've had it, and I love it" (although many wrote in to clarify the complex, love-hate relationship they have with 'Loko, which can't be conveyed via simple poll options)

The fewest results chosen were the options "I've had it, and its nasty" and "WTF is that" at 9% and 3% respectively. The general consensus amongst C2D staff is that these were secondary votes, cast by readers who first chose "I Love It," and re-voted during their hangover. ("WTF is That" is a common reaction from someone recovering from one of these canned blackouts).

An unfortunate 29% claimed that they've "Never had it, and never will." We can only assume these votes came from jurisdictions where 4-Loko has been banned already, since anyone who had the option to become drunk and belligerent from a single canned beverage would surely participate. Hopefully they can live vicariously through the 19% who "Have yet to try it."

As far as the AZ field-testing experiments, our subject has reported blackouts, sluggishness, vomiting-thru-nose, pissing self, and an overwhelming feeling of SHAME. Through a generous grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, our staffer was able to procure several dozen cans of "original recipe FOUR LOKO before they were pulled from the shelves, to be replaced by a "Less Crunk*" version of the drink (*citation needed)

(yea, you've seen the pic before...but it's my LOKO and my Bill Gates' Money so...)

anyone doubting the potency of LOKO should watch the following vid for clarification of how awful people can become from drinking it:

and last but not least: random shots of our AZ experiment (to be continued....)

When the LOKO gets low, you can top it off with household chemicals:

"They're pulling LOKO off the shelves!?!?! NNOOOOOOoooo!!!!!"

mix any 3 flavors, and it turns this color (aka LOKO-Punch):

Ready for self-destruction; the fridge before a 10-can bender...

one of these participants is no longer conscious...

LOKO + McRIB = Cry for Help!!! Seriously, cutting your wrists is less dramatic than this...

If you live in an area where you can still get 'Lok'D (even if its baby-formula grade decaf-Loko), we heartily recommend it. None amongst us can endorse the banishment of a product from the market because some people make bad decisions while using it.

Look America: FOUR LOKO did not rape your teenage daughter at that party...I did. While blacked out on 4LOKO. But i would've done it anyways, so, fuck you.

click here for worst-case scenario