C2D Secret Training Grounds Bike Park Spizot

So someone told you that all them ILLMATIC tricks you see Create2Destroy team whip out at competitions and demo's are a god given gift. So someone told you that they think you'll never be able to ride as good as them? Look, they are right. BUT!!!! with some practice you might be able to mimic some of their moves. HOWEVER, you'll never be able to afford a training compound as wicked as theirs. Peep the pics. This gem of a spot is hidden in deep, deep Brooklyn. We're talking where Park "Killa" Slope meets Carroll "Murdah" Gardens. Wear a vest style, you know? Its so serious over here, stay in Harlem, Bx, or Shaolin where streets are as soft as fresh sushi rolls. Feel me? Smell me? We'd show you some action shots but we don't want anyone bitting our style. So peep the workstands instead.

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