Bike Rack Project - Finally!

I been meaning to do this for a loooong, looooong time. My poor babies have been leaning on to one another for years and years now. Seems like the bike I want to ride at the time would always be two layers back, always. Yesterday morning I decided to finally put my foot down and make it happen. A trip to Home Depot, half a six pack of Czech beer and 2 Christmas albums later it was finished - and now the C2D HQ aka bikeCityCentral is complete and fully operational.
Not that I don't like having my bikes on the floor, I do. My argument was always that if the bikes are hanging up, it will be impossible to sit and touch and play with the bikes without having to take it off the wall or such. Well, it's kind of impossible to do that anyway with bikes piled up. Plus it looks a mess.
The wall in question. I wasn't super thrilled about the idea of putting a dozen holes in the wall, but meh, you only live once.
I picked FastTrack system at Home Depot because of its slickness. We here at C2D offices are striving for the modern/futuristic look.  I chose the Staropramen beer to go along with this project not due to its taste, but because the packaging was intriguing. The label looked fancy and premium, yet not intimidating. The price was right. The type of beer that you know you will like, it will be refreshing and simple, its there to help, not confuse. Any handyman's best friend.  A little taste of European class for a tired soul.
Tools of the trade.
One installs one horizontal rail on the wall, and attaches the bike hooks to it. Hooks can slide along the rail to dial in the fit of the bikes.
Finished product. This is amazing. I love it. Clean and sexy. Supposedly holds up to 2000 pounds. All 4 bikes combined are less then 110 pounds, so we are safe, I think.
Fixed gear bike next to a BMX in perfect harmony. How about that! Overall I'm superthrilled with how this project came out. Glad I made it happen!


Roman Candles said...


Curtis Chorizali said...

about 36 hours later and its still hangin there - i think its safe to say its not coming off.

tidy was the idea!

Stoked said...

nice. i'm currently doing the 3 bike juggle in the corner of our 1 bedroom. i'm using a 2 bike stand on the ground that grabs the wheels. the 3rd just leans against the others. sadly this would never fly in our place. good on you!

Curtis Chorizali said...

yea, the 4 bike juggle got a bit overwhelming and ugly - especially since its the very first thing you see when you enter the place.

donde said...

and it was pain scaling the bike pile just to get into the living room