Jackass Origins

So basically, its a tape thats been bootlegged to death VHS style over the years of these country-ass dudes torturing their drunk uncle. Its like Jackass, except they do everything to an unwillingly to a drunk to the rest of the family's delight. Its a treat to hear all the kids laugh while Uncle Robert has his face spraypainted and his crotch caught on fire, tape his head up and blow pepper up his nose. Its pretty much like watching Gummo LIVE.

They got a geocities-style web site here
You can check some vids here and here

Oh yeah, filmed in North Carolina, and he's dead (could it have been the paint fumes???).

Some racist ass shit in here too, but lets face it, there's a whole boatload of fucked up shit in here.

PS: You can get it on Netflix

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