Ikea and the 12,400 bikes

Lets start out by giving them thumbs up for the concept, free bike as a holiday gift for all employees. Not bad.
Lets give them thumbs down for stealing the joy of biking from 12,400 people. After a ride on that thing I'm positive that at least 10,000 of these employees will make a new years resolution to never ever ride a bike again followed by phone call to a lawyer, claiming Ikea tried to kill them.
Why on earth did they go for that overengineered pile of crap of a hybrid bike instead of a simple basic mountain bike or a single speed road bike. There are like 8 things wrong with this bike. I just can't see that thing being fun to ride. Keep the components, swap out the frame with some room and then you might actually end up with something that resembles a worthwhile ride.
Insult to injury? Check this out. Some shmuck built it up with the damn fork backwards. Come on! This is supposed to be Ikea - the church of building things while following simple diagrams for directions. How could you fuck that up? Doesn't it look awkward and handle even worse? Meh. Good enough said Fox19 from West Chester, Ohio and posted up the pic below in their news story. Idiots.
We are all about more bikes in the world .... but not like these.

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