Happy New Year via Akshin

Our MI alumni Akshin Jackson put us on to this recording, what a great way to ride out the last days of 2008. Will this be the last post of the year?????


It's so cold in da D + Tupac + Rick Ross Remix

Tbaby killin em with that real street stuff. Also check out the 2pac and Rick Ross remixes.


Merry Xmas From C2D - Donde Edition

Hope ya'll enjoy yerselves

I had no idea this was on MTV, im fuckin out of it i guess. You can cop it here

Also, got the Rootsy Collins Island Dub Christmas Spectacular mix here with DJ C-Sick:

And the Chrustmas Mix:

With icons of filth, cluster bomb unit, damad, unhinged, 3way cum, masskontroll, h100s, los crudos, ottawa, misery, crynowcrylater selections, state of fear, naseau, final conflict, disaffect, civil disobedience, hiatus,


Arayan Nation Performs Ja Rule??

I just picture this as a prison talent show broadcast on tv.

Is that really a girl? Does that dude have swastikas tattooed all over his body? We will never know.... I'm glad to know now what the Hungarian hip hop scene is like.

For a minute I thought it was all like this:

Oh, and props to Shino and these guys:

Ental - Dark Hungarian Dragon - Watch more amazing videos here


Wu Tang Playstation Controller + Burger King Cologne

A few years back there was this tottaly awesome game called Wu Tang: Shaolin Style.
It was a fighting game for the original Playstation and it featured all 9 Wu members + a dozen other weird characters. The game RULED. Everything from Methods huge sledge hammer to Raekwons quick boxing style to exclusive tracks made just for the game - it was great.

There is ONE thing i didnt know about, and its this. The exclusive, limited edition WU controller that came out with the limited edition of the game. God damn it.
I would love to get a hold of one of these but they cost like 100gs on ebay, easy. Maybe more.

Probably even more then the exclusive Burger King cologne that was released by The King. I picked up a few bottles to sell on ebay and to make millions. Millions. Shit smells horrible - kind of like skii wax and pine needles. Where is the flame broiled taste I was promised??? You're telling me I paid $3.99 for this and it smells this bad? I wasnt expecting some Juan Paul Gaultier aroma, but this is not good at all. Still awesome. And I love it. Weird huh?


Tonic Fab - All Time Highs

Tonic Fab came out with this bar recently, its about to start shipping. 30" wide, 2.25" rise, 350g, feels like a mtb slam bar. I ordered mine a few days ago - its going on my Bottlerocket, and if I like it, I'll swap out my BlkMrkt badabings bar and stem on the Fallguy for the Tonic/Thomson bar/stem combo.
I've been riding my Fallguy for a few years now, and i still love each and every ride on it. To this day when I take that bike out I feel like I'm taking a tricked out Ferrarri out for a spin, its perfectly dialed, every part, every piece - all crowned off by a vicious vicious frame - its by far my most favorite bike to ride. Its my baby - its not my first custom built bike, but its my favorite and the one that lasted the longest.
Having said all that, if the bars live up anywhere close to how awesome the frame is.... these will be a winner and will go on all of my bikes - maybe i'll even rig my 20 to run these..... we'll see.

Cant wait for them to arrive :) Thanks Landon!
Check them out at www.tonicfab.com

Also, hopefuly we'll have an exclusive Fallguy bikecheck from Landon himself - the man behind Tonic Fab.

Better then BFG


Detroit Meets Bmore

Finale | All Day

Unexpected work from Finale


And What The Fuck Happened To Viva Verdei?

Seriously tho, what happened to that dude. He was in and out faster than the Malaysian noodles I get at Skyway. I'm all about the Mee Siam Noodles, but they rock my ass.... I take that sacrifice. And until Verdei resurfaces, I'm gonna claim that homeboy rockin the black wifebeater in the pic is him. Nice fuckin west village cowboy style....

No kidding, get the Mee Siam noodles, they are the fuckin bomb! Skip on the blue bottles of beer, they cost 12 bucks!!

Skyzoo, Torae, P Monch, Black Milk, Non-Functional MPC

Also a broken camera.....sorry accatone...


Brooklyn Loft Science - Bushwick Edition

Afro Samurai The Video Game

Man, forget it. If someone told me there is a game dropping where RZA did the soundtrack, i would be all over it. Then if someone mentioned Samuel Jackson is doing voiceovers and dropping signature one lines.... i'd be even more excited. Then if someone told you its a Afro Samurai game, where you can chop peeps up ninja style with bigass swords..... i would just bug out.

Well, its here.....

Donde Estero is Missing again, possibly dead

The C2D team is concerned about our field reporter Donde Estero - we haven't heard from him in over a week. We fear that he might be dead, or at least horribly mangled. Rumors suggest that he has nothing interesting to say, or he's busy hustling - we dont believe it and we're almost certain that he's dead.

Not to worry, since I, Curtis "Spicy" Chorizali is committed to bringing you the freshest of fresh news. It will be ok.


So Pitted - The Gnar Huckage

You WISH you could do this, but you can't, because you're not a PROFESSIONAL like me and you're guaranteed to get hurt! But if you're nice and have beer to share, I guess I could teach you.


Thats Right

Ne-Yo Ft Jamie Foxx & Fabolous-She Got Her Own

Top Gear Ford Fiesta vs Obama

Top Gear UK. I love this show. I heard its comming to US, I just hope its not gonna be as shitty as the Top Gear Australia - which is, quite honestly, pathetic.

If you're not familiar with Top Gear UK its obvious you don't care about cars what so ever. Or perhaps you do care about cars but........... well, no, sorry, you just dont.

Anywhoozers... like the cool car caring fella I watch Top Gear religiously. They have the most insane reviews, comparisons, races, whatever. What other program races Double Decker and Bendy Busses or Soviet Era Lada vs Mosckvich and such.

The below review is a cause of a viewer writing a letter to Top Gear and claiming they dont do conventional reviews anymore. This viewer complained that all they do is set motorhomes on fire and launch them of cliffs while shooting machine guns in their general direction. So one of the hosts, Jeremy Clarkson decided to do a proper, well thought out, old fashioned review.

Please do me a favor and watch this to the end. First few minutes could be boring... but then all hell breaks loose. Yes, its a Ford Fiesta. And if this doesnt entertain you, you dont like cars - you may return to complaining about Obama electing too many rightists as his crew.

Plastic, Blood, Beer


C2D Secret Training Grounds Bike Park Spizot

So someone told you that all them ILLMATIC tricks you see Create2Destroy team whip out at competitions and demo's are a god given gift. So someone told you that they think you'll never be able to ride as good as them? Look, they are right. BUT!!!! with some practice you might be able to mimic some of their moves. HOWEVER, you'll never be able to afford a training compound as wicked as theirs. Peep the pics. This gem of a spot is hidden in deep, deep Brooklyn. We're talking where Park "Killa" Slope meets Carroll "Murdah" Gardens. Wear a vest style, you know? Its so serious over here, stay in Harlem, Bx, or Shaolin where streets are as soft as fresh sushi rolls. Feel me? Smell me? We'd show you some action shots but we don't want anyone bitting our style. So peep the workstands instead.


Please.......Step Away From The Meat

So...I love this story when I was about twelve and when I heard it was going to be a movie I was hyped. I waited, and waited, and waited some more for a theatrical release.....and then continued to wait. I heard it was released in select theaters, but it must have been for a weekend or something in Kansas City or Portland. Now I hear they are holding back on the DVD release. You guys suck, thank god for the internet. Now after all the wait, I resort to watching it online. I hope you enjoy as well.

Clive Barker's Midnight Meat Train

or just click here

Cunningham Pump Track and ACL Status

Went to Cunningham PumpTrack in Killah Queens over this past weekend for some dirty dirt action. Anson came through with 2 ACL setups, one rigid, one sussed up. Getting wicked on them berms. Peep the focus and dedication.

Jackass Origins

So basically, its a tape thats been bootlegged to death VHS style over the years of these country-ass dudes torturing their drunk uncle. Its like Jackass, except they do everything to an unwillingly to a drunk to the rest of the family's delight. Its a treat to hear all the kids laugh while Uncle Robert has his face spraypainted and his crotch caught on fire, tape his head up and blow pepper up his nose. Its pretty much like watching Gummo LIVE.

They got a geocities-style web site here
You can check some vids here and here

Oh yeah, filmed in North Carolina, and he's dead (could it have been the paint fumes???).

Some racist ass shit in here too, but lets face it, there's a whole boatload of fucked up shit in here.

PS: You can get it on Netflix


Those Skater / Bike Thugs Are Ruining Kingston

At least thats what I'm taking away from this video. Those damn kids have run amok with their skaterboards and bicycletas. Bandulu youth causing a bangarang! Yu dam Lagga head buds.

On a sidenote, anyone got a real vid for this joint?

John Forte on the loose

Rapper and former Fugees producer John Forté was one of 14 people pardoned by President Bush on Monday. He served 7 out of 14 years.....

I like the dudes music, so thumbs up for more of it. Just next time you need to transport 1.5 mill of cocaine cross country, hire some dude to drive it for like 20 g's. Sure you have to take a bit of a loss, but its safer that way.