The Food Life: Vol 33 - Perfect Pairings

Anyone who knows anything about eating and/or food knows that a beverage pairing is crucial. It can make or break an intended flavor profile faster then you can say "Put more Nesquik in my milk!"  Everyone also knows that drinking water during a meal slows down your digestive processes - and if you didn't know that, let it be a gift from C2D to you, on this xmas day. Anywhos, below you have a selection. Hot chocolate with a strudel (on location in Berlin, no less), extra chocolaty milk with cheddar grilled cheese, super chocolate cake with regular milk, and last but not least Chai with a selection of amazingly delicious donuts from the Donut Plant in NYC. Mix it down. 


Anonymous said...

gross, you got maggots on your strudel!!!!

ez milk said...

yuk, chocolate cake has zits!