Shook Guns Xmas Sneak-Peek

"This is NOT my rifle. There are many like it, but this is NOT mine..."

for starters, i would put a low-magnification variable optic on mine rather than an Aimpoint. probably a Trijicon Accupoint (although i'm not ruling out a TA11 ACOG).
i know you're asking yourself: why is Accatone even thinking about this shit. he's not dumb enough to drop $3k on a FNH SCAR-17S...

or is he....?
it is a sexy beast:

go here for the official specs....

Expect a full write-up to celebrate the return of Shook Guns to C2D when i pick one of these up.
and don't worry, it won't be too long...because the following pic was taken this morning in my office:

hopefully there are some xmas cards with cash in them this year....or else i'll have to pull from the Bill & Melinda Gates FOUR-LOKO funds....

Happy Holidays all


Gatito Terristo said...
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Gatito Terristo said...

Mmmmm... I got a virtual version and It also comes with a virtual RPG-7.