Tonic Fab - All Time Highs

Tonic Fab came out with this bar recently, its about to start shipping. 30" wide, 2.25" rise, 350g, feels like a mtb slam bar. I ordered mine a few days ago - its going on my Bottlerocket, and if I like it, I'll swap out my BlkMrkt badabings bar and stem on the Fallguy for the Tonic/Thomson bar/stem combo.
I've been riding my Fallguy for a few years now, and i still love each and every ride on it. To this day when I take that bike out I feel like I'm taking a tricked out Ferrarri out for a spin, its perfectly dialed, every part, every piece - all crowned off by a vicious vicious frame - its by far my most favorite bike to ride. Its my baby - its not my first custom built bike, but its my favorite and the one that lasted the longest.
Having said all that, if the bars live up anywhere close to how awesome the frame is.... these will be a winner and will go on all of my bikes - maybe i'll even rig my 20 to run these..... we'll see.

Cant wait for them to arrive :) Thanks Landon!
Check them out at www.tonicfab.com

Also, hopefuly we'll have an exclusive Fallguy bikecheck from Landon himself - the man behind Tonic Fab.

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