Top Gear Ford Fiesta vs Obama

Top Gear UK. I love this show. I heard its comming to US, I just hope its not gonna be as shitty as the Top Gear Australia - which is, quite honestly, pathetic.

If you're not familiar with Top Gear UK its obvious you don't care about cars what so ever. Or perhaps you do care about cars but........... well, no, sorry, you just dont.

Anywhoozers... like the cool car caring fella I watch Top Gear religiously. They have the most insane reviews, comparisons, races, whatever. What other program races Double Decker and Bendy Busses or Soviet Era Lada vs Mosckvich and such.

The below review is a cause of a viewer writing a letter to Top Gear and claiming they dont do conventional reviews anymore. This viewer complained that all they do is set motorhomes on fire and launch them of cliffs while shooting machine guns in their general direction. So one of the hosts, Jeremy Clarkson decided to do a proper, well thought out, old fashioned review.

Please do me a favor and watch this to the end. First few minutes could be boring... but then all hell breaks loose. Yes, its a Ford Fiesta. And if this doesnt entertain you, you dont like cars - you may return to complaining about Obama electing too many rightists as his crew.

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