Quads on city streets

I always wondered where these guys store these things, and how they get as far as West Side Highway, helmetless, licenseless, and on a ATV, which as far as I know is illegal in NYC unless it has low bumpers, street tires, proper lights, fenders and a few other things. Not so much in Manhattan, but if you live in Brooklyn you see these once in a while. Creeping around corners, looking for cops - and if the path is clear, pulling a long fast wheely down the whole block. I once saw a kid dump it on a 3-wheeler while blasting about 35-40mph down a sidewalk in the Bronx. I was positive the kid was down and out, but he jumped up, brushed off and continued on - on the sidewalk of course. Some nutty footy below. Kids (and adults) now day.... geez.

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