Back on Shelves...

I ran up to QuikTrip this evening to pick up a 22oz of Heineken, and was pleasantly surprised to see FOUR LOKO on the shelves again. A quick examination revealed that this was indeed the new "Less Loko" formula that has removed ALL energy additives (not just caffeine as had been previously rumored...).
I decided against purchasing a can of "reformulated" Loko at QT, because they had voluntarily pulled it from the shelves in mid-November. Keep in mind that unlike locales such as Michigan and NYC, "blackout-in-a-can" was never banned here in AZ. Unfortunately sellout corporate chains like QT caved to media pressure, which is why i will continue to support independently owned stores such as "Quik Stop" and "Nameless Arab Liquor Store on 19th Ave" for all my FOUR LOKO purchases (which sadly, will probably be quite frequent...)

***due to a glitch while composing this post, i lost 5 other pics and a video i posted. And tons of witty text. Too late and too Lok'd to redo it. Sorry for a half-ass post....I place all the blame on FOUR LOKO!!!!

enjoy their home page...make sure to read the press releases:

WARNING: Drinking 4-LOKO may cause violence, rape, blackouts, and terrible freestyling:


donde said...

"less-crunk" ®

gatit0 said...

crunk ya self